[AW] Body and mind adrift
Bellad decides to visit the beach and go for a swim
Battalion was warm. The season was creeping to a change, but her dark coat meant that she stayed warm longer than those with lighter coats. There were plenty of other people who would understand her situation, as she was hardly the only dark wolf around. They were probably the other wolves headed to the shoreline to consider the possibility of a swim.

The long-earred Commoner was on four legs because she was far more graceful swimming in Lupus than she was in Optime. Two legs and two arms just felt unbalanced compared to the four legs that worked together better in the water. Besides, she had just finished a hunt on four legs. Her prize - a hare - swung from her jaws until she dropped it unceremoniously into the sands of the beach. If something else got it while she was swimming, she'd be irritated. This stretch of beach seemed fairly unoccupied, though. Other than another wolf who was also in the water.

She didn't recognize him. That wasn't unusual. There were lots of wolves in New Caledonia that she didn't know yet. Maybe she should've been pushing harder to foster relationships with some of the more longstanding members of her pack. She'd cultivated some relationships, though. Kalypso, Dorian, Liam, Losse. She'd also at least met Iomair. And a few others that she had met at least once. Plus Hokori who she kinda wished she hadn't met, but there was no escaping the ruffian now.

When she got into the water, the Commoner swam sort of toward Bellad; he was in Optime. That was more common in general for the pack. The hunter wasn't going to disrupt his swim if he wanted to be alone, though, so she watched for signals that he either wanted swimming company or didn't. Either way, she appreciated the water as it moved around her and cooled her overly warm body. If he wanted to be alone, she'd just get cool and leave; that had been her main goal in swimming anyway.

When violet eyes get brighter
And heavy wings grow lighter
I'll taste the sky and feel alive again

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