[DND] [M] - I Can't Pull Your Heart Together with Just My Voice
For Mayta/Alyonna

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Working together as a fighting pair did two things; it syncronized their tactics in the midst of combat, but also, it led to both individuals being able to read the others intentions almost before it happened. Normally Alyonna would probably have been sharp as a tack and avoided doing the things Artoia knew she would.

Emotions, as Eros had loved to quote, and anger especially, could be especially blinding. It was not easy to dodge and weave and meet her best friend at every turn, but it was like a choreographed dance, highlighting the gravitational pull that one woman had on the other.

This time Artoia followed as Alyonna retreated, her chest heaving as she panted and her tongue lolled slightly from between parted jaws. Her limbs ached, each scratch along her flesh burned, but still she did not yield.

They observed one another for a short time, but there was a lift to one side of Aly’s muzzle that bespoke of things to come, and once more the Officer prepared for an onslaught. Tired from the continued spats, the Hushhowl almost succeeded in slipping past the Denahlii, but a lunge and a desperate, grasping yank on the first thing she grabbed onto served to halt the minuscule woman’s escape in middair.

The growl which reverberated in the air was a sound usually reserved for bigger predators, overshadowing the sound of the warhammer as it finally slipped loose from its harness and impacted the ground some distance away.

For the first time since this altercation began, Artoia had Alyonna at a true disadvantage flat on her back, and she took it, pouncing on the other feral woman and straddling her hips with her powerful thighs to keep her legs in place and on the ground.

They grappled for a short while until the heavier, stronger Denahlii got her hands wrapped around her best friend’s wrists and pinned them down to the ground, rendering her claws useless for slashing or raking.

Not useless for puncturing though, and Aly still made due with what she could and dug her claws into the back of Artoia’s hands, eliciting a whimper from the Officer, her first sound of pain this entire time. Artoia’s hackles shivered as she looked down at her feral best friend, panting and weary, glittering glacial green eyes sharp in the deepening light of evening.

Words had not worked, fighting had not worked. Nothing would reach into Aly’s center and allow her to calm.


They were already at odds. Alyonna probably already hated her. It was worth a try.

Sliding Alyonna’s hands up against the ground, Arty pinned her wrists above her head and transferred them into one hand, her weight, size, and sheer strength making the display easy, and then with her free hand she slid it up Aly’s chest to cup her throat and stop her friend from headbutting her outright as she leaned in.

“Alu…please…” nose to nose, breathing in each others breath and scent, glacial greens shimmered with a moisture that had not been visible before in the heat of their clashes, looking deeply into Aly’s furious blue and purple orbs as Artoia sucked in a short breath…

…And kissed Alyonna.

Artoia Denahlii
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