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CdC border along the Sugarwoods area. Teagan’s gone and found herself a fisher xD

The Stryder child stalked about, weaving her way through the large maple trees. Her leathery nose sniffed and took in as many scents and smells that it could. She had been through the area a few times before, but, there was always something new to be found each time she made the excursion. Since gaining her mentor, the Lotta had been busy learning life skills and pack history. Today had been the first time she had been allowed to do as she pleased, a “free day,” so to say. There would be no lessons, no classes, just doing whatever came to her fancy…which meant adventuring.

It had been an off-day to start with. Sneaking out of the village without an adult had been more challenging than usual, but, she had managed to escape the boring boundaries with a bit of tact and sneakiness. She knew not where her sister, Indi, might be—probably still with her mentor, if she had to guess—so, the Stryder-Knight daughter had been left on her own for entertainment. It disheartened her a bit, as the ventures were more interesting and fun when she was with her koi-colored sibling, but, it was a fact that she knew she could not change. She’d just have to settle for telling Indi about her findings at dinner.

The wind was surprisingly calm for the day, blowing ever so gently as if to remind one that it was still cold, but, not so much that it blistered one’s nose or face. The sun was high in the sky, but even as its rays touched the earth below, the snow showed no signs of melting just yet. A fresh blanket had been placed upon the land overnight, and the youth had relished the satisfaction of bounding in the pristine snowdrifts. The new snow made it easy to track things, and Teagan had found her fair share of animals so far.

Her tail waved highly behind her as she moved further northeast, unknowingly bringing her closer to the pack’s boundaries. The snow crunched softly under the five-month-old Cavalier’s large paws, and it wasn’t long before she found another hapless victim to spark her curiosity. It was a particularly smelly creature of dark, burnt, earthen tones. It had a body like an otter but had more fluff than a wolf! Its face was arguably small, with a petite snout, beady eyes, and tiny, rounded ears. It waddled humorously along on short legs, ambling here and there as it too sniffed about. It was rather large in length, but perhaps only half her height. It was the fluff, she concluded, that made the foreign creature look fat and heavyset.

Teagan had felt particularly brave as she snuck up closer to it. Its back was to her and its head was down in the hole of an old, rotted out log. When she was sure it was distracted, the Lotta nipped at the creature’s tail. It made a horrendous screaming noise as it whirled around, sharp, needle-like teeth bared and whiskers pulled back as it sought to dig its fangs into its attacker’s flesh. The pup had anticipated such a reaction though, and had leapt away before she could be tagged.

The smelly land otter’s back arched a bit as it took up a defensive position. It was clearly agitated, and saw the wolfdog pup as a threat. Teagan barked at it though, disregarding its grumpiness and warning. She paced before the hissy animal, alternating between taking harmless bites at it and quickly evading its retaliation. It was all just a game for the child.

Don't wanna depend on no one else, I’d rather rescue myself.

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