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<br><h3>➤ Introduction</h3>

<img src="http://i.imgur.com/eTLaWPz.png" style="float:right; width:180px; margin:10px">
<p><i>Year I in the rule of Boss Elphaba Revlis, W̵͙̔̋ȋ̵̤̫͔͇̕ẗ̴͚̯͉̀̋̈c̴̰̄̓͑̓h̴̬̦͑ Queen of Salsola</i><p>

It is early fall in Nova Scotia. The stifling heat wave that gripped the boglands and crumbling Ruins in August has finally succumbed to milder temperatures, with an occasional cool breeze lifting from the choppy grey waters of Loch Fundy. After a sweltering summer, the gentle weather should be seen as a late-harvest blessing to those who toil the land. But to the kingdom of Salsola, the mild respite seems to belie an undercurrent of tension, treason and mourning that festers like an infected wound in many of the Family.<p>

Ondine Heiwa, Seer of the Sanctus Faction, has been <i>murdered.</i><p>

Her <a href="https://soulsrpg.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=40&t=39945">funeral</a> was a fraught, somber affair that disquieted many, regardless of whether their intentions were genuine or staged. Ondine's loss is felt keenly throughout the kingdom's spiritual echelons, both for good and ill - though not formally associated with the coven, her family's long tradition of adhering to the Craft has held them in well regard by many who favor Salsola's increasing occult power. The Seer herself was a likable, modest woman, her genteel humbleness a rarity in this wicked place. Feeling her political strength threatened by the unforeseen loss of a reliable bureaucratic supporter, the young Queen is wisely counselled by her Erilaz to boost the miserly spirits of the people by hosting a more joyous event.<p>

Thankfully, she has just the celebration in mind.<p>

<br><h3>➤ An Autumn Wedding</h3>
<p>A sweet turn in the climate heralds the first of autumn's splendid hues. Though the deciduous trees have yet to turn royal red, a golden carpet of leaves has fallen by the old apple orchard. Mendicants and Indentured Servants have prepped the area with a small wooden altar fit for a formal rite. Backdropped by the tall foreboding pines of the Blackwoods, Elphaba has chosen this setting for the most anticipated social event of the season.<p>

Now that <a href="https://soulsrpg.com/forum/memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=4568">Kamari Kaiser</a> and the Boss' bastard halfbrother <a href="https://soulsrpg.com/forum/memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=4359">Krios Revlis</a> have come of an appropriate age for their betrothal to be fulfilled, there seems no point in further delaying the <i>royal wedding</i>. The wedding ceremony itself will be a private affair, with only family members and specific high-ranked nobles invited to oversee the binding of these two ill-fated youths <i>(private thread)</i>; But in place of a traditional Last Supper, <b>the reception will be a raucous and rowdy communal affair for all members of the famed Family to attend</b> <i>(pack thread)</i>.<p>

Individuals are encouraged to prepare a gift for the newlyweds, to be presented at the post-wedding reception. The reception will be held in the <a href="https://wiki.soulsrpg.com/index.php?n=Areas.TheRuins#toc4">Feasting Hall</a>, and contributions of food, cider, wine or spices will be most welcome. Eager to establish a more fortuitous foundation for her reign after Ondine's untimely demise, Elphaba will spare no expense to ensure that this event is as grandiose and luxuriant as possible, even going so far as to arrange for music and extravagance in the form of liquor and entertainment.<p>

She is hoping that this will help Salsola forget its grim troubles, and bribe the fractious dissenters closer to her side. What <i>actually</i> happens on this long night of carousing is up to <i>you</i>.<p>

If you have a specific idea for how your Salsolan might contribute to the revelries, post below! Minstrels, storytellers, romantic drama and a comedic roasting of the unfortunate bride and groom are especially welcome ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)<p>

The wedding event is scheduled to be held on <b>September 16th</b>. Once the Ceremony Thread (private) and Reception Thread (mandatory pack thread) are posted, you will find links to them <b>HERE</b>.

<p>For taking part in the celebration, you might be applicable for the following bonuses:
<span title="love is in the air - or is it mayhem?"><img src="https://i.gifer.com/DDv.gif" style="float:right; width:100px; margin:40px"></span></p>

<li><b>Participate in main Pack Thread:</b> +10 Game Points<br></li>
<li><b>Participate in Side Threads:</b> +5 Game Points per Thread<br>
<sup><i>- These can be any threads that are wedding event related and meet completion requirements (+1200 words, ROs allowed).</i></sup><br>
<sup><i>- Activities like hunting for food contributions, creation/purchase of wedding gifts and formal attire etc are encouraged!</i></sup></li>
<li><b>Description of New Rules-Friendly Fancy Attire:</b> A smooch from Alaine<br>
<sup><i>- 2 or more sentences in-post about your character's swanky new duds and how they got 'em.</i></sup><br>
<sup><i>- As the rules surrounding Luperci clothing have recently been clarified in greater detail, we want to ensure that your Salsolan's Sunday-best still adheres to realism rules. This is a great opportunity for creation and display of new, realism friendly garb! Lookin' good, Salsola!</i></sup><br>
<sup><i>- My smooch is valued at $∞ but unfortunately is not redeemable for cash or credit, only discord emojis.</i></sup></li>

<br><h3>➤ Salsolan Wedding Traditions</h3>
<p>As this is the first wedding to have been extensively played out IC since Elphaba's coronation, we decided it was time to give some structure to the cultural lore surrounding a <i>'Salsolan wedding'</i>. As with some of Salsola's traditional rites (i.e. the Cueponi, or becoming a Pentiti), it is put in place as a guideline for what your character/s <i>could</i> do, not what they <i>must</i> do. We hope that this added flavor will serve to provide you with some fun and interesting ideas, should it come time for your character/s to take that next step in their romantic lives!<p>

Generally solemn, private affairs, mateships in Salsola are equally as often used as means to bolster rank position or political standing within the Family as they are a traditionally romantic gesture between individuals. It is entirely up to participants as to how large or how small they want the wedding ceremony itself to be, with some couples opting for only themselves, the Mafiosi and the Crone to attend, though generally there is a large amount of pressure for the entire pack to be invited to the reception held thereafter.<p>

<ul><li><sup><b>Attire:</b> The participating members may wear whatever they choose, though this is an ideal time to show wealth, rank, or family connections through use of expensive materials and craftsmanship. Family bloodlines may have their own ancestral traditions as to what is worn.</sup></li>

<li><sup><b>The Binding:</b> Participants both provide a unique length of pliant material (e.g. leather, cloth, vine, chain, horse hair, plant material or fiber etc) to be woven together. This represents a joining of their union. The woven or braided material is used to loosely tie the couple’s hands together at the wrist during the ceremony; Local supersticion holds that the union’s fortune is increased the longer their hands remain bound, though it is by no means a necessity, and the newlyweds are welcome to remove the binding at their earliest convenience post-ceremony. It is sentimentally common for the binding material to be later tied into a loop, bracelet, necklace or ornament, and either worn by one of the couple or hung on proud display in their home.</sup></li>

<li><sup><b>Oaths:</b> The overseer of the wedding ceremony (either The Boss or The Crone) will ask its participants to swear allegiance to one another, often with overtones suggestive of a greater loyalty to the Law and the Family. Often, significant items or words are exchanged between the participants. Depending on the piety of the couple or the religious affectations of the celebrant, a rite or prayer may be offered to bless the union and beseech fertility and prosperity upon the new family unit.</sup></li></ul><p>

<br><b>THE RECEPTION</b><br>
Following the event, a large and informal feast occurs in the Ruins proper, most commonly held at the Feasting Hall for convenience and size. This is generally something provided for by the family and friends of those participating. Some may choose to extensively decorate the area, intending to bolster the appearance of their household and names. Attendees are encouraged to bestow well-wishes and sometimes gifts upon the participants, for as in many things, gift-giving (i.e. bribery) is an essential part of Salsolan culture.<p>

Having been converted to a matriarchal rule under the reign of the First Queen, Salvia Eternity, Salsola does not adhere to some of the more archaic patriarchal traditions associated with primitive post-wedding receptions; Consummation is a private affair, and no proof of it is ever required to ensure the validity of the union. However, with plenty of drink often provided at the reception, well-meaning advice-givers and jokesters may use the opportunity to be as baudy and lewd as they dare, much to the likely embarrassment of the newlyweds.<p>

<ul><li><sup><b>The Favor:</b> One key cultural rite held at the wedding reception is the granting of the Favor. If they so choose to, the wedded participants may ask one favor/make one specific request of any attendee, often an individual in a higher political position or with greater personal wealth than themselves. Provided the request is not impossible, the individual asked is held to great pressure to agree to it. Whilst most often this is of no issue, it has yet to be seen how daring the Favor can get - the pardoning of a friend’s crime, the payment of a servant’s debt, the forgiveness of a family transgression, the possession of a fine horse, and the agreement of training or trade etc are normal examples.</sup></li></ul>


<p><br><center><img src="http://i.imgur.com/POpw09S.png" style="margin:2px">
<br><i>Much love and happy posting - Team Salsola</i></center><br>
Kaeli would be going on a hunt to provide meat for the feast, how about we make it a group hunt? Together a group of Salsolans is sure to get enough for the cooks to make some big and nourishing dishes.
Helena, as chef would likely take over preparation of foods and table decoration, and basically go nuts trying to make it, and herself, look gooood 8) She can also sing/dance as entertainment
Of course with Ol' Andy Boi being a servant, he can definitely do some of the grunt work getting things prepped (i.e. building the alter and so on).

Also! Would it be cool to have Red at the reception to serve drinks and assist Helena with entertainment?
Kaeli Blacksun Wrote:Kaeli would be going on a hunt to provide meat for the feast, how about we make it a group hunt? Together a group of Salsolans is sure to get enough for the cooks to make some big and nourishing dishes.
Fantastic idea! I've poked you about these in the discord chat - if you would like to start a (backdated) communal hunt thread with Kaeli, please do so and send us the link so we can promote it accordingly!

Helena Troy Lykoi Wrote:Helena, as chef would likely take over preparation of foods and table decoration, and basically go nuts trying to make it, and herself, look gooood 8) She can also sing/dance as entertainment
Oh good, we were counting on this ;> Thanks for the volunteer!! Character/s are now welcome to reference Helena's excellent cooking and singing throughout the course of the Reception!

Andrew Winthrop Wrote:Of course with Ol' Andy Boi being a servant, he can definitely do some of the grunt work getting things prepped (i.e. building the alter and so on).

Also! Would it be cool to have Red at the reception to serve drinks and assist Helena with entertainment?
Wonderful! With your permission, we will allow Salsolans to reference ya boi serving them beverages and assisting with food prep during the reception :> Elphaba will also take Helena up on the offer to use him for setting up the wedding ceremony area! Much obliged <3
The private Wedding Ceremony thread has just been posted, for anyone who wants to snoop - The Reception (PACK THREAD) will be posted tomorrow and backdated to the same day, to give us time OOC to get a little bit into the actually wedding proceedings before the party starts! Will update again here and in SL Discord when the pack thread goes live. Any questions, feel free to post them here or poke me in chat ❤
Ankh's gonna provide some wines and maybe some loopy tea Wink

Also if anyone needs some fancy threads for the Wedding, they're free to assume Cissa either a) made them something basic from scratch, or b) jazzed up something existing!
Proposal to add to Traditions

The bride/groom together slaughter the main animal for their wedding feast. In Kamari and Krios' case it will be a yearling pig.

Aditionally - If anyone else wants to contribute to the wedding feast anything specifically, feel free to DM me! I'm currently working on a ridiculously OTT menu xD

Private Wedding Ceremony: Here

MANDATORY Reception Pack Thread: Here
If you have any AW or AW+ threads relating to this event that you are looking for participants to join, post here or in the SL Discord Chat to advertise them ♡

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