[AW] Even in the darkest moment there is light
Set December 4th sometime in the night, light snow, New moon 

Lyra felt itchy, but not in the way one would if they had an actual itch to scratch. She couldn’t explain how she was feeling. Part of her thought, maybe she was just feeling upset about mama being gone. The feelings that ran down through her limbs were annoying. As the day had progressed they had felt more and more annoying and made the already grumpy child more annoyed. Curling up with her grandfather and siblings for bed Lyra struggled to fall asleep. 

Pushing herself up and out of the warmth she pushed out into the cold night air. Snow danced in the air as she stepped onto the worn pathway. Her feet leading her, to wherever they wanted to take her. For some reason she found herself in the garden, winter now claiming it. Where the moon would normally illuminate the night there was no light to be cast. The night of the new moon a new cycle was to begin. 

Her rump found cold earth as she looked up to the stars, pale eyes gleamed with wonder at the brightness of the stars. She took in a breath and reached a paw out to the sky stretching herself up on to her hind feet. She wanted to reach out and touch one even though she knew they were so far away. The tingles she had felt all day grew stronger as she stood there on her hind legs. As she moved to lower herself she felt a strange urge, as she felt the first of the stretching and popping. 

Confusion flooded her mind as she took in a breath. Fingers elongated from toes as her boy contorted slowly to its new shape. Each limb didn’t ache but the new shape each one took felt needed as she began to lower herself to the earth. She felt exhausted and cold in the night air minutes seemed to pass by as she leaned there, open hands on the snow coated earth. Pale eyes looking at the ground as red hued locks dangled brushing the earth. A smile slowly crept across her muzzle as she began to stand again. The wind ruffled her fur and hair as a shiver ran up her spine. 

Standing fully she reached to push the hair from her face as she looked up to the sky again. The night of the new moon was the start of a new chapter of her life. A clawed hand reached up for the stars wishing she could grab one.

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