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Since joining New Caledonia, Baelfire Flynn has made a name for himself in a big way. Despite being a newcomer, he has gone to extraordinary lengths to demonstrate his skills as a healer and herbalist. In addition to this, Baelfire's role as a pathfinder has become apparent in and around the pack's borders. With a dangerous threat looming over New Caledonia, his efforts are needed more than ever -- something made all the more difficult when suspicion encircles the pack's newcomers.

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A eerie figure, Yaga first began haunting Salsola in the early harvest season, October 2021. Her arrival was heralded with the leaving of strange and sometimes downright spooky 'gifts' along the Eastern border, which proved to be a great source of suspicion and intrigue to locals at the time. After finally revealing her strange offerings as the courtship of a potential joiner, Yaga was hesitantly welcomed into the Thistle Kingdom - largely because she had the apparent support and patronage of the powerful Helsi House.

Yaga's connections to the Helsi family remain shrouded in mystery, but are likely tied to their common interest in the occult. Yaga seems particulaly affectionate and inspired when in the presence of (or simply talking about) one VĂ­borg Helsi, whom she apparently befriended at the Fort Preble Outpost in Portland.

Since her arrival in Salsola, Yaga has been cagey about discussing her past. Her odd mannerisms and eccentricities may make her somewhat of a social pariah, or conversely, they may gain her a cult-like following. For now she is being tutored in the ways of Salsola by her new Sponsor, the very-reluctant and easily-unsettled Morrow Larue, whom she takes a particular delight in creeping out.

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Happy New Year!

The January shifts back and forth from temperate to chilling. Sometimes it's rain, sometimes it's snow. Be careful around lakes and pounds -- that ice probably isn't strong enough to stand on! Rivers are also particularly dangerous, with their powerful rapids and freezing temperatures. It'll take more than shaking off to dispel the cold, so don't be caught off guard!

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New year, new plots! Get going with all the ripe new posts happening for our 13th Annual SoSuWriMo!

You can view our current list of participants and sign up over here!


The 2021 Yearbook is finished! Thank you all for being around last year and for contributing to this book of memories! Don't forget to check out the superlative winners, character census results, the miscellaneous stats, as well as the messages for longtime member Dread, who passed away in early December.

bNPC Quests

Two new bNPC Quests are available for claim. Additionally, quest completion criteria has been updated to now allow players 65 days from the start of the thread to complete it, rather than the previous 30. Threads still need to be a minimum of 6 posts, if played, or a minimum of 1200 words, if a Read-Only.

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