A little Confused..
Um hi, I'm new to this site. And I read through the Roleplaying Guide and such, but what I don't understand is the Luperci ages compared to Lupus age. If I wanted my character to be a certain age then how would I do that? Because, in all honesty its very confusing.

Also.. Species for Luperci: When getting ready to join the actual.. roleplay, Do you have to be a Luperci Ortus? or are you allowed to be an Verto and say you were changed before hand?

Character Creation: I'm not very good at creating characters from out of the blue, is there a way I can use an all ready created character? Or is that against the rules?

I'm sorry if this is a lot of questions, I just thought I would ask before doing anything.
Firstly! Welcome! :D No worries about asking questions, we like that. <3

Secondly, note that the ages are Luperci compared to non-Luperci (not Lupus -- Lupus is a form of the Luperci). So it's like a werewolf compared to a regular wolf, essentially. Your character's age will stay the same across all the character's forms. :)

So! That out of the way. On the Life Cycle there's a comparative chart you can look at. If your character is a Luperci, you're looking on the right two columns. Look at the second column, the "Human Age Equivalent" for Luperci. This gives you the rough human equivalent of a wolf's age. A 17 year old human is like a 1 year old Luperci.

Hope that helps, please feel free to ask any further questions on age!


As for species -- you can be Ortus, Verto, or non-Luperci (and later become a Luperci -- if you want! You don't ever have to actually play a Luperci character, your character can remain a normal wolf for their whole lifetime, if they avoid vectors of infections).


As for character creation -- you can adopt a character! See the Open Characters list for some currently available characters. :3


Again, please feel free to ask any further questions, whether here or via PM! I'm Sie, one of the admins, and I'd be glad to help you either way. Welcome again!
Thank you for replying so quickly. It is very nice to meet you Sie. I have a few other questions if you don't mind.

Do I have to join the roleplay right away?
How do I adopt a character?
If I want to later create a character can I use this account (If I adopt a character before making this one)
How do I go about creating a character from scratch?
What is graphic art used for on this site?
And last but not least, how do you get art? Are there people willing to draw something for you? Or. how do you go about getting a picture of what your wolf looks like?
I'm going to go ahead and jump on the questions about art since I went and found some of the lineart threads in the template subforum O:

For and last but not least, how do you get art? Are there people willing to draw something for you? Or. how do you go about getting a picture of what your wolf looks like?

It's pretty easy to get art! ^^ First off, you can always color a template if you have simple editing software, like GIMP (which is free to download) or paint, which normally comes pre-installed on computers that use windows! A lot of artists here on 'Souls also provide lineart for members to use, which can be found in the Templates sub-forum. All you have to do is save them to your computer. A few templates are here, here, and here. There are also a few studios in the Studios & Shops subform with members that provide free art. Also, if you're willing to pay someone to draw art for you, there's a Paid Artists' Directory. If you'd want to pay someone to help you with a design you can always post a topic in Requests.

Hope that made sense! O: If you need a link to a GIMP download for lineart coloring or some lineart I'd definitely be willing to give you some links. Also, I'd be willing to draw you some art and possibly help with character design ^^ Jus' shoot me a PM if you're interested in that.
Thank you very much. This is very helpful! :)
Hi! I'm Raze, and I'm a moderator. :> So excited to see a prospective new member!

Quote:Do I have to join the roleplay right away?
I hope I'm answering this right, but -- you don't have to join the game immediately after creating an account or anything. You can take as long as you need to set things up before you go ahead and join! After you join, you have 5 days to make an IC (In Character) post by making or joining a thread.

Quote:How do I adopt a character?
In the Open Characters thread, there should be individual contact information; you usually Private Message the owner of the adoptable expressing your interest! Some characters have additional stipulations or contracts, so make sure that you read over all of the information! Most people would be really happy to work with you on this. ^^

Quote:If I want to later create a character can I use this account (If I adopt a character before making this one)
Yep! We don't delete accounts, so you can use this one for a future character any time -- and you can also request that the account name be changed in the Maintenance Thread.

Quote:How do I go about creating a character from scratch?
The RP Guide has a character section that talks about character basics, appearance, and other factors if you need help brainstorming a character idea! You can also bounce ideas off others if you'd like; this Questions & Help forum is a good place to do that if you wanted some more guidance or had character-related questions!

Quote:What is graphic art used for on this site? And last but not least, how do you get art? Are there people willing to draw something for you? Or. how do you go about getting a picture of what your wolf looks like?
Many things! You can show off art in your profile, signature, avatar, or even within your posts if you use a posting template or "table." And I think Kite answered the art question really well! A lot of people would be willing to create something for you! ^^
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Hello, here to be helpful and welcome ^_^
Edit: Shadow posted XD. I'm Ariel, New Dawn's leader btw.

Do I have to join the roleplay right away? Once you get your joining application up and running, you have five days to make an In Character (IC) post on the forum. However, if you haven't submitted your joining application you have as much or as little time as you want.

How do I adopt a character? Once you pick a character that you want to adopt, you need to contact the person who put the character up for adoption. Sometimes players will have adoption contracts, so you'll have to discuss these terms with the player. When the player has agreed that you may adopt their character, you just need to create an account (or log into an already created account) and submit your joining application.

If I want to later create a character can I use this account (If I adopt a character before making this one) You may use your current account, provided that the account name is the name you want to give your character. If not, you'll need to make a new one or ask the 'Souls Assemblage to change the name of your account.

How do I go about creating a character from scratch? There are a few ways to do this. I suggest first thing you do is to figure out the characters basic character traits. Here are some links that may help:
Good traits
After the basic traits, you'll need to work on the character's background and appearance. Often times, background can shape a characters good and bad traits. If you need help, feel free to ask.

What is graphic art used for on this site? Each character has it's own avatar that is shown whenever you do a post. On top of that, you can add art of your character to their profile or wiki page to give other players an idea of what your character looks like. Although, I like to collect art of my characters just because I love them all and want to see them ^_^. We also create writing tables to make our paragraphs look a little nicer.

And last but not least, how do you get art? Are there people willing to draw something for you? Or. how do you go about getting a picture of what your wolf looks like? You can make your own art or you can ask people to make it for you. Here is a link to the request forum and the studio's and shops. Artists on the site love to give gifts as well and over time you'll find yourself accumulating art and tables for your character. As for finding a picture, google is probably your best friend. However, this does depend on what your character looks like. Often times, your not going to find a perfect representation of your character in pictures. However, there are free photo avatars provided by the SA. If you go to your user control panel, you'll find a tab labeled Profile. In that tab is a table where one of the options is Edit Avatar. At the bottom of the page are three options in yellow blocks. One is the display gallery where you will find plenty of pictures that you can use until you get personalized art.

I hope my explanations help.
[Image: FOkDzoN.png]
Avi by Nat Siggy by Miyu
Is there anyway that someone could help me create a character? I mean.. is that allowed or isn't it? Because taking some persons idea for a character doesn't seem right to me.. I always thought that a character is a part of you In a way, and if you play someone's character then its really.. odd.
Sometimes taking a character can be odd, but when adopting a character I think it is important to make the character your own as well. Sometimes characters are up for adoption, but are more of a blank slate. Some puppy characters are blank slates and don't have too much in the way of personality. All they have is the design and family.

As for helping you create a character, I still say try and figure out what kind of personality you would want to play. Do you want to play a shy character? One that is fun loving or one that loves to hurt others? Perhaps a cruel personality or a judgmental type. Would you prefer to have your character be valiant and heroic, or more of an every day man?

Also, 'souls offers a variety of character species. Do you want to play a canine or a creature? (I have a clouded leopard ^_^) If you want to play a canine should it be a coyote, dog, jackal, wolf, or mix?
[Image: FOkDzoN.png]
Avi by Nat Siggy by Miyu
I always have trouble getting my thoughts down onto the page.. that's why I really need help creating my own character from scratch
Like it has already been said, you need to figure out what kind of character you want to play because no one but you can decidecthat. I tend to start with an intetesting quirk or idea and build from there. Here are some character ideas that are free to use and to build off of. Another thing that hasn't been mentioned is that there are player made families and areas on the wiki that you can talk to the creators about to make a character from. I found those help as starting points. An area can give you a culture and help build how a character would behave and what species they are. Families sometimes have shared personality traits and species would be dictated as well but it also gives you people to RP with and there can be pre-planned plots and relations just to have family already onsite. I don't have a full page set up or anything but I have a bunch of Hallows that are little more than just names that you can take and pretty much do whatever with, granted those that Bastion knows and has met already have quirks added to them so doubt you would want those since you don't want to adopt. Uhm, Hug has a daughter that I was cintemplating adopting out or Ombre has an older sister that I hadn't planned on bringing to the board but there is that to and a reason for her leaving Tibet could be worked out. And now I will stop plugging my stuff. But sonetimes it helps to have someone to talk over any random ideas you might have for a character with in order to flesh them out. Or if that diesn't sound good then you can pay people to design a character for you, I've given Sie vague ideas all the time and she has created characters for me. Or look at the packs already around and start by choosing one and making a character that would fit with that pack.
I have a few ideas.. but its so hard to get my thoughts from my brain to the page.. I wish it wasn't so hard to get my thoughts from my brain to the page....
I know that feeling. It is why I just make notes of traits I want to include and build up from there. Ombre started with just sky burials and was built up from that. I'm still learning more about her as I play her. After all characters grow as you play them and they gain experiences.
I would like to thank you all for being so patient with me. I'm still new to creating my own character and such, so thank you for putting up with me!
Heh, not a problem. I know how you feel. I have trouble elaborating on my ideas. Plus I can't make up an appearance.
its weird.. I can picture her.. and how I want her to look but I cant like.. put it onto the page.. and it makes me sad :(
What I do is start with basic notes. What I did with Hug is picked out colors and decided what colors go where and so just did a color breakdown then worked out the rest from there. Ombre started as notes as well. With her I wanted ear tufts and cheek fluff with a queue since she was meant to pass off as a male and was from Tibet.
That is a great idea! I'll try that!
I hope it works out for you. I found to work out for mecto outline what I want in a character, doing just basics for each section and then building up from that. The outline helps me remember everything I want to include otherwise I forget things.
if you look on her profile, itll show the colors I chose. Perhaps you can tell me if they are okay or not.
I would tone the orange down a little bit -- maybe #c37858. :3 When you say "patches" as well -- if you mean like patchwork/spotted/etc., that would mean your character should include dog heritage. We're not superstrict on species and appearance matching, but there is this in the Rules:

Quote:Coat patterns should be a naturally occurring pattern for a given species, or otherwise explained (e.g., a brindle wolf-dog and a jackal with albinism are acceptable; a purebred wolf with brindle striping or a jackal who is simply white are not).

Wolves don't really have patchwork fur -- but some dog breeds do, so your character should be a wolf-dog hybrid. You can do something like 80% wolf, 20% dog if you'd like, it doesn't have to be 50/50. Keep asking questions if you have them, happy to help!

Thanks, also, Sylvey, for being so helpful. ;_; <3
I couldn't think of how to explain her fur pattern. Its a light tan, with the grey and orange spots all over.. like.. I cant explain it..
Kind of like this pattern? Most would probably just refer to that as a timberwolf pattern -- I've also seen "agouti" and "mottled" used before, but I think "timberwolf pattern" is the most specific, probably! Let me know if I misunderstood. 83
Yes like that pattern that you linked!!! I dont know how to describe that haha im sorry if i made it seem like it was patchy or something. Its like the one you posted but the spots are a little different
Hooray! Glad I helped. You can always use a wolf maker to create a pattern of your wolf, if that helps, too? o:
I'd be willing to color some pelt templates for you if you'd like to send me a PM explaining what you'd want. I've helped several people design upcoming characters and puppies; I'd do it for you free of charge :)
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Welcome Sie, I understand exactly how they feel. My characters start off as notes for ideas and when I can finally get focused then I expand on my notes.

And Nat is amazing, she did Ombre for me off of my notes. Ombre has a summer and winter coat so she actually did double the work. Of course I paid for the effort but still she did an awesome job off my scattered thoughts.
Thank you all so much for helping me! I am so glad this place is full of nice people/wolves :) I can't wait to get Shari all created so i can start roleplaying!
Of course, 'Souls is a very open and welcoming community. We don't mind helping out where we are able to. So if you have any questions then never be afraid to ask.
<img src="">
I'm so glad everyone is as kind as i had hoped they would be! If it isn't a bother.. I need help creating my character.. If its possible would anyone be willing to collaborate with me? Via tinychat perhaps? If that isn't to much.. I think better when i can actually hear the persons voice.. is that weird? :c

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