[P] We donned our winter livers with weary resignation

Set in Amherst! :>

The pack hanging from the horse's flank beneath him was full of things with both useless and unknown functions, but Saut wasn't ready to turn back just yet. His stomach gurgled, and the great russet beast, too, was growing less and less compliant the longer he was away from his regular feed. Every so often Bairre bucked his head in an uncharacteristic attempt at dominance, and the lanky Asylum was growing nervous. Silhouettes of buildings loomed enticingly ahead of them, however, and the duo pressed on.

Saut felt mostly at ease around the shells humans left behind, having grown up within such a structure. He did not anticipate the silence within what was once a town. Grasping the reins a little tighter, the monochrome man tried to comfort himself by focusing on Bairre's hoofbeats against the asphalt. A statue of a man watched them cross the street. This Saut ignored, instead urging the creature closer to one of the largest of the buildings, green-roofed and dark. Here he dismounted and tied the stallion to a lamp post.

He gave a final scan of the area and then entered it, the pack over his shoulder. Humming, the dark Infernian slunk up a stairwell that quite possibly had not been trod upon since the fall of mankind.

Liam Kaelan
I have never known peace like the damp grass that yields to me

The remnants of humanity were as haunting as they were beautiful, hollowed and looted and reclaimed slowly by nature, but still stubborn, stalwart – a testament to those who reigned supreme before the collapse, and a humble reminder of such hubris.

He was such a vulture to pick these bones, not for cloth, not for stone, not for trinkets or treasures, but for pages, paper, books - knowledge. It was a new land to him, after all, and though much of this ruination lay bare, he still plucked his way through this corpse. Liam was patient. Liam was resourceful.

It was a strange and ominous place, this city, echoed with ghosts of times past and obvious home to the occasional wanderer, the opportunistic squatter that has since moved on. It was lonely, he had thought, fingers tracing over brick, pale eyes following after and hooking into every detail of his surroundings, breathing deep such crisp air, his eyes working far before his nose had. He hadn’t heard the horse, it was on the other side of the building anyhow, and so he crept in through the back gates and up through the door.

Dilapidated shelves were left barren as expected, taken by rot and weather, any scripture there was had long since disintegrated, pitiable in its destruction. Hands scrounged for what he could salvage before he froze, perchance hearing a creak from somewhere within the dwelling, before he inhaled deep, finding the scent of some stranger. His body locked up somewhat, wary, as he looked up from the shelf.

”Is… Someone here?” he hazarded to the silence, hackles prickling. ”Hello?”

Liam stood a little straighter, creeping through the house, further to the front rooms, and to the stairs, peering up them with uncertainty.

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oh no

He entered a room coated with years-old dust, and it swirled into the air when he creaked the door further open. Blinking against the gloam of the space, Saut walked gingerly to a bookshelf in the corner. Inspection of the row of books proved them worthless, as many of them were chewed on by mice, and they were books of law. The monochrome man cared little about such a human concept, and when did try to scan one of their pages, he found he could understand few of the words, anyway. He slid it back on the shelf and turned again towards the door.

Something golden and lustrous, half-hidden beneath a pile of fallen books in the corner, caught his gaze. It was the brightest object he'd seen yet within this human building – brighter even than the pathetic sunlight that filtered in through the blinds over the window and thick dust that still clouded the air. Saut was like Inferni's ravens in his high regard of shiny objects, although everything he owned was dull. He reached for the thing.


The hybrid orphan froze with his arm still outstretched. Quickly, like a snake or spider, he scrambled on four limbs to the top of the stairs, leaving the treasure where it lay. For a minute he listened, and tried to catch the intruder's scent. “Go away,” he finally barked at the stranger, out of sight somewhere beneath him.


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