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Sophia knew that there was something that had kept him away from her. She knew in her heart that there was something holding him back from fully devoting himself to her, just as she was able to freely give her heart and soul to him. She left her father’s pack lands, left her family all behind for him, and she thought that she was being very fair about that since he was so in love with his pack lands. She didn’t move her head down, but her eyes looked down to the white males upon his knees. She wanted to shake him off, but by doing that would be showing pity for him, and there was no pity for her to find for him. ”Get up.” There she said something to him, maybe it wasn’t the words that he was hoping to hear, but it was something.

Her green eyes, that mirrored that of glass. They lacked any emotions. They shifted to look to Myrddin, Sophia’s feelings where…odd for him. She knew he was younger and so she should mother him. However, Sophia wasn’t ready to be a mother. The red lady also knew that the boy was far old enough to strike out on his own and start his own life, away from his father’s house. Sophia narrowed her eyes at the boy. Her feelings for the white male had always been that of pure love, she would have willingly submitted to him at his order. She respected him for the love he said he had for her. ”Aye, what happened before I mat him, tis nuffin’ I can be mad about. Gemma thing….she be our downfall, you best be figurin’ out who you be wanting to live your life with. Ye hear me boy?” She looked down to Taliesin. She hurt….she hurt so bad that she wanted to cry. ”When yer actions tell me that you be in love with me, and me alone. Then you can be talkin’ to me. Till then..” The girl snapped her fingers as her pet fox quickly came from the bedroom that the Knight lady had been sharing with Taliesin. She felt dirty and used and she needed to show her-self…or so try that she wasn’t dirty and useless….or was she that way.

The lady bent down to pick up Bella with her big ears, Sophia tucked her up under her arm as she looked to the white male. Closing her eyes as she sighed and locked up her feeling again, as she walked out of the house. She knew that the stables would have some hay for her sleep upon and she would be able to make Bella a nest there also. This was a joke…thinking that someone could love her. She was just not able to find that love.

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