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Spotlights for August 2022

[Image: spotlight.gif] Spotlight Soul
The firstborn of her large litter, Pandora Knight has gone through quite a journey for someone so young. Born after an eventful period of time in Casa di Cavalieri's long history, Pandora was able to enjoy the perks that came with being the daughter of one of the pack's leaders. She and her siblings were raised with help from their tremendous extended family and packmates, and able to participate in the inaugural Youth Fair held by their pack. However, not all was to remain pleasant, as in the summer she and her siblings were kidnapped by a group called The Ember League and held at ransom. Though rescued, the cost was high: one of Pandora's brothers was lost to the sea, and presumed dead. In the aftermath, Pandora and her family have struggled to contend with their grief and the absence left in the wake of the tragedy. Will she sink into despair, or rise above the tribulations she has faced?

[Image: salsola.gif] Featured Pack Adoptable
An eerie figure, Yaga first began haunting Salsola in the early harvest season, October 2021. Her arrival was heralded with the leaving of strange and sometimes downright spooky 'gifts' along the Eastern border, which proved to be a great source of suspicion and intrigue to locals at the time. After finally revealing her strange offerings as the courtship of a potential joiner, Yaga was hesitantly welcomed into the Thistle Kingdom - largely because she had the apparent support and patronage of the powerful Helsi House.

Since her arrival in Salsola, Yaga has been cagey about discussing her past. Her odd mannerisms and eccentricities may make her somewhat of a social pariah, or conversely, they may gain her a cult-like following. For now she is being tutored in the ways of Salsola by her new Sponsor, the very-reluctant and easily-unsettled Morrow Larue, whom she takes a particular delight in creeping out.

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Summer begins to give way to fall. The wind seems to be picking up in the evenings as the sun sets earlier and earlier. The rains return to Nova Scotia and the surrounding areas; the morning mist lingers longer, and some days the fog in the valleys don't seem to give way at all. Here and there, a leaf is flushed crimson while its siblings cling still to their stubborn summer greens.

There is some movement in the herds, but they don't yet seem to be in a hurry. The afternoons are still quite warm, and neither the departing nor the incoming season seem particularly eager for change...

September is Sluggish

It's the first month of Halloween, but September is spent just waiting for the Real Fall! In October, the real festivities start, or maybe that's November? Well, sleep off those lazy afternoons while you still can...

Regsleep Regsleep Regsleep

Hosting Blackouts

You may have noticed that the board (and the website and everything else on our domain) has had intermittent downtime over the last few weeks. These have been due to issues with our host that we've had no control over. Our host has only acknowledged the most recent extended (multi-hour) bit of downtime and claims the issue is now resolved.

That said, we're aware of some issues with missing history on the Wiki and are investigating this, but these problems at least seem limited in scope. Hopefully this can be resolved fully and our host gets their shit together. <_< Thanks for your patience and understanding!

PS -- if you received an activity warning to post by September 8th (midnight today, which is already past!), please enjoy an extra 48 hours (until end of day September 9th!) to post.


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