[P] Not so blind date

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Callum was standing nervously on the border to New Dawn, his hair plastered down and a bouquet of late-blooming flowers -- tall purple hyssop, goldenrod, orange helenium and lavender-pink fall crocuses were held in a bunch in his metaphorically sweaty palm. From time to time he would pace, back and forth. He had been instructed where to meet Veyra for their date and had arrived plenty early, but the waiting was killing him. He had not informed Veyra of his talk with Zalen, so unless the Alpha had spoken with her himself, she would be completely unaware of who waited tonight.

Milite stood nearby, ground tied and champing at the bit, eager to be away from the scent of the more feral pack. Even though the horse had been raised by Luperci, as had, like as not, the stallion's dam and sire, this set of wolves smelled... different... from the ones who primarily cared for him. From time to time, one ivory canine ear flicked back as the dark bay stomped a feathered hoof.

Not much longer now, he thought for the umpteenth time. The sun had fully set; night was settling over the land, though the moon shone bright and orange just above the horizon, nearly full. He raised his gaze to the celestial body, then glanced back down and tramped a line a little deeper into the soil at the border, impatient. Veyra should hopefully be appearing through the trees any time now...

Butterflies swirled unexpectedly in his stomach at the thought of seeing his friend, whom he had not seen since two weeks prior. Then she'd been complaining loudly about these dates. He wondered, not for the first time, what the chocolate female's reaction would be to seeing him there at the border. He gulped nervously, started to raise a hand to his head to ruffle his hair, then stopped himself just before he disrupted the styled fur. A palm spread over his thigh as he repressed the urge to ruffle, then returned to hold the bouquet in a doubled grasp. It would be okay, he knew it.

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Again. She had to meet a male again. She had already met with two suitors, arranged through her father. The first, Cody, had been a very sweet boy and a skilled hunter but he had also been quite smaller than the 6”10 princess, and had very distinct dog markings. The Second was an improvement, Bran Stormbringer. Even his name was quite regal. However the pair had not hit it off romantically. So today she was to meet another.

On two legs she carried herself toward the boarders. Her father had instructed her where to meet the male and had been pleased with his daughter’s smile. The smile had not been for the thought of another date, no, the smile was because for once she did not have to leave New Dawn in search of the man she was to seek out. Instead she simply had to go to the boarders! The idea of not traveling and searching blindly instantly made Veyra pleased with the male.

So she walked, her pace brisk and she tugged at her hair, tying it into an over the shoulder braid as she went. Her father insisted she look at her best for the odd meetings and so she abided. As she grew closer to the boarder a familiar scent caught her attention on the breeze and her heart skipped a beat. The scent of Cavalier filled her nose and a large smile grew on her face. A Knight! Had her father been good enough to call on Casa for suitors as well?

Briskly she walked, shortening the distance between herself and her blind date at a rapid pace, and before she knew it she had paused before an all too familiar face. “Callum!” She nearly barked in surprise before regaining her composure. She had only talked to the Knight boy once in the past but they had ended on good terms, and she had been pleased to find a gift of fresh kill left for her by this exact tree shortly after, but she never would have guessed that Callum had intended on courting her.


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