[P] you should enter it in festivals, or carnivals
Nate; Cavendish Estates
Cats, in the Bayou, were mostly food. There were so many of them -- kittens appeared seasonally and grew quickly, as fresh and ready as any flowering tree. Nathan knew a few of the weirder folks who lived further on the outskirts kept them as companions, but that wasn't so for the folks who lived along the broken paths connecting the main neighborhoods. 

Nathan wasn't cruel - at least not needlessly. His moral compass might have been readily fucked up, but when Owen stepped in front of the cat with some very potent jerky, his hungry belly turned towards that instead of the hissing, angry creature. It wouldn't be the same satisfaction but...

He reached, more of a snatch really, and stuffed the jerky in his face. "Dey taste good," he grumbled, teeth stuffed with the old meat. But the food worked quickly; Nathan felt the clarity that came with eating, even though it didn't sate his desire to sink his teeth into something alive and fighting. "Thanks."

For some reason, though, Owen was still.. kissing? at the thing, as if trying to cajole it closer. Nathan continued to chew the thick pieces of jerky, tilting his head curiously. "Figured y'all was keepin' dat ting 'round ta fatten it up or some shit. Like farmin'. Y'actually want to..." His voice trailed off, completely uncertain as to what they would actually want to be doing with the smaller, weaker animal. "Iunno what y'wan wit dat. Why don' Landon jus' eat it? He be friends wit it?"

Weird. The North was weird. 
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