[P] Burgeoning Our Skills, Sharpening Our Teeth
For Mayta/Zasha!

Artoia's punch hit, grazing the chocolate Hushhowl hard enough to potentially leave a bruise as a reminder in the aftermath of the spar.

Zasha offered up a clipped compliment just before trying to get her way closer, but the Denahlii descendant had seen that coming and already moved away. But, Zasha's movement still ended up with the girl facing the right way toward Artoia, prompting a giggle from the earthen girl's maw.

Artoia's answering smile was only a slight crack of her lips; she was all business now for the most part, but that's why she liked having Zasha around. The older girl helped Artoia to lighten up a little, not be so serious all the time and so focused on being strong and good at fighting.

Her smile had barely formed or faded when Zasha charged in again, arm prepared for a punch. Artoia tensed to dodge or block it directly, however, her friend faked her out and let one leg collapse beneath her, the momentum carrying her forward in a slide through the training sand so, in an instant, the Hushhowl was behind the wine and snow furred girl.

At the same time, Zasha struck out, punching Artoia across the back with enough force to both bruise and drive some of the air from her lungs. She stumbled forward a few steps and then whirled to face her opponent, hair flying even as she coughed and tried to get her breath back.

"Right back at ya," she growled, rolling her shoulders and assessing the damage. Her muscles smarted from the movement, punching would hurt from now on as it used that same group in her back, but she could weather that discomfort. This was a spar after all.

Not giving her opponent a chance to revel, Artoia charged straight in, following Zasha as the chocolate furred girl tried to keep her feet light and keep distance between them, almost pushing the Denahlii's opponent back even more, forcing her to retreat faster if she didn't want to directly engage in a wrestling match with the two-toned wolfess.

Still moving forward, always closing the distance, Artoia's arm came back to start a punch, her other arm up for defense, or additional offense.

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