Outpost Horse Rehabilitation
Because Raze was wondering~ and thought this was better for discussion than Tumblr question? Idk. :D

Anyway, we all know Mack's horses at The Outpost are in pretty bad condition, either run-down, on-their-last-legs horses or untamed, wild ones. One has little luck finding an actual good-quality horse there unless they devote the resources to breaking and training the wild ones. And so...

I wanted to know if it would be plausible for a character, or group of characters, to trade for some of Mack's horses (namely, Wayne will probably get all offended and trade to get the animals he can save) and, after spending (a realistic amount of) time rehabilitating them, trading them away themselves, if not for a huuuge profit, at least the satisfaction of making a horse happyyy. And in the process getting people to give the character (Wayne, other CdC people who wanna be involved) stuff in exchange for actual trained horses and stuff. :B

I'm not sure why this wouldn't work, but I don't think of everything! So I wanted any input I could get, as well as the viability of actually getting these animals from Mack (probably like one or two at a time, and more focus on wild ones rather than sad old nags, unless I wanna give Wayne dead horse angst).

Or... Idk, I'm rambling and am not sure if this is a good idea or not? I want to be able to have Wayne available to give out horses for those interested so there is a realistic source there. But I also don't want to like... have a horse monopoly. :|

I have a headache okay. ;;
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