[P] [M] 'tis time the heart should be unmoved
p. Jazper

Skye’s own dominate stance did nothing but agitate the giant more. There was no way that the more feral leader would dare display more dominance than her current state on Casa borders with the Knight already on the edge of a fit, she was not a stupid women. His tail twitched back and forth in annoyance and frustration at the women in front of him. What then hell was he suppose to say? That he forgave her in an instant? No. He did not. Though he understood how wild a pack party could get, he himself had nearly beaten up a few in the past for words spoken in slurred tongue thanks to drinks and he had.

Another instance in his life almost reflected Skye’s situation directly, he had gotten Ghita pregnant while they had been drunk. However in that instance he had taken responsibility for her and the unborn children, proposing to her a mateship on the spot. If it hadn’t been for him making Casa and her going back to Italy they would probably still be together. Although his track sheet of ladies to the public eye looked rough the fact was that Jazper had been loyal to every mate until the end, only sleeping with others while he had been single and without an oath of loyalty to one canine.

“Are you going to take him as a mate a raise the child. It should be his honor and duty to do so.” He pointed out in an agitated tone. “If he’s one of your pack he should have proposed mateship to you before the pup was born.” To the Knight he had never had the option to be in an official mateship with the d’Arte leader and had they been of the same pack he would have became her mate, should she have taken him, as soon as the pups became a lump in her belly. It was pure unfortunate circumstance that had led the two leaders out of duty to care for their pack above pursuing a family relationship with each other.

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