[AW+] Finding your path.
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Bat watched the other female come closer with careful eyes. She made sure she wasn't looking near the fair wolf's face, her gaze carefully kept nearer to the Lady's shoulder once she was nearer. There were definite body language signs of apprehension in the other canine. Tali continued lightly wagging her tail, hoping it would show she meant no harm. Though she definitely understood feeling anxious when meeting someone new. She usually felt it, too. Though she had already felt herself becoming more comfortable here than before. Mostly she thought it was having a safe place to land and wolves that (in theory, at least) had her back.

She was glad when she saw the other wolf relax. It was good to know that her efforts were working. Though perhaps it was actually being near and knowing for sure that Battalion had the scents of New Caledonia on her. She hadn't just shown up. She had been here long enough to have met wolves and been around the residential areas. Bat thought that the other wolf's scent seemed familiar, too; it wasn't uncommon in New Caledonia. Obviously someone who had been here a while.

"Oh I am sure you won't be in the way at all! I'm happy for the company." she said. Tracking was often a lonesome thing, but it was easier when she was following a scent trail just for information instead of for hunting. There was no way she - or she and Solveig - would take down an elk all on their own. Unless they had a bow and were a very good aim. Even then, though, it was pretty risky to do with just two.

High Lady of Dawn... ah, a counterpart to Liam's High Lord of Dawn. She wasn't sure what the Circle of Athelas was, though. "Yes, I am very new. Battalion is my name. It is a pleasure to meet you Lady Solveig. If I may ask, what's the Circle of Athelas?" she had been given the initial information about hierarchy and New Caledonia culture, but she would need time before she'd remember all of it. Plus she was pretty sure no one had told her about this Circle.

She kept walking at a fairly leisurely pace along the scent trail, figuring she didn't need to keep up a quick pace now that she was talking while she worked. There was no real rush and they only needed to be quieter when they got really close. Then they wouldn't want to spook the elk or let on that they had followed its trail. Their tracking would be a waste if the elk decided to never go to its current spot again because wolves had found it.

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