Open Characters

Open Characters

Some roleplayers find it easier to "get into" a game if they have a character with connections, plots, etc. Other roleplayers may wish to offer characters of their own creation for plot purposes, or simply to create a character. This thread provides a way for players to browse over available adoptables, as well as a way for 'Souls roleplayers to advertise their own characters.

Adopting a Character?

If you're interested in adopting a listed character, contact the individual adopter/owner. These characters are not "officially sponsored" or canon characters. If your adoptable has a forum account, ask the character's adopter/owner for the password. The 'SA does not give passwords to adoptable accounts except to the character's adopter/owner. A sidenote: we do not reset post counts!

More open characters? Check out the Open Characters category on the Wiki!

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