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Word Count → 310
This is from Cecily's POV in the beginning, then I switched to Tanya's POV. Cecily: bold, Tanya: italicized and bold.

Cecily sat on a rotten log, Troy in her lap, and sang. It was something she did whenever she was lonely or sad. Or happy. Or angry. She sang a lot. Whenever she felt any strong emotion. Right now she sang because she was sad and lonely. She didn't get angry very often, but she was feeling so many complicated emotions right now that she had no idea what to do. And so her light voice lifted through the trees, reaching high into the sky. She sang of sorrow, betrayal, love, basically whatever came to her head. She stroked Troy's head and he chirped at her, lifting his long, lanky body up and standing on his hind legs to lick her cheek and chatter at her.

She smiled at him, and pulled him closer to her, halting her singing for a moment. He was giving her supporting words, words that she really appreciated, but just didn't have the energy to deal with right then. A voice came from behind her, making her jump up. She spun around to see a beautiful red and white dog standing behind her. She was tall, much taller than Cecily's 5'2''. She must be at least 6'0''. Her eyes were a washed out blue, as light and cold as ice. Well, they seemed like they should be cold. But Cecily didn't feel any coldness directed at her. Just curiosity. "Ummm, sorry. I didn't catch that. What did you say just then?" Cecily asked, blushing a little bit.

"Sorry, I asked why you stopped singing. It was so beautiful. I've never heard anything like that." The red and white dog asked, coming closer to her. Cecily looked away quickly, and Troy chattered at her. The Pine Marten leaped up and laid himself across her shoulders, tail curling around her neck. Cecily looked back at the beautiful dog and smiled a little bit. "Well, I was upset and Troy interrupted me to say good things. I can keep on going if you'd like. But first, who are you?" Cecily asked quietly. She had met her soon-to-be new family earlier today, but she hadn't seen this dog.

The dog sat down next to her and looked at her evenly. "Sorry, but you're the girl who came here to become mates with Blake, right? I'm his younger sister. Same litter, I was just born last. The coloring throws others off, but we are siblings. And our personalities are different. I'm warning you now, be careful around my family. They're vicious and cruel. They are very charismatic and charming, but as soon as you do something they don't like, they lash out. They have no sense of morals or right and wrong. Please, be careful. Don't trust anyone here. I would try to help you, but I'm lower than scum to them. They pretend I'm not there when they aren't beating me. Anyway, try to stay on their good side. Especially my brother. He's the worst of them all. My name is Tanya Schmitz. Yours would be Cecily Fay, right?" Tanya said before getting up and walking away, not even bothering to hear Cecily's answer.

Cecily stared after Tanya, mouth slightly open. The woman had said all of that with a blank expression, eyes staring right through her. Cecily was no stranger to abuse. Her family had sold her to them, under the pretext of mending their group's relationships. Cecily shuddered. She spent most of her time before coming her with Troy and the juvenile Barred Owl who had traveled with her here. She was out hunting right now but spent much of her free time, when she wasn't hunting or sleeping, with Cecily. Her name was Chrono, and she always tried to feed Cecily mice. She must have decided that Cecily wasn't as large as she should be by comparing her to the other members of her pack, most of whom were much larger than her. She had been the runt of her litter but had grown larger than she thought she would.

She shook her head. Initially, she had been terrified, but also slightly excited when she learned she was leaving. Most of the time, her packmates simply neglected her, not letting her eat, ignoring her or insulting her cruelly. But every once and a while they would attack her, beating her until she bled and couldn't move. She had been happy to get the chance to leave, although she was terrified of it at the same time. Now she wasn't so sure. She curled up and breathed heavily, gasping for air as she panicked.

Troy licked her ear and Chrono made her familiar call to her. She felt something wet and warm land on her lap and leaped up. A bloody mouse fell to the ground and Chrono screeched at her. Cecily picked it up and tossed it to the owl, who grumbled at her and ate it. Cecily grimaced and rubbed the blood out of her fur. It took a while, but she did it. The job allowed her to calm down and think.

She had arrived to cheering and a charming family pack. She didn't have the chance to get to know her soon-to-be mate, but if they pulled her out of her family situation, she didn't mind. Blake Schmitz was handsome, tall, kind, charming. He was a light grey and white, with light eyes of a color she hadn't determined yet. He had greeted her kindly and told her how nervous he was, clasping her hands in his and laughing in what seemed like relief when she said the same. What if that hadn't been relief but something darker instead?

It had been a week since Tanya had met the beautiful Cecily Fay in the woods. Just thinking about her made Tanya's heart race and her stomach flutter. Cecily had been kind to her this past week while, as usual, her family ignored her. Cecily's coat was thick and brown, her mismatched eyes sparkling. One was a blue as vibrant as the sky, the other as deep a green as the leaves on a pine tree. Every time Tanya saw Cecily with her brother, her heart ached. She knew what would happen soon enough. Her brother would tire of Cecily and find some excuse to turn to his darker passions.

She had trained herself for so long to show almost no emotions. Her family may beat her bloody, but they wouldn't get the satisfaction of seeing her cry. Recently she had taken to going to the woods where she had first met Cecily and listening to her sing. It was the most beautiful noise she had ever heard. Her voice floated through the trees, the lyrics baring her feelings so clearly that Tanya often wondered whether she should be listening to it in the first place. Everything she sang was so hauntingly personal that she often ran away before Cecily finished.

Now she heard a very different noise come out of Cecily's mouth when she got to her normal singing place. Sobs were tearing through the woods. Ice flowed through her veins and she ran into the small clearing to see Cecily on the floor, gripping her head, tail between her legs, ears against her head. Her brother stood above her, grinning wickedly at Tanya. "Well, sister. How do you feel knowing that everything Cecily went through was your fault? Why don't you just kill yourself now? Get it over with so the rest of us don't have to take the time out of our busy schedule."

Tanya stared at him in shock, then looked at Cecily, who cowered on the ground at his feet. Her lips curled back in a snarl and she walked over to the duo. Her brother backed away, smiling cruelly at them before turning around and walking away. Tanya waited until he was out of eyesight before falling to her knees and lifting Cecily's head onto her lap, looking her over. Cecily shuddered at her touch, flinching away before opening her eyes and seeing Tanya's horrified face. She sat up, pushing herself, and looked away in shame and embarrassment. Tanya pulled her closer and hugged her. Cecily yelped and whined, shivering. "We need to get out of here. We need to get you out of here." Tanya said, shivering.

Tanya spent as much time with Cecily as she could, watching as her brother dove into alcohol and other drugs. She watched him scream and rage, throwing things at anyone, and wrecking their territory. She protected Cecily from one more attempted assault but was then beaten by her family. The second time was successful. Tanya was sent away with the warning that if she came back then Cecily would be killed. She left regretfully. She returned to find Cecily a bloody mess. Cecily latched onto Tanya and warned her frantically that Blake was planning on doing the same to her.

"Then I suppose we'll just have to run for it tonight. I have everything packed already. I'm sorry. They told me that if I returned then they would kill you and I couldn't deal with that." Tanya apologize, gently stroking Cecily's chocolate cheek. Cecily shook her head, mismatched eyes red and puffy.

"I could never blame you for this. It isn't your fault. Let's just go, quickly before he finds us. Help me up." Cecily said, wrapping her arm around Tanya's shoulders. Tanya stood up, supporting the tiny woman. Cecily groaned and winced with every step, but they made it to their clearing quickly. Tanya laid Cecily down on the grass, packing snow on her wounds to make them hurt less. Cecily groaned and rolled over, closing her eyes from the pain and exhaustion. Tanya grabbed their bags, throwing them over her shoulder.

"I'll be right back, I'm going to get Tempest. I promise. Just stay here and try not to make too much noise." Tanya said before running to the area where they keep their two horses. Tempest was the kinder of the two and Tanya had next to no experience with horses. She was planning on having Cecily ride her and have the horse carry some of the cargo. She walked up to Tempest and grimaced when she saw that the horse didn't have her gear on.

Tanya grabbed the saddle blanket and threw it over the horse's back. Then she put on the lead rope, mimicking the way she had seen her family members do it a million times. The kind horse just sat through it, blowing hot air on her every once and a while. Finally, she had everything she needed. She had no idea how to put the saddle or reins on, so she left them. She did take the blankets, seeing as she had no idea how Cecily's condition would be in the next few days. She seemed to be getting sick from the stress of everything her brother had been putting her through.

Tanya threw everything over the horse's back and grabbed the lead rein, gently leading the complacent horse along. Cecily was shivering on the ground, curled into a fetal position. Tanya walked up to her and touched her shoulder. Cecily jumped, yelping. "Shhhh. . . . It's okay, it's me." Tanya said, stroking her shoulder until she calmed down. Cecily apologized excessively, but Tanya shook them off and helped the girl up.

Cecily shivered, so Tanya led her to Tempest and pulled a blanket off of her. She wrapped the blanket around Cecily and lifted her up onto the horse. Cecily laid down on her back, groaning. Tanya forced back the urge to hug her, instead, grabbing the lead reins and guiding Tempest far, far, away from her family.

Tanya pulled Cecily off Tempest that night. They had been traveling for a week. Cecily had gotten better enough to walk with Tanya, but around noon she had gotten sick again. It had been a few hours and now she seemed to be doing better. Tanya hugged her tightly before setting her down. Cecily smiled up at her, "I'll set up camp, okay? How about you go scout and maybe get some food? We don't want to run out of the stuff you brought."

Tanya nodded and smiled back down at her, icy eyes sparkling. "Sure. I'll be back in an hour or so." She said before grabbing Cecily's tiny hand and kissing it. Cecily looked away from her, dismaying Tanya. She looked away as well, dropping her hand and staying silent. Then she turned away and ran to do her scouting.

Damn! Why did I do that? After everything she's been through, do you really think she's ready to deal with me? Fuck! You stupid idiot! Tanya thought, cursing herself as she shifted to lupus form. She sprinted through the trees, ears flat against her head in anger and fear. She kept on running for a few more minutes before slowing to a stop and leaning against a tree. She panted, tongue out and ears pricked forward once more.

She got up again and began sniffing the ground, searching for a rabbit or squirrel or something. Instead, the wind shifted and she smelled a pack's borders. She shied away from them, knowing what might happen if she didn't. She grew excited, maybe the pack would let them in and they could have someplace safe to stay. She turned back, not even bothering to hunt. If there was a pack this close and they joined them, they wouldn't need fresh food tonight. She raced back to Cecily, heart fluttering.

That was when she heard it. Whining and yelping, coming from the direction she had left Cecily in. Then she smelled the blood. She ran faster, racing through the trees faster than she thought she had ever run before, heart racing. She got to Cecily just in time to see her brother and a few other dogs running away. She growled a deep rumble, debating whether or not she should go after them or take care of Cecily.

She chose Cecily. She ran over to her, whining. Cecily lay in a small puddle of blood, ears tucked back and tail between her legs. She lay on her stomach, her back clearly exposed. It was all red. Tanya knelt down, touching it gently. She couldn't tell from the darkness, but it looked like they had clawed her back. She pulled her hand up and looked at it. It was slick with blood. She lifted Cecily up, who seemed to be in a state of shock, and laid her on Tempest's back, wrapping the blanket around her and tying her in. She howled for the pack wolves, then led Tempest as quickly as she could to their border.

They reached the borders fairly quickly and waited there for a few minutes, Tanya howling, trying to get a message of pain and urgency across. Her ears were flat on her head, her tail down, whining every once and a while anxiously. Cecily whimpered and fell silent. Tanya lept up and went to her. She was still breathing, but she seemed to have passed out. Tanya whined loudly, then threw her head back to howl a desperate howl for help. She howled again, begging someone to come. She shivered uncontrollably, hugging herself with one arm, the other holding onto Cecily.

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