[AW] Building up a head of steam, on the trail we blaze
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Weather damage made sense, so Auger nodded. He doubted they would ever be waterproof, which meant that this would be a constant task. It was not one he would do often because he doubted they even had much of an effect to keep loners out of the pack's territory. Their scent along the border probably worked better, but it was part of the pack culture. Notch liked them more than he did, but Auger thought that was just because they were another thing for him to make fancy. Auger was a little surprised that Notch did not venture to the border more often to fix them, at least before Dynia's kidnapping. Now it made more sense. It was something they would have to work on.

He stood sentry as Freddy started to fix up the effigy, glancing around every now and then if a sound caught his attention. Nothing seemed out of place, though; just birds moving around the trees, other animals moving about in the underbrush. Nothing concerning, and yet he could not help but glance around regularly anyway. Hopefully he could feel less... he did not want to say paranoid, but it kind of fit. It did not stop him from doing things at least.

"She's doing alright, I think," Auger said. He was suspicious of Freddy's quick answer, and the smile did nothing to diminish it, but he decided to go with the topic change. He hoped, though, that Freddy knew that he did not have to pretend to be fine. "It's tough to tell sometimes. I think she's hiding some of what she's feeling." He was not sure how much someone her age could hide. He really did not have anything to compare this to. He had not wanted to hide more than little embarrassing things from his parents, and Notch was the same. Auger did not really want to dump this stuff onto Freddy's shoulders though. He had enough to worry about with his rank and his own experiences in his ordeal with Pirate.

"We're trying to be supportive and make sure she knows she's not alone." The words were said about Dynia, but Auger hoped that Freddy knew that he was not alone, either. Maybe he needed to be more clear about it, though. He did not want there to be ambiguity, and really he was usually one to say what needed to be said, although kindly when necessary. "And you're not alone, either. We're here for you, too." Whether Freddy wanted to talk was up to him.

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