[P] Nyoom
p. Benjor
Benji was the faster of the two of them, lithe and far more nimble than Hoko with her bulky body. But her bulk was made up of muscle and teeth, built up by time spent training in the field and forge. She had staying power to match his speed, power to make up for his sprint, She was going to catch up to Benjamin and bowl him over in a display of pride and affection befitting a rogue moose. 

"Benji, c'mere!"  

She bore down on him, knocking aside smaller obstructions that her handsome mutt had been forced to swerve around. He cried out and she responded, drowning out his yodel with a lung-emptying cry. When Benji changed direction she followed, making a wider turn than his sharp cut so that they were running along the outside. There was no fun in going for the 'kill' so soon, she was happy to let him put some distance between them.

Hokori was going to let him exhaust himself so that there was no resisting the pounce. When she pinned him, he would stay pinned.

The thought sent a shiver down her spine.

"You are Mine." 

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