[DND] Build Your Homes as Your Friendships
[[9/26/19 - Ezra, Ginny, Falcon - Start setting the slats for the exterior of the building. Lock the Mortise and Tenon beams together and seal them with mud mortar.]]

It was a primitive tool that he used, but it was one of great importance when considering building a proper structure. The triangular shaped wooden tool laid against the ground beside the corner beam that would mark the West face of the building. A metal teardrop hung from a string and swayed gently as he coaxed it into place, persuading the teardrop to still with everything he could. Hunched over, the tall man might have been a sight as a knee protruded past his back and his shoulder touched the ground. Within that waterfall of inky locks sat the marbled look of determination, holding his very breath to stillness as he waited for the teardrop to mark the angle of the beam perfect.

"Yes," He delighted to himself.

Level. The days the beams had settled had not ruined their posture and all of them were level. Finally rising to his feet, he gave a big stretch as old bones creaked, crackled and a groan slipped from his maw. Sure, his body was sore from all the work, but he didn't mind it. That was a sign that he was doing what he was meant to, or so he believed. A shake freed him of the last bits of stiffness and then he bent over to pluck the level from the ground in a sweeping motion. A step turned him in the right direction, to where the slats were stacked. Not a job he could do on his own, but that didn't mean he couldn't ensure everything was prepared.

Setting the level on the slats, he moved through the lessening maze of supplies that dappled the earth, his marbled eyes looking for something," I know it is here... hmmm," A hum thrummed through him as he put a hand to his chin, the other to support it folded over his chest as he thought. He knew he'd just seen the soft, wooden mallet not just a moment ago. Through the site, this way and that, he looked above and below, seeking out the tool they'd need to seat the slate as he waited for the others to arrive.

Ginny was promised mud. This was going to be the perfect job because, apparently, it involved using mud as some sort of building material. She did not quite know what she was going to be doing, but contrary to how she generally acted, she was good at listening to instructions when it came to something as important as this. 'Stay out of the mud' was not really an important instruction, but it was imperative that this build not fall down after they spent so much time and effort building it. Ginny definitely did not want to be the reason if something did happen to it.

She was still very excited about the mud part. Who knew mud could be part of an official process??

When Ginny arrived at the build site, she found Ezra kneeling on the ground to do... something. Tipping her head to the side, she tried to figure out what he was doing. Then he stood and she watched him look for something on the ground. Uncertain of what it might be, she figured now as as good a time as any to announce her presence.

"Hi Ezra!" Ginny said, bouncing on her toes as an outlet for her excited energy. She managed to keep her tail from wagging like mad, at least. "What can I do to help?" She glanced around the ground at the various supplies that were organized around the area. "Maybe help you find something?"
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The cool, autumn wind blew at Falcon’s back as she arrived at the Orchard, already itching to work. The half-built structure already towered over her, a monument to Mistfell Vale’s strength and prosperity; they could afford to build a papermill on their land, just as they had rebuilt Rum Bridge. It was… Awe-inspiring. There were no better words for it, Falcon thought.

The Elkenfrey stretched, her back muscles visible beneath her fur, as she watched Ezra work in the distance. The black and white male had spearheaded the project as a replacement for the papermill he’d lost a long, long time ago. It was difficult to imagine all the history around her; Mistfell Vale wasn’t the first pack to settle on their soil, and it wouldn’t be the last. Falcon plucked an apple from a low-hanging branch and hummed thoughtfully.

Who would be next?

Ginny appeared in her peripheral vision, and Falcon took that as her cue to get to work. She took a bite of her apple, adjusted her rolled up pants, and trotted toward the pair. Ezra seemed to be searching for something, and Ginny was… Bouncing? She did that a lot, Falcon had noticed. It was… Cute. ”Hello!” she called out, grinning at her packmates, ”What’s first on the agenda today? I just know it involves mud.” The black and white hybrid took another bite of her apple and waited for instructions.

And didn’t steal another glance at Ginny, who was still bouncing on her toes intermittently.

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[size=85]Note: Falcon uses he/him pronouns publicly (i.e. to most packmates, acquaintances, and strangers) and she/her pronouns privately (i.e. to specific, close friends).[/size]

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