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Gather information from a visitor - Guardsman I]]

[Image: Giftfrom-Shadeby-Corie.png]So the word had come to town that there was a certain someone within their borders that Pushok had the pleasure of meeting several times before. The lovely Pontifex, an Ashen from the mainland, was visiting for some reason or another, and quite soon after her last trip to the Cavalier's land. It came to him as a curiosity, and as his experience as a training Guardsman, he only found that it was proper to get a little information on why she was here, as well a catch up with her on things that were going on at home.

That was all he needed to convince himself to get up, get ready and head towards the Fort. There, he gathered up Podarok and settled the tack on the animal before setting out for the journey. The crisp winter breeze picked up once he was out of the embrace of the Fort's walls, but despite the cold, his mood was high.

Reaching Wolfville didn't take a terribly long amount of time, and it wasn't long until the clopping of heavy hooves reached the cobblestone paved streets. Up through the roads, he directed his steed through to the Five Sheilds. Hopefully, he could get some word as to where she was, if she wasn't within the confines of the pub itself.

After hitching Podarok outside of the pub, Pushok made his way through the threshold. The fire-warmed belly of the pub was inviting as his eyes drew over the faces of the patrons there, and of all of them, the wild locks of the Ashen woman were not hard to spy, “Poentifiex!” Pushok rang aloud, “I hierd yeu were hiere! Wielcome baeck!”

He relented his watchful position by the door and made his way over to the table where she sat. The Hushhowl man gestured with a friendly hand to ensure that she didn't rise to the occasion, and instead, he took a seat beside her. A hand gestured up and a finger spun around in a circle, calling for a round on him, “Whaet riesoen have yeu coem baeck?”



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