[RO] Unbalanced Translocation
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The bobcat was a stunning creature, really. The way that she carefully stalked her prey in the woods without making a sound sent shivers down his spine. In the concise way she took her prey down, Bastian was left in awe. It was a real shame. Such a pity. Swallowing his discomfort, he nocked an arrow to his bow and aimed carefully at the feline who had begun to drag her meal into a nearby tree.

Bastian hated doing this. Though he didn't quite believe that /everything/ had a soul the way that some did, he did believe that higher predators like himself most certainly did. To kill this bobcat was near to killing a luperci of a different species. And Bastian was prepared to do it in a heartbeat. He wasn't killing her for food or for the necessity of her fur for himself. Instead, he found himself in the peculiar position of killing her to sell her fur to someone else. It was the only chance he had.


Several hours past sunset, he finally had arrived back at the outpost. His prize was dragged behind him on a sled, her weight bearing down on his soul more than his body.

A shadow slipped into view from beneath the silhouette of a tree but Bastian didn't need to see his face to feel the judgement from his friend's frame. "Not now, Vivi."

"Why? Because you know what I'm about to say?"

Bastian's orange eyes pointed away, anywhere else. He bit a lip to refrain from the snarky comeback that was itching at the back of his throat. Vivi didn't deserve it.

"You're bringing shame to yourself with this sin. And for what? What could be worth this life that you have taken? Your people have plentiful food and furs to last them this winter. Why would you do this?" Vivi's voice raised in despair at this tragedy. Bastian had known how his friend feel about this but he was vastly unprepared for his own reaction to being called back. Suddenly his reasons didn't seem as worthy as they once had.

"L-look, Vivi, I don't expect you to understand. I was promised a place on a ship in return for her body. I have to get out of here. I have to see the rest of the world. You understand right?"

Vivi solemnly shook his head. Son of an Icelandic warrior, he had a respect for all live driven into his very bones from before his birth. To take life for no reason was a cardinal sin, regardless of species. Bastian had arrived and they had made fast friends. Bastian had been regaled with Vivi's stories of his mother - some real and some fiction. He blamed himself for this transgression against the universe by filling the boy's head with thoughts of adventure. But now there was only one way to restore the balance to the universe. "I don't. I hope that this is worth what you find."

"You don't really believe in that balance shit, right?" Bastian already knew the answer but had it seconded with Vivi's piercing gaze boring holes into the Nightshade's head. "I'm not ever going to see you again am I?"

"I hope that this was worth it. I really do, Bastian Nightshade. I enjoyed our friendship while it lasted."
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