Advertise for 'Souls!

Advertise for 'Souls!

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Message Board Advertising

You can post any of the following advertisements at message boards. RPGs and related boards usually have a forum specifically for advertisement.

Before you post an advertisement, check the following:
  • Do we already have an ad posted at that board?
  • Are we affiliates with that board?
  • Did you fail to read any rules on advertisement that board has?
If you answered yes to any of those questions, take your fingers off the CTRL and V buttons and come back here!

Tips for Advertising

  • Don't spam. Use the right forum -- we wouldn't want an ad in our OOC forums, so don't post one in anyone else's.
  • Look for RPGs or related interest sites -- there's not much good in us advertising on a forum for mechanics! General interest sites may be of use, but in general, other RPGs are most likely to draw members.
  • Use descriptive thread titles. For example:
    Quote:'Souls RPG: 20 Years of Human Extinction Werecanine RP
    'Souls RPG: Advanced Writing, Human Extinction Werecanine RP
    'Souls RPG (self-hosted phpBB)

Other Ways to Advertise

Check the Advertising page on the Wiki!

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