Loner Band V.2 - Vid Laekinn Band
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Band name ideas: Vid Laekinn Band ( by the river, icelandic ).

We are going with an Icelandic influence here, with that being the travelers point of origin before immigrating to Canada. As Iceland did not have any wolves in the 1980s, the original generation of immigrants are all Icelandic Sheepdogs. The luperci who landed in Newfoundland and then found their way down to Quebec City ( and made their home on the island of orleans ) are not the same generation as the Luperci we are bringing in to found the loner band. After settling on the Island, loners would have periodically joined and added different mixes of breeds - aka wolf, coyote, etc.

The Island is an area still being fleshed out culture wise. French and English are the primary languages spoken, though all the immigrants speak Icelandic and their kin would have picked it up in varying degrees of fluency. Some of the older luperci have forgotten english entirely, and are hard to understand.

[ Emz thoughts: This area however will have a lot of impact on the culture of the band, of course. I believe mine and Adeles characters, hailing from Island Orleans, will want to splinter off and create perhaps something a bit more ‘ progressive ‘ and different, while keeping the parts that personally resonate with the both of them from the Island. There’s a possibility here for adoptables to come from this area seeking this more progressive group!]

Their moral alignment is likely to be Neutral good, though individuals personal moral alignment is up to them. However, evil characters committing crimes that are caught will likely not do well amongst the Laekinn band.

Why ‘Souls?

A natural disaster struck the isle and a highly respected seer or folk hero made the bold claim that the elements do not acknowledge the current Three. This could be something related to a flood, or any other type of natural disaster related to water. This may be troublesome though in regards to coming up with the means of how the party left.

The party leaving would be doing so with the understanding they want to elect their own Three ( Karinna would be doubtful honestly, but Birka and Dusty gma could be really into this idea/interpretation. ) due to the elements ‘ rejecting ‘ their current Council. Birka, who is following Dusty Grandma, and Karinna with her cNpc, will be spurred into action after DG has a ‘ prophetic dream ‘ concerning a certain body of water. They are searching for it as a settling place. Dusty grandma is Birka’s cNPC.

Overall Purpose: Industrious women who have come together in order to found a permanent outpost in a new-to-them land. Community connections form the unshakable foundation of this band, with a focus on individual strengths and rituals that display their spiritual roots.

Welcome Archetypes: Farmers, Warriors, Animal Keepers, Spiritualists, Survivors, Loyalists, Healers, Caregivers, Visionaries.

Unwelcome Archetypes: Murderers, Rapists, Trouble Makers, Thieves, Spies, Liars.

Proposed belief system

The Island of Orleans clan "pantheon" consists of the four elements:

Water, Fire, Earth and Air.

Each element has two sides, one which benefits luperci, and one which brings destruction. Fire warms but burns, Water quenches thirst but drowns. Air brings with itself scents but in its rage it destroys the landscape. Earth seems the most benevolent and docile until it is displeased and great earthquakes shake the Isle.

It is believed that natural disasters are the displeasure of the elements. Seers, priests and witches are expected to discern what angered the elements and come up with a way to please them.

Instead of gods, the ‘ origin ‘ clan worships folk heroes. If they're long dead, they're believed to watch over their descendants. From the Island, a folk hero is a title bestowed on still-living luperci. This leads to nepotism, among other things. This is a tradition that Birka and Karinna will likely want to abolish when they hold their first law changing event. Moving the title to folk hero only after one has died is what they’d likely prefer.

Animism affects how the Islanders view nature and the world around them.

While their major deities are individual elements in their purest form, the elements also take shape in a different manifestation: things like trees, plants, waves, seaweed, boulders, rivers, could all be seen as ‘ nymphs ‘ of sorts, aka specific beings with a proper soul.

Environmental disasters or displeasure perceived from the elements would be met with ‘ sacrifices ‘ of appeasement.

Aka livestock, seeds, trinkets or valuable luperci items, in hope of gaining their favor and preventing another disaster. This is where things like wetland deposition would come into play, with appropriate items being sacrificed or placed in bodies of water or boglands.

Historically, on the Isle only the 4 elements are worshipped individually.

Upon landing in ‘Souls however, this would be purposefully made less rigid. Karinna and Birka will ‘ grow ‘ the pantheon naturally, to include the 12 elements. Earth, Water, Wind, Fire, Thunder, Ice, Force, Time, Flower, Shadow, Light and Moon. Forging new gods from the 4 original Deities and relying on members to do so will imbue each new figurehead with a new, fun background - relating back to either specific characters or stories that happened in order to bring them into being. Aka, for thunder/lightning, witnessing a huge lightning strike perhaps decimates a tree and sets fire to something.

Band Structure.

So it’s easily understood and less cumbersome, we’ve decided to just use normal words as opposed to ones in a different language.

The Speakers - Forming the voices of the band, The Speaker's first and foremost purpose is to provide a cohesive unit to help guide their found family. They act with the bands best interest in mind, and act as ‘ official ‘ decision makers at the end of the vote or serious discussion.

Middling Positions

Functionally, these are all the same in terms of ‘ status ‘ and respect, all on equal fitting - it is just what ends up describing the character ascending from Wanderer. I’m thinking Growers, Sentinels, Craftsmen and Shamans respectively. I think that covers most of the ‘ jobs ‘ loners might fall into, anyways.

Wanderers - Freshly admitted, these Luperci are the newest ‘ recruits ‘ and have yet to prove their trustworthiness or reliability. While one does not have to advance higher than this, it is encouraged! Those who make Vid Laekinn home are expected to have some sort of skill or be open to providing a means to be productive/helpful in some ways. Due to the spiritual nature of the Bands culture, soft skills are just as valuable.

*rubs hands together* we kinda redid the idea a bunch, hope you guys find it interesting!

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