[P] under the detritus new life grows


She settled beside her son, knee-deep in weeds. It was supposed to be for the garden that would have provided countless herbs and such for their community but with the sudden loss of so many helping hands, it was a task that fell upon fewer than before. Thyri was their apothecary but Kalypso refused to let the task of tending the plants be solely in her care. Kalypso could water and weed as well as anyone else and there was precious little else that she specialized in besides fishing and braiding rope together.

That and she could plant questionable plants and manage them without too many questions. A small patch of marijuana in a corner was properly maintained, though she was not sure she understood the nature of caring for it well. It was medicinal, at least, and it was not something to scoff at. But her son and she were on their knees pulling summer weeds from the various herb patches that Thyri would use to make remedies and such.

Isadore hummed a nameless tune as he worked, a smile on his face. It was clear that he was fond of his aunt, imitating her weapon of choice and enjoying working the garden that provided her with produce for remedies. And it seemed he had a green thumb for it. Meanwhile, her two daughters had begged off gardening by claiming they would hunt or fish or something of the sort. If they came back with something to show for it, she would be impressed. No doubt they were off playing around in Rabbit Lake or gossiping or something.

The healthy pile of weeds was growing behind them and she wiped away the loose strands of hair from her face. The hair was still shorn shorter than before, but had grown somewhat nearer her shoulders. Some careful trimming over the months had given it a proper shape, at least.

I'll take this pile, you keep it up, she said as she wrapped an overly long weedy stem around the large bundle. She smiled at her son and put a loving hand on his head and he brushed at her ruffling of his hair with a hand speckled with dirt. Laughing somewhat, the Oratrice took her weed bundle in her arms, figuring it would be good fodder for their horses at least. Unwanted in the garden but useful regardless.

Kalypso hummed as she walked, unknowingly losing bits of weeds along the way tumbling out of the side of her bundle.

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The mountain of things that I still regret
Is a vile reminder that I would rather just forget

OOC: +300 words.

Things had gotten much better around here.

While it was still clear that there was a sense of alertness to their surroundings, the battle having put that into them, everyone seemed to have moved on for the most part, turning their attention now to living among themselves and helping each other to thrive in their small group. He would not give up hope on Kadir, not when he had just gotten her back, but he had to turn his greatest focus on the Petite Cour.

They were the ones that needed him more.

There had been a fair amount of metals stocked up in his workshop, him fiddling around with some of the more scrap pieces on his down time. There was no need for his line of work as of late, not unless they were looking to trade some crafted items away to get something else. Even if that was the case, he was not entirely sure if there was something they needed that they either didn't have or couldn't get so easily.

Well, there was that idea of some drinks to help relax that Skoll had brought up as more of a joke that one time, but a blacksmith could make a manner of items. There was no telling what even someone selling those kind of items might need from someone like him.

Finding himself out of work, the dark male made his way down the path along the village. Light blue gaze peered up as he found a weed on the ground, and there seemed to be a few of them along the path. As he moved, picking them up, he noticed Kalypso with the bundle in her arms. Ah, so she was the one that dropped them. Picking up the pace, he soon caught up to her, holding his own weeds in his hands, "You dropped these."

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