[P] [M] 'tis time the heart should be unmoved
p. Jazper

Her silence spoke louder than any words could and all Jazper could do was stare her down, his own golden eyes thinning into a rage filled glare and his canine teeth were flashed to her between twitched of his upper lip. “Drunk!” he exclaimed in a hushed but pointed growl. “Why the fuck were you drinking alone with another man?” He hissed at her, taking a step forward in an aggressive manner. He would never raise a claw or actually harm the lady before him, but his emotional distress had him believing he had to win the silent body language war. It was true that Jazper held no claim to Skye but in his mind they were partners, if not of the romantic kind or the friend kind. They were suppose to come to each other about their problems and share their concerns with each other. “Why would you not come to me?”

To the Knight this was a betrayal of the heart. He proudly told others of their alliance with the artists and traders, who had grown so much in the past year and yet he felt as though Skye did not care for him the way he did for her and her pack. He would be at their borders in a second should she need a friend in a fight or an extra pair of hands to build. Now he wondered if Skye could not share her emotional worries with him and drink with him as a friend, if she was capable of aiding him the same way.

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