[RO] Strong legs and a new start
OOC: Dated for when Borya is around 6 months old

Finally standing on two working legs felt worth the pain of his first shift, and it gave the boy the fresh start he needed to do something other than stumble around after his family, acting as their loving shadow that just wanted to absorb their company. Borya was worried at first that the unnatural clicking and shifting of limbs would break his little arm for good, but once the pain was over, he twitched his fingers for the first time with relief. It wasn't much, but any decent movement was enough, and Borya was just overjoyed and thankful to not be left completely useless that he couldn't care for anything more. With his body now a bit more accustomed to walking one two legs and without the hassle of a limp, Borya felt more free to explore on his own.

The fort had to be the first visit, a smile plastered on the youth's face as he wandered passed buildings he'd never had much to do with. His left arm occasionally moved up to fiddle with the short strands of hair beginning to grow from the top of his head, longer in patches and somewhat annoying to handle. The boy would have to master tying it all back with one hand, or else figure out a way to bend to let his weaker arm reach. He could also just cut it short, but for some reason that just felt like even more hassle, and Borya didn't know if he'd trust himself with something sharp.

Fumbling with his hair and glancing about with soft yellow eyes, Borya eventually came upon the gardens, partly shaded by the towering courtroom next to them. The boy smiled at the colours, so used to seeing the whites and browns of winter that he never realised just how colourful things could become when the sun was given more time to shine. The boy crouched, feeling across the soft petals and greens with his right hand with slow movements. The bright coloured reminded him of the bright marking his mama and family wore with such pride, and it made Borya wonder back to what they might be doing right now. He might feel a bit more free to explore but the young Hushhowl was still glued to family life. Borya's eyes glanced down to a flower recently discarded from its bushy home and picked it up, holding it gently in his weaker hand as he got onto his feet and marched home on strong legs.

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