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Welcome to New Caledonia
Mae govannen, mellon!

(If you're looking for the rank table, it's moved to the wiki! Check out where your character places on the NC hierarchy, see your Co-Ranks, and check out the Honor Leaderboard here!)

Be welcome! The days of Old Caledonia are behind us, but not nearly forgotten; with faces new and old combining to form a new culture for our Kingdom, we are each a thread woven into the colorful tapestry of New Caledonia – all being fed through the Loom of Fate.

The Realm invites you to our expansive territory, lush history, and active player base! There is much to explore: monthly thread prompts, engaging Co-Ranks, friendly pNPCs, cooperative Guilds, a fun Pack Game (aka Honor), and even our own Grand Quests!

Gather beneath our banner... for your journey ends here.

You are home.
What's Going On in NC??
Some highlights from our recent pack news! Get ready for... NEWS CALEDONIA. Blame Amanda for that incredible title ;D

⪼ Current Pack Projects
While there's always ongoing projects and work being done around the Realm, we have two big projects currently underway!
  • Dye Studio: Headed up by Calan Brecours, this mill, stationed in the sleepy town of Haven, will surely put New Caledonia on the map! While most of the grunt work is completed, there is still much to do; staffing the Studio, maintaining stock to be dyed and processed, and keeping it chock-full of wood for the fire pits. If you're interested in taking a more active part of the Studio, be sure to contact Nocturne for more information on how to help!

  • Louisbourg Stables: As more members pour into the Realm, they bring all sorts of livestock and companion animals along with them – and while the Rhovanion is large enough to house them, there isn't any shelter for stormy nights or blistering cold winters! Toraberā Tanaka and Kadir Ahearne decided to fix this with their proposal for stables. While a majority of its progress is OOCly assumed, there are still some tasks that characters can complete if they so choose!

⪼ Founders Day Feast & Unicorn Hunt!
Our one-year anniversary as a full-fledged pack is right around the corner! Kick off your Sunday shoes and get ready to party B) The festivities begin on August 17th; be sure to read our August Newspost for more information! The Feast is a mandatory pack thread, while the Unicorn Hunt is just a fun side-thread with a cool IC prize!

⪼ New Features
  • Guilds underwent a massive rework with our latest newspost! Now your Guild can begin to accrue renown, which will see your Guild go through its own tier system, similar to Co-Ranks; you begin at the base level, but by completing our new Guild Challenges, you can earn silver-, gold-, and diamond-tier renown! Check our our Guild page today to begin earning renown!
[Image: guild-base.png] [Image: guild-silver.png] [Image: guildbig.png] [Image: guild-diamond.png]
  • By popular demand, the Messenger Tree is now available for characters to leave notes or trinkets for others to find! More information on how to leave your own notes or interact with those that others have left can be found on our Discord server on the IC channel, #the-messenger-tree. Feedback is appreciated as we test this out!
Caledonian Spotlights
Time to highlight some cool characters and threads in the Realm! Behold...

⪼ Featured Adoptable
Check out this up-and-coming New Caledonian, Gwaun Fir-Chlis! The oldest son of Arran Fir-Chlis, Gwuan is a low-content wolfdog with ties to the clan of old, Menel, through his Old Caledonian father. While Gwaun was born in the wilds of Nova Scotia, his two mothers decided he and his siblings were better-suited for their father's pack, as the harsh winter made food in short supply. He's a blank slate, ready for a player to write his story! Contact Myst for more information if you're interested in Gwaun!

⪼ Featured Thread
Looking for something spicy to read? Look no further! New Caledonia always has some drama going on, and we're invested in the plots of our characters. This time, we're interested in the plight of Calan and Bellad, who have gotten themselves in a rather... rocky situation. These boys seem to have underestimated the danger of the Underthing, as this innocuous trip to its dark depths has gotten them stuck in its underground cave system! How will they find a way out? Are they destined to stay stuck in the Haugrin's haunt forever? Stay tuned!
Feel free to reach out to NC leadership, Amanda and veldt, if you need help with anything! We're super approachable and always willing to answer questions, have a little brainstorm sesh, or just chat. 8>

Alternatively, you're welcome to PM the NC OOC Account for suggestions, proposals, or any maintenance tasks that you'd rather keep private. <3

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