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There wasn't a whole lot of point in life anymore it seemed. The Cour des Miracles had been destroyed and with it Tora's second chance for a home and family. Sure some of them had stuck around but it was a far cry from the dozens of them that had once filled the village and the Hotel. Just a small group of people with nowhere else to go who had banded together in a sad facsimile of their once great pack. It wasn't much of a family anymore but it was all he had. And so he stayed, practicing with his swords and passing the time by carve lumps of wood into charms for bracelets and necklaces because he couldn't think of a way to do any real good in the world.

Rather, he could but he was too scared to consider it. His thoughts kept coming back to the idea of using his hard-earned expertise in the arts of war to hunt down all the thieves and murderers he knew were out there, the men with knives who had slaughtered his family back in Japan and poisoned the Court in his new life. He could track them all to their innumerable filthy holes and strangle each and every one of them while they slept and then string their bodies up as a warning to the whole world that he wasn't going to tolerate their degeneracy anymore! It was what he should have been doing already, not wasting his time cowering in the remains of his ruined life.

But he was still rational, mostly. That was a fools errand, a suicide mission that would get him killed almost as soon as he left the safety of the Petit Cour. His cowardice was keeping him alive, but for how long? He could feel his guilty and shame and rage building up, dripping like water onto the rock of his mind. Day by day it was wearing a hole through his sanity, gradually but noticeably. He was struggling to keep his composure, had to restrain himself from flying into a rage at imagined slights. He just wanted to find scapegoat and hit it until it stopped moving!

But he didn't tell anyone this, determined to keep his steadily cracking mask intact for as long as possible. So for the time being he sat on the rocks of the Shattered Coast and drew sketches, adjusting his crouched position as he drew the horizon.

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Since coming to Salsoal, the copper man had seen little reason to leave beyond the borders of his new home. There wasn't much purpose lying outside of there, especially not when he was still an Associate. His regular meeting with Kaeli were dull, but informative on his position and what would be expected of him to become one of the more trusted members of the kingdom.

For that reason, much of his time would need to be spent here, understanding the layout of this kingdom, and putting the skills he had to some good use. It didn't help that much of what he was good at was barred away from him until he was of a certain rank, but there were still minor things he would be able to do.

It was tidious, but neccessary. At least the hound was off doing his own thing most of the time, so there was no need to feel like he was tied down.

That being said, there was still one loose end that needed to be taken care of, and it was the only thing that made him leave this day. Talk of the golden man that had taken away the lives of their child, older siblings was rarely spoken of, even more so when Machidael had his live children to look after, but the underlying hatred for what had been done was something that would never go away.

Khael had been lucky enough to come upon the traveling pair just before they had properly joined, having gathered more information on this man. The two siblings were never going to get along, not when they had their own personal goals and biases that contradicted the other. His dark sister wanted her freedom, while he was stuck in their father's ways; however, they saw a common enemy in this man. For that reason alone, they seemed willing enough to put their differences aside to repay him for what he had done.

Ossidael sat still on top of Kasmut, or at least as still as he could with the mare building up speed. There had been enough information shared to know that the golden man they were looking for was to the south. With nothing else going on within the kingdom, his could pursue his other purpose.

The jackal brought the beast to slow as they came along the shore, having spotted the mess of fur that didn't fit in with the rest of the surrounding area. Golden eyes narrowed slightly, not wanting to really strike up any kind of conversation. He had little tolerance for others, especially those that were now considered Outsiders in the eyes of Salsola. Instead, he kept still, reaching over to pull out one of his own rolls up cigarettes, looking for a means to get it lit.

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