[NEWS] Loner puppies no more, search reindexed

Mid-July News & Updates

Loner Puppies Discontinued

After some consideration, we've decided that puppy characters (< 7 months of age) will no longer be allowed to join as Loners, regardless of whether they have an adult guardian. Those joining as puppy characters must immediately join a pack after acceptance into the game.

Existing puppy Loners are grandfathered in and will be allowed to remain Loners under the old rules, which means they still require an adult guardian. Players of puppy Loners are reminded that their adult guardian must be listed in their profiles, even if the guardian is an NPC. Thanks!

Some of you may have noticed some weird mySQL errors while browsing the board, searching, or trying to post yesterday! These errors were a weird side effect of our reindexing our forum for internal search optimization. Everything should be okay now, but definitely let us know in Maintenance if you see anything amiss!

The good news is that the search has been successfully reindexed with no words marked as "common." Previously, if a word you searched was "common" -- that is, the word appeared in more than 15% of posts -- you would not be able to search for it. But for a board as big as 'Souls, a looooot of words become common. We've removed the commonality threshold, so you should now be able to search for words like "luperci" and actually turn up results! :D

Don't be too overzealous though! Searching is a pretty database intensive function no matter what, so don't search more than you need to. Flood control is still in place. ;)

Xmas in July

Most of you have already turned in your sets for Xmas in July! Great job! The rest of you still have two weeks until the deadline, but don't wait until the last minute!


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