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For Dark/Nazar.

The pup stood there with pride at the fact that she had brought a gift that her uncle seemed thrilled with and he actually knew her name, her guess was he didn't bother to remember the names of her siblings, at least not many of them. Nodding enthusiastically she indicated that the gift was most definitely for him,

"Well, my dad had two of these and you didn't have any so I figured he's always saying that we should share, and if we have to share than he has to share too!  So I knocked them off his dresser and came to find you!"

She tilted her head in confusion, allowed her?

"Uhhhh I was supposed to ask someone?  I thought giving gifts was something good?"

Alyonna wagged sheepishly with an unsure smile. This part of growing up was confusing, she was supposed to share, but not share everything?  Give gifts but have to ask to give gifts?  The dark furred pup shook her head trying to straighten out her thoughts.

Soon enough though her eyes lit up at the mention of training she dreamed of the day she would have hands and be able to train with different weapons.  With hyper nods she agreed,

"Can I watch? Please!?!

The Hushhowl gave her uncle the biggest puppy dog, pleading eyes she could muster.

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