[NEWS] May 2020

Spotlights for May 2020

Spotlight Soul

The Spotlight Soul for May is Wally Sherman (Noah)! An up-and-coming member of Mistfell Vale, Wally has been making his face familiar around the pack. After defending his home from attacks by loners, the path of defense has called to Wally, who traveled to compete in the Casa di Cavalieri tournament. We love reading about Wally's continuing adventures (and his fun accent!) and are eager to see where his path takes him!

Community Soul

The Community Soul for May is Nocturne! Spearheading New Caledonia's newest project, the Dye Studio, Nocturne's attention to research and planning has not gone unnoticed! In addition to being active OOC in both the NC and General chat, Nocturne has continued to stay a top poster within their pack, and shown a politeness (and patience) of admirable quality. Well done!

Soldier of Love

Congratulations to veldt for another month of being voting top dog! The avatar prize this month is being contributed by Songbird, so be sure to PM them within five (5) days with your request!

As always, thank you to everyone who takes the time to vote! We'll be retiring the Soldier of Love spotlight moving forward, but you'll always be able to vote if you'd like! We know it's a pretty tedious daily task, but silly as it is, those topsites do drive traffic to 'Souls and they really do help! Thanks for all your love and support. ♥

Featured Pack Adoptable

This month's featured character is Howland Reeves of Casa di Cavalieri. A man of little words and stern looks, Howland works as one of the main guards of the pack, having joined in 2016 as hired security for a pack event. He grumpily keeps track of who comes and goes from Fort Kingsbury, taking his duties extremely seriously.

Law and order, with a side of justice, make up the core of his values and he believes it is his job to ensure the next generation knows how to behave properly. In the past he had a fling with the current Sola, Aldora, but their romance was short lived.

What will happen next for this proud guard? Will he open up to more packmates and find love, or will he let his sense of duty and pride keep others at bay?



News & Updates

Spring is beautiful and lush and green! Everything is still blooming and also-- oh noooooo....

Weather, Disaster & Territory Updates

Echoing February, another earthquake strikes the region. This time, however, the scale is unparalleled...

A 7.8 magnitude major earthquake strikes midday on May 10th. The force can be felt throughout the territories, as far north as the Serpentine Mountains and as far west as Freetown.

The epicenter, Primeval Memories, is ripped asunder when a fault forms. The Yahraw River seems to split apart, widening to accommodate torrents of rushing water and fracturing into thousands of small, overflowing streams and creaks. The land becomes marshy and the already flooded, fire-recovering forests fester begin to rapidly rot. As the aftershocks strike, more and more damage is dealt. Weakened trees collapse, and the Sosye Basin, unable to drain, begins to transition to wetland.

What remains of the Skeletal Sanctuary and the Concrete Jungle are completely destroyed – many buildings fall apart, fall into the sea, or are reduced to rubble, and human architecture in Charlottetown and the Colchester Quarter suffer similar fates.

The Devil's Backbone, the sandy coast that lay against Death Mountains, disappears entirely and angry ocean waves now crash directly against the rocky inclines. Meanwhile, the two large islands north of the former coast seem to be drifting further away.

Further out from the Eastern Realms, damage is less severe, but taller buildings in city ruins, including Halifax, Amherst, and St. John, see a series of collapses, triggering chain reactions in some areas as former skyscrapers collide violently with the earth and each other.

Curiously, the land bridge dividing the former Bay of Fundy seems to further fortify itself in the quake's aftermath, collecting debris fed towards it during previous flooding and as previously splintered islands lodge themselves against the land. With the additional surface area and the undeterred surge of spring growth, the bridge forms a solid carpet of bright grass and a marshy, spongy path remains accessible even with the high tide.

Nevertheless, waves on the western side can be tumultuous and the wind unpredictable, so Luperci and their steeds alike should take care to making crossings carefully. The ground still seems to tremble sometimes, but it's hard to tell if it's just the force of the waves...

tl;dr territory updates:

  • Devil's Shoreline -- destroyed
  • Vapor Lake -- destroyed/absorbed into Yahraw River
  • Moaning Wood -- destroyed/absorbed into Sosye Basin
  • Black Rock Island & St. Paul Island -- begin drifting out to sea
  • Concrete Jungle, Skeletal Sanctuary, Colchester Quarters, Charlottetown -- in ruins; all buildings mostly rubble
  • Halifax, Amherst, St. John -- collapse of all buildings taller than 10 stories; some structural damage to other buildings
  • Loch Fundy land bridge -- now accessible even at high tide

Protip: Previous maps are archived here if you want to compare the new map to an older one.

Store Update

Prizes from this year's SoSuWriMo prize pack have been added to the shop, in case you didn't quite make that word goal this year, want an extra, or just want to support 'Souls while getting some cool swag!

Further Wiki Clarifications

We understand there's been some confusion as to what is and is not allowed on the Wiki in terms of layout and display. As we continue to strive towards a more uniform look in terms of formatting, we are asking all players to follow these updated guidelines.

There should be no capslock in headers, no extra letter spacing, no dashed borders, and in general, no resized (smaller) text in the main body of any pages. This does not mean you are forbidden from resizing text, but this should be used minimally. Remember, any change you make from the default should be for a reason!

If you require any assistance in updating pages, or are unsure if your pages fit this criteria, please make use of our Wiki Collaboration forum!


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