[AW] Beyond the Pines
OOC: This is dated for before the blizzard. AW for 1, please! I'm going for Tessa's Scavenger co-rank, so this can absolutely end in an argument or however, but I just need to be able to have searching for stuff as the main focus of her posts, per Casa co-rank instructions. Don't feel like you have to match my SoSu rambling word count, either. Smile WC: 1164
Scavenger Prompt Wrote:Explore a town and find an item to bring back to the pack – anything from jewelry to tools will do!
After searching the cave for anything interesting, Tessa had decided she wanted to expand her search for interesting items even more. This meant that she needed to leave the pack lands, something she had not done since arriving in Casa di Cavalieri. She was a bit unnerved about the idea, enough that when Margeaux asked where she was going, and then decided that she was going to, Tessa did not protest.

Now that they were here in Halifax, Tessa was very glad that she had brought someone with her, even if that someone was her little sister. Margeaux was larger than Tessa was, and looked a bit more intimidating. Tessa was willing to use this to her own advantage if it meant a higher chance of having trouble leave them alone while they were out here. Tessa would not mind talking to a loner or someone from another pack; she just did not want any trouble. While she had been working on using a club, she still was not actually sure that she would be of any use in a fight.

This had her looking around a lot at their surroundings as they searched through the ruins of Halifax. Tessa was not expecting to find anything that was left here by humans, but she thought that maybe some other canines left something interesting or useful behind. She was not only

"I found a... bit of metal?" Margeaux said, breaking Tessa's wandering thoughts. She glanced over at her sister, expecting to see some tiny shard of metal that she would not be able to use for anything. Tessa heated metal to make it pliable, but she did not melt metal together to create bigger pieces. Instead she left that to other pack mates who had the skills to do that without hurting themselves.

The piece was, in fact, a tiny bit of metal that Tessa would have considered useless. She opened her mouth to say so, already feeling the beginning of rolling her eyes, but then she stopped. Just because she could not use it did not mean they had to just leave it here. She supposed they could take it any any other bits back and they could add them to the pack's storage. Enough of them together would probably be useful. Tessa snapped her jaw closed and then nodded.

"Too small for me," she told Margeaux, whose expression fell. "But let's take it back anyway." She did not know why she cared about making her sister feel better, but apparently today, she did. "I'm sure someone can use it." Probably. Hopefully. "What else have you found?" Why did she even care? Frustrated with herself, Tessa started looking around again, but kept one ear turned towards Margeaux to show that she was listening.

"Just more metal bits, really," Margeaux answered. Movement caught Tessa's attention and she glanced over to see Margeaux with a handful of metal bits. She walked back over and poked them around a little before carefully plucking the largest one from her cupped hand.

"This one is big enough for me," Tessa said, dropping it into her own bag. "The rest you can hold onto and we'll put them in the pack's storage." Margeaux nodded and Tessa turned back to start sifting through more stuff in the house.

It was partially collapsed, and they were sticking mostly to the areas that were open to the sky. Tessa definitely did not want to have the remaining roof cave in on top of them. It looked to her like the house used to have a second story, but it fell in and while she did not know much about building, it did not look too safe to her. She picked up a few pieces of wood, thinking maybe they could be useful if they found a way to bundle them up together and haul them back to the pack, but they were already starting to crumble in her hands. So much for that. Not too surprising, though; that seemed to happen a lot with the wood from these buildings. They did have some nails in them, though. Those were rusty, but still seemed like they might be usable.

With the way the wood crumbled, it was easy for her to break it apart so that the nails fell out. She squatted down as she worked, letting the nails form a little pile before tossing the crumbled, rotting wood bits aside.

"Here, let's add these to your bag, too," Tessa said to her sister. She figured putting everything going to the pack in Margeaux's bag was a good way to organize, although at this rate, she was going to have far more in there than in her own bag to keep for herself. That was too bad; she was really hoping to find something neat. It seemed like a stretch at this point because it seemed as though no one was leaving anything behind in the buildings.

Tessa glanced around again, but it seemed like the rest of the boards did not have any nails in them, and it looked like there was nothing else to find in this house right now.

"I'm moving on to the next house," Tessa said to Margeaux, already heading for the door opening. The front wall was somehow still standing, although there was no more door; just marks from where it used to be. Without waiting to see if her sister was going to follow, Tessa walked over to the next building. It seemed to be in slightly better shape than the other one had been. Maybe someone had done repairs at some point. Either way, that felt more promising. Tessa sniffed the air, searching for recent scents. There were a couple, but they seemed to be pretty stale. Hopefully she was not walking into a house that someone had claimed, and just had not been to for a while. She headed inside and over to a pile of debris and started sifting through it, hearing Margeaux's footsteps behind her.

"Did you find something already?" Margeaux asked, stopping in the entryway, also lacking its door. Tessa was about to say no when she fished out a piece of wood that looked like it was meant as the handle of a hammer or something. It was missing the head, but it looked like there were grooves carved into it where a rope could go to hold a metal head on it. That could prove useful to someone who could make and attach the rest. Tessa was not that someone, so into the pack store it would go.

"Yep, here," Tessa said, holding it out to Margeaux. "It can go in your bag. Margeaux dutifully held her bag open to accept the handle. Tessa eyed the bag, but it was still mostly empty, so she figured she could continue handing things off to her sister for a while yet.

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