[EVENT] Mysterious Sightings Conclusion

Mysterious Sightings

Serial thievery abound!

Numerous Luperci have explored the areas where strange sightings were reported, only to have their belongings stolen! Many stumbled over foreboding carcasses, abandoned campsites, and noxious hordes of stolen goods, but how do these things connect? Are there really humans?

Qualifying Participants

Congrats and thanks to those who participated in a thread with 5+ replies (or a RO with 1250+ words)! You've braved the unknown and been robbed! But at least? You had an, uh? Adventure??

Many thanks to everyone else who participated as well, even if you didn't quite reach the requisite number of replies or words. We appreciate your interest! You're all encouraged to finish your threads, of course, but the icon prize will not be available for late finishes.

The conclusion...

Too many curious explorers have showed up in the north, and our mysterious visitors are now keen to leave. Their stolen goods burden them, and in their haste, their identities are revealed.

Players are welcome to claim conclusion encounter prompts to play out!

  • These are limited to one per player, so not all of your characters will be able to see our visitors on their way out.
  • You do not have to have participated in or requested a "clue" prompt to claim a conclusion prompt.
  • Each prompt can be claimed a set number of times. First come, first serve!
  • There is no additional prize for participation in the plot conclusion; this is just for fun!

Conclusion Prompts

  • Prompt A | Limit 4 :: [Serpentine Mountains, Branta Stretch] Two cloaked figures load up two sickly-looking horses with bundled clothing; when approached, the hood falls from one of them (either sex, 3-4 years, coydog) and they start yelling angrily and incoherently. The fur is missing from half their face and both arms are bare skin. They and their companion mount their horses, ride towards the intruders, make a swipe for any loose clothing items, then barrel wildly off into the distance.
  • Prompt B | Limit 3 :: [The Bluffs, Cape Acadia] A heavyset dog Luperci with strong retriever heritage wanders around, alternating mumbling to himself and raving loudly about Luperci turning into humans. He believes they need clothes or they will burn into dust in the sun. He is cloaked and various parts of his body are bandaged in cloth. If approached, he aggressively tries to peel away pieces of clothing from others to inspect the fur underneath, talking loudly about his beliefs. For those unclothed, he warns that they will soon lose all their fur and die if they're not careful.
  • Prompt C | Limit 2 :: [Northwestern part of Branta Stretch] A party of four cloaked figures and four sickly horses rest near a marshy pond. They can be seen roughly from several nearby mesas without detection. The night air is warm. Two naked silhouettes are bathing in the water. In the dark, their faces are hard to see, and the angles don't always show their muzzles. Do they have muzzles? Do they have tails? It's hard to see. Their other two companions wash in the water, but keep their clothes on for some reason. Eventually, they all dress, pack up, and leave in the night.
Could I claim Prompt A as a self-thread? I'll gladly wait and defer to players who want to organize actual participatory threads, but I figured I'd ask since it's been a few days. ;>

e: thread link
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All yours, dude. Regthumbsup

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Could I please claim Prompt B for Evelyn and Dahlia (Salena)? c:

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Got it!

Reply again and edit with your thread links when they're started, please!

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Can I claim the Prompt C for Ezra self thread?
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Go for it! Make sure to include your thread link once it's been started.
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