[P] {M} Today, I'm thinking about the things that are deadly
Anne remained quiet during her explanation. Tallulah could almost tell it didn't sit right with her and she did not blame Anne for that. She was not anti-wolf, and it showed in the way she was polite and willing to talk. But Tallulah kept it to herself, for she knew speaking about such things was a sore subject, and... well, she learned quickly to keep that to herself in Del Cenere. They could have anti-wolf bias. She could keep her own opinions unless someone was treated very unfairly in her presence. Eventually, the talk went back to the fortunetelling. A trade, a deal, was struck. She nodded as she followed Anne to the location.

"I heard if ya put those cards on an unfit surface" Tallulah began, scratching her cheek idly "it messes up the readin'? Something about energy..." She tried to fill the gap of conversation best she could. Anne sat and she did as well. Try as she might, she didn't really have an interest in card reading. But she picked up a few tidbits of information on the road. It could be enough to start the talk, or it could be false to Anne and she'd be reprimanded for her words. Tallulah was politely curious, willing to understand. She didn't have to learn to be interested. She wanted to apologize about Del Cenere but knew that was weak.

She cared about her pack, however brief she stayed there. She valued their opinions and their way of life. All she had done was be courteous and repeat what she knew to a potential joiner, who had seemed interested at the time. It didn't matter that Anne wouldn't join now. Tallulah was not a recruiter by any means; she had just been answering questions. Oh well. It was time to move on.
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