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Norah could not believe that with Ailie missing, Fionnlagh and Elle had still moved out, abandoning Mal to live by himself. How could they even think to do that to him?! What kind of heartless youngsters were they to abandon him right now. Norah had been wanting to move out but with her dad heading to the Depot, Norah decided that she would wait a bit first so that it could be more normal to have him gone. The house was crowded with them all living there, but she could stand it for a little bit longer, at least. Maybe she and Nellie could move into a house together or something. But that was something to think about some other time.

With her fists clenched, Norah stomped across the Ruins of Tog towards the house Fionnlagh had chosen to live in now. Her fur was standing on end a bit, making her look even more fluffy than usual, especially in a bit of a mohawk down her back. This was something she had been stewing on for a little while now and it had gotten to the point where it was distracting.

Normally when she walked through the Ruins of Tog, she would notice things that needed instauration, or where she could maybe salvage something useful, but not today. No, today, she only had attention for her cousin, and boy was he going to get an earful when she found him. Elle would be next, probably, sine Norah did not know whose idea it was for them to both find their own houses. But she was quicker to blame Fionn than Elle, though she did not know exactly why that was.

"Fionnlagh!" Norah shouted, standing outside his door with her hands on her hips, looking rather like her mother in this posture. "Fionnlagh get out here right now!" She stomped her foot to punctuate the demand.
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The house they’d found was no manor. There wasn’t bags of space; there were chinks in the brickwork where the wind crept in and a hole in the roof which would need patching up, somehow. Nature had climbed the walls, doing its best as it always did to erase the signs of the race which had so abused it. No, the place wasn’t perfect, but it was theirs. Their own space, away from everyone who would never understand them.

They would never understand that the memories of a person who was never coming back needed to be eluded. It was easier to elude those memories where there weren’t a dozen people who’d known Ailie. So Fiskebyn, with all its noise and cheery voices, had been shunned.

The Ruins of Tog weren’t fancy, but they suited Fionny’s purpose well enough. It wasn’t as if he was never going to contribute to Krokar; he had come out here to make that easier, in fact. Here he could work on crafting and repairing without people’s soft glances – how he hated those pitying eyes on him – and in the end he would take the skills he’d nurtured back to the village. Probably.

In what had once been the house’s modest living room he was making a note of the repairs which would need sorting out – probably once Winter was over. Writing was far from Fionny’s favourite activity, so he was wearing a scowl even before he hard his name being called.

The tip of one ear lifted before flopping back over as Fionny sought to focus on what he was already doing. The voice – his cousin’s – sounded angry, so although the Cormier boy detested writing it seemed to be the lesser of two evils right now.

The voice yelled out again and the youth’s scowl deepened. How had his cousin even found him out here? It wasn’t as if Fionny and Elle had been living in the Ruins long enough for the place to be saturated with their scents.

Grumbling to himself, the teenager got to his feet and stomped to the front door, cracking it open to peer out with wide brown eyes.

“I take it yer not here for a housewarmin’ party.”

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The door finally opened after far too much time, in Norah’s opinion. Then again, most likely nothing would have been quick enough for her. Her fury knew nothing of patience right now, especially when Fionnlagh did not even open it all the way. He only peeked out! He could not even step out for her to properly yell at him!

“No I am not here for some stupid housewarming party,” Norah snapped. After she was done having this conversation, she probably would not be to their house again. She crossed her arms as she glared at the sliver of her cousin that was visible to her. It would have to do since it was all she had. No, it was not enough. Norah stepped forward and pushed on the door, trying to shove it open so that she could scold him properly. No one else was going to do it. She just wished Elle was here, too, so she could get them both at once since they were both at fault. She would see how she felt after she as done with Fonnlagh and maybe she would track Elle down, too.

“I am here to find out why the two of you thought it was okay to abandon Malcolm!” Norah continued. Ailie was already missing, and now he really was all by himself. It made Norah’s heart hurt for him, and it made her angry.

“The three of you needed to stick together! Not just leave him in that house all by himself!”
Norah was glaring at him with her mismatched eyes, but Fionny wouldn’t have had to see her to know it. Her voice rang like a bell with ire.

Angry Norah reminded Fionny of her Mother. He wasn’t about to say as much with his cousin already furious at him – even Fionnlagh had enough sense to not poke a raging, shaggy-furred bear – but it didn’t exactly make him feel well-disposed towards listening to whatever argument she was about to make.

“Abandon – I – how’d ye figure tha’?” he stammered, flummoxed for a moment. “Ye know me ‘n’ Elle are the kids ‘n’ Mal’s meant to be an adult, righ’?”

As the words fell from his lips Fionny knew they had been the wrong ones – at least, if he’d wanted to pacify his cousin. He frowned, biting his lip and opening the door a little wider, perhaps in a show of willingness to listen or simply to get a better view of Norah as she scolded him.

Fionny had never thought of it as abandoning his gargantuan adoptive sibling, primarily because he’d been thinking of little other than himself, Elle and Ailie. Getting away from the painful memories had been his number one concern.

He crossed his arms and growled.

“We needed our space. Needed ta git away from that place - ‘n’ we thought it’d do him some good, too. Anyway, he didn’t even ask us to stay.”
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Getting away from memories was all fine and good, but Fionnlagh and Elle were not the only ones with those.

"Of course he didnt," Norah snapped. "That's just not how he works!" She had spent enough time around him that she knew Malcolm to be quiet and she didn't think he would have it in him to ask to come along, or ask them to change their minds. Ailie, she thought, was very good for him because she Norah had never seen her force Malcolm to do something while at the same time he learned how to do different things on his own time, like taking care of some of the animals.

Norah thought that his adoptive siblings, of all people, would know this about him, though.

"Did you even think to ask if he might want to come, too?" Norah asked. "Or find a house here nearby you?" Even if they didn't want to live with him anymore, he could at least have been given the option of staying close. Sure, they were all still within the pack lands, but the Ruins of Tog were a fair distance from Fiskebyn. Somewhere nearby seemed like it would be a good compromise. But no. "No, you didn't," Norah assumed. "And yes, he is an adult, but last time I checked, your rank is Greenhorn, not Guppy. and you must think you're an adult too if you're living on your own, right? Adults make decisions like that." They also, she thought, considered how others felt most of the time.

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