[P] Catching Up
*after the trade trip*
Lilith walked through the territory, scratching at her cheek and yawning. The blonde dog was happy to be back home, though she had a few things to sort through. Also she had to speak to Gus about what items she had gained, and find Eliza so they could start on their boat. The optime switched her scratching to her stump, not really aware of the action anymore. Her eyes roamed the fellow pack mates around her, then she spotted Eliza. With a shrug and a thought that it didn't matter in what order she met those she needed to, she headed towards the other female. "Eliza!" she called once she was close enough, waving her hand as well.

The German Shepard mix reached the other dog with a wide grin and wagging tail. "I'm back! Anything good happen while I was gone?" her eyes went to the boats at the river, only a few looking close to being finished, her eyes went back to Eliza. "Sorry I left at such a awkward time, I guess I should've helped you with the boat before my trade trip." she rubbed her head and gave a apologetic grin. Oh well, to late to fix it, and hopefully they still had time to finish Eliza's boat.

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Eliza was bustling around Fiskebyn, casting an eye every now and then to Sister Lake and the half-finished vessels which were laying on the shore in preparation for the Sink or Swim contest. So far she had avoided outright going over to inspect her friends and competitors' progress, but she was itching to see who would win the contest. Her own canoe was barely started, but she thought that with some serious elbow grease and her prior knowledge of boats of all kinds, she could at least manage something that wouldn't sink to the floor of the lake within a few minutes.

Of course, Eliza had had some other things on her mind.

A voice from behind her made her turn on one white-toed foot to see Lilith, freshly returned from her trading trip. The Cormier woman offered a grin and a sweeping wave to her one-armed merchant friend, finding the gleeful expression easier than she would have anticipated despite everything that was running through her mind.

“Lilith!” she greeted her, prancing forward with a wagging tail which mirrored the blonde female's. “How was yer trip? Yer'll have to tell me all 'bout it! Oh.” Her smile slipped for a moment before it was rekindled. “Not much has happened here, really.” Aside from learning that she had more than sibling-like feelings for her adopted brother. “Oh yeah, the boat! To be honest with ya I've been a bit preoccupied. Reckon if we get a wriggle on we can finish it in time, though, so no worries.”
"Long, I still have to talk to your brother about it as well." honestly she didn't mind putting that off for a little bit. Though she didn't dislike the leader, she didn't really know him that well compared to some others. It was good to hear nothing especially exciting had happened while she had been away. The mention of the boat caused her to sigh in relief, so she did still have time to help her fellow pack mate and friend. "Well, I'll be sure to give what help I can, though it may not be much." the female yawned, not because of boredom, but because she felt tired. The last few nights she had not gotten much rest.

Scratching her chin and looking to the other female, she wondered why Eliza seemed so...flustered. "So...why do you look like your stretched thin?" did something happen to the other female? Lilith knew that she herself might be close to a new rank after this trip, and she intended to make it a common thing here. Perhaps every season they could make a trade trip, or a little less often depending on what fit the pack more. First though, she wanted to find out what was going on with her friend, since she had been gone for a time and wanted to catch up on things.

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“Ah, Gus'll love to hear about it,” Liz murmured as she heard what she thought might be reluctance in Lilith's tone. She offered the other woman a warm and reassuring smile. “He's a good listener so that should be smooth sailin' for ya.” She spoke of her elder brother with great affection. At some point, Eliza should probably put Gus' listening skills to the test by sharing her confused emotions surrounding Storm with him – but not yet.

Lilith directly asked what was wrong with Eliza, and the dog tried to feign ignorance before letting out a short sigh and spreading her fingers before her, studying the clawed digits carefully. “I uh.. It's been a confusin' time for me.. lotsa feelings that ain't invited seemed to have gatecrashed my head 'n' now it's like they're squattin' there 'n' they won't leave.” The last few words came out in a petulant whine and the dog shook her head briskly. “I won't bore ya with the details. Let's go see to this canoe, shall we? I picked a good tree 'n' had some help cuttin' it down. Mostly needs shapin' 'n' some seats put in. C'mon! Ya can tell me 'bout all the goods you picked up, too!”

Grinning, Liz took off towards the shores of Sister Lake, her tail wagging jubilantly. Hard work was the perfect antidote to unwanted emotions.
Lilith listened carefully, wondering what exactly had happened. The blonde female didn't push the subject though. Everyone had things that would never be shared with others. Eliza quickly changed subjects before the husky mix could say anything anyways. Then she went off towards the water and the boats in the process of being built, her blonde friend watching for a few moments before following. The boat Eliza had started was a simple one, but looked as if it would float nicely. Lilith picked up some rough grass, and started sanding the side of the boat, making the edges smoother.

"Well, I got arrows, some skins, two knives of good quality, and some blankets." all in all she hadn't gotten very much, and had returned with only a few of her wines left. The members of New Dawn hadn't really traded with her at all. The blonde female figured that if they had, she would've returned with no wines left. What concerned her more were the whispers of a fight to come to the feral pack. It was this news that Gus would want to hear the most she guessed. Though at the moment she wouldn't go and find out, concentrating on helping her friend with the canoe.

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Eliza paused before the canoe and gestured, one-handed, to it. “What ya reckon to it?” she asked her sandy friend, her voice laced with anxiety. If she was honest with herself, it wasn't her best work. It would hopefully do the job – thankfully it needed to do nothing more than float on a calm lake – but it was no thing of beauty, nothing like the great plans Liz had conjured in her mind when she had first seen the fir tree waiting to be felled. Still, the best laid plans didn't always go perfectly – and Eliza was no great planner.

Lilith took up some rough grass with which to sand the edges and Liz followed suit, finding the repetitive motion somewhat soothing. Lilith hadn't pushed her for more information about her recent troubles, but they were never far from her mind; she was grateful when the dog began to detail what she had gained for the pack during her trading trip.

“Not bad,” the Outrigger remarked with a grin. “'m sure it'll all come in handy. What did ya make of the other packs - d'ya think you'll go out tradin' again now you've got one trip under yer belt?” Liz would have quite liked to go herself, but knowing her the results would have been paltry in comparison to Lilith's items.

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