[P] [M] 'tis time the heart should be unmoved
p. Jazper

On this occasion the Sole was out relaxing in the Hidden Ravine. With the summer drawing to a close he had gone to seek the comforts of a mossy rock and soak in the sun while the few precious moments allowed. Soon enough the leaves would begin to fall and the snow would return, bringing with it cold nights and many dangers. They were fortunate this year to have no pups to watch, pups who would and could find trouble around every corner as his children and grandchildren had in the past.

With the sun beating down on his dark fur from high in the sky Jazper let out a sigh of content. He had begun to sort out his personal affairs bit by bit, and was even socializing readily once again. Heck he had taken his horse out for a few rides since the end of the summer had started drawing near. The Sole was beginning to focus on a new chapter in his life, one where he apologized to those he had done wrong by and made relationships with those he had skimmed over in the past, and it had all started with a simply sorry to Esmeralda.

But all that was about to change once again as a very familiar howl bid him to his feat and jogging towards the boarder that marked the closest distance between Casa land and d’Arte claim. He had only seem Skye earlier in the season when she had graciously offered to ship some Casa representatives to Vinatta for the party, an event that seemed only yesterday to the middle aged Alpha. Two feet slowed to a halt before the ginger haired wolfess he shared an alliance and children with, a smile large on his naive face. “Skye it’s great to –“ His words were cut short as golden eyes spotted the light grey bundle tucked into it’s mother’s arms.

No words formed in Jazper’s throat as he stared at the little pup, that had to be less than a month old. It was such a tiny creature yet it’s very being had the giant stunned into silence and his mind in shock and his heart pumping faster than before.

OOC: Drama llama. 300+ words

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