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[AW - Ev wants to help with the move]
It was a bustling AniWaya which Everly had returned to. There was movement everywhere, but the hustle and bustle, from what Ev had figured out so far, wasn't due to an especially prosperous year. Her lemony eyes weren't sure where to land when she first made her way through the borders atop her silver-black stallion. The horse seemed vaguely interested in what was going on, but Everly's attention was more forthcoming. It had been a long journey and, it seemed, it was not yet over. Though she had only just returned, the former Kunikoti had few of her own belongings and so had her hands free to assist others in moving things.

The Skyfall woman kept an eye out for familiar faces, a hopeful grin across her dark snout as she took a leisurely pace through familiar lands. She didn't know where to start with offering help; Ev disliked feeling uncertain, but her grin didn't waver. She observed the places she knew and felt them as if from a dream. It was thrilling to be here again – and unnerving. Luckily Everly was now practised in hiding her nerves. She bent down to give the stallion a pat on the neck, murmuring a few words to keep her features moving and conceal the wealth of memories surging into her mind.

Those memories shouldn't belong to Everly anymore. She was different now – stronger, smarter. And to keep moving had been her only goal, but now she was eager to see where she would settle. There seemed to be a vague direction in which things were moving so the woman dismounted and tried to follow the same path, nimble paws easily finding their way over the ground. As if she'd never left.

“Osiyo,” the Scout called out brightly as she led her horse in a circle, her yellow eyes still flitting around for some means of being useful. “Anyone need a hand? Or a horse?”

White paws clutched at a patchwork bear as Mino hung back from the majority of the people unsure of what to do or how she could help. It was a rather chaotic time for her to have joined just as the pack was moving. Some of the other wolves were sad and upset that they were having to leave their homes. She wanted to help them and make them happy again but she did not know how.

She sighed softly before looking up at the sound of hooves, ones she had not heard yet. The young luperci watched as another wolf entered, riding atop a stallion. Her eyes widened at the sight of the horse. His coat was really a lovely shade. She glanced over at the wolf again before slowly making her way over to the horse, trying not to be seen.

Upon reaching the horse Mino tilted her head to the side, reaching out a hand before quickly pulling it back. She didn't want to pet him without permission just in case he tried to bite her or something. She moved over to the female wolf and tugged on her elbow slightly. When she believed she might have her attention she held onto her bear with her mouth so that she could have both hands free and signed, Can I pet horse, please? She really did hope she could understand her. To put a little extra emphasis on the question she did the sign for pet once more, acting as if she was petting her hand and pointed to the horse.
The Skyfall woman felt a little lost in the business of the pack – not least because she had abandoned them all those months ago. It would be stupid to think that she could've prevented any of the ill which had affected AniWaya, but it was the not knowing which frustrated Ev. She was more confident now, more skilled, and it showed in the way she sat: her back straight as a pine, ears turned forward. Her eyes searched for anyone in need of assistance, but found only faces rushing past, clearly involved in their own packing and moving.

Everly didn't look down until the pale Luperci was almost directly below her. She grinned, releasing the reins – she didn't really need to hold them, anyway - to wave a hand. “Osiyo.” The girl, clutching her tattered bear and motioning towards the horse, had innocence about her. Everly instinctively softened her voice and posture, letting her tail wag lightly. “I'm Everly,” she offered cheerily.

Noticing the motions being made by the other female, Ev was glad that the petting motion was repeated, for it wasn't until then that she understood properly. “Yes! Sorry, yes. Yeah, go right ahead. He's a sedate fella,” the canary-eyed woman encouraged, smiling down at her younger packmate. “You can't talk?” she inquired, her tone gentle. “No worries!”

Everly looked down to the horse's withers and silvery mane, separating a couple of tangled strands with her fingers. The horse turned his head slightly. “This guy needs a name,” Everly ventured. She'd never really had something to name before. "You like horses?"

The young wolf smiled when Everly introduced herself, waving back to her in greeting. She smiled even more though when she was given permission to pet the horse, reaching out a hand to softly run it across his neck before running her fingers though his mane slightly. He was really a beautiful horse, one of the more beautiful ones she had actually seen.

Mino nodded her head slightly when the older pack mate asked if she could not talk, reaching up to touch her own throat, indicating there was something wrong there. She, rather excitedly, nodded her head after Everly asked if she liked horses. She loved horses, well, she loved most animals and generally had a way with them that others could not understand.

Realizing she had not introduced herself she kneeled down and used a finger to draw in a small patch of dirt. Not sure if the woman could read but hoping she could, she wrote out her name, Mino. Even Mino herself could not read or write most things but her name had been something she made a point of learning, just so she had a way of letting people know.

She pointed to the word on the ground and then herself before standing back up and once more beginning to give the horse some attention. It really was sad that the poor fellow did not have a name. Everyone should have a name of their own, even horses.
Everly couldn't prevent a twitch of her lips as she spoke (in a way) with the bear-clutching girl. Really, it was her interaction with the proud stallion which made the newly returned AniWayan more curious about her. It made little difference that she couldn't talk; Everly had been talked at by several entities – wolves and spirits – throughout her life, and could appreciate quieter personalities than there had been in her birth pack. The pale, violet-eyed female was gentle to Everly's steed, and that was all that really mattered, or was her business, although she nodded her comprehension when her packmate lifted a hand to her throat. Little came from Everly in the way of sympathy, but simply because she liked what she had seen of the girl so far, her lemon eyes softened.

The Skyfall scout had to lean over at a strange angle to read the name traced into the loose dirt. At first it looked like “Ouiw”, which probably wouldn't have been the strangest name Ev had come across, but after engaging her brain a little she could read the name as Mino. “Mino. Easier to pronounce than the upside-down version,” she commented with a smile.

Everly straightened up before all the blood could rush to her head, but still felt a little dizzy for a moment. The horse shifted uncertainly, his large eyes looking back to his rider before settling back onto Mino. He seemed perfectly content to stare at the girl. His muscular neck extended so he could attempt to nibble gently at the tattered bear Mino was clasping. “Excuse you!” Everly chided relatively gently. She could see that her new friend had a better hand with horses than she did. “Can you write all the letters?” Everly certainly couldn't, but before Mino could give an answer her focus was back to the horse.

“He likes you,” she announced brightly. “Mind you, he likes everyone. Perhaps you should name him?”

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The young wolf smiled when she said her name, laughing without sound when she said it was easier to pronounce then the upside down version. She supposed she should have written the other way so that Everly could have read it easier.

Briefly the girl nearly panicked when the horse tried to nibble at her bear. She calmed quickly though and continued petting the horse. She nodded her head at the questions. When her teacher taught her to sign the letters she had to also teach her to write them, so she would understand.

When Everly suggested she should name the horse, her eyes widened in wonder. She really could name him? She furrowed her brow in concentration as she tried to think of a name before looking at the horse once more. Maybe he knew his name? She closed her eyes and ran her hand over him once more. When in doubt she went with her instincts.

She opened her eyes and turned her back to Everly before leaning down and writing in the ground again. She wrote just one word. Knight. She did not know the horse’s personality as well as Everly, but maybe Knight would be a good name for him. A protector.

She smiled again before looking up at Everly and signed, Do you think that would be a good name? Or maybe another? She pointed the name and then to the horse, a questioning look on her face.

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A gentle puff of air left the as-yet-nameless horse's nostrils as Mino continued to pat him. It was a sound of contentment, one he rarely made for Everly, but the long-legged woman had no problem with her mount preferring the affections of someone else – as long as he did what she needed him to when it was required. This usually meant a good deal of ranging around neutral territories, helping Everly to get a lay of the land from the vantage point of the stallion's thick back.

Everly had let her grip on the horse slacken so he could properly enjoy the attention the younger Luperci was raining down upon him. A crooked grin was still present on Everly's maw, a spark of appreciation in her eyes for the girl who had a softness the Scout no longer believed she had. She was very much a mistress to the stallion, rather than a friend. Everyone could use a friend, though, and maybe Mino could be his.

“Knight,” she muttered, noting the questioning look in Mino's eyes and chewing on her lip as if in indecision. It was merely a ruse, though, and the broad smirk split her face in two again. “I like it,” she approved, “he's a solid fella, noble looking. I'm sure he'd be proud to own a name like Knight.” Everly shifted slightly, straightening her back and rolling her neck. “Been up here a long time,” she explained, cracking another grin.

The tall, sepia pointed wolf leaned down, peering at Mino. “I hear we're moving – the tribe, that is. You checked the new place out yet?”
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The young wolf smiled when the horse seemed content. He really was a beautiful horse and she did not mind giving him some attention. She looked at Everly once more when as the other considered the name. When she agreed to it Mino bounced a little with joy. Knight was a wonderful name. And now it was his.

She ran her hand down the length oh Knight’s nose before looking to Everly again when she speaks. She stop’s petting the stallion for a moment to sign, shaking her head for emphasis. I have not yet.

She stopped petting Knight for a moment, once more clutching at her bear. She was actually a little afraid of the move. She did not have any ties here really. But what if her brother tried to find her here. This was the closest pack to where they were separated. What if he tried to find her and she was gone? What if she never saw him again?

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Watching the girl bounce with happiness over the simple act of naming a horse made Ev feel oddly disconnected from the world; when had she last shown pleasure in such a simple thing herself? When had she last found pleasure in anything straightforward? Probably back when she was a youngster herself, fresh and innocent to the world's woes – and without many woes of her own. Now she had a dead-or-missing family and nobody close to her. Still, the tall scout smiled at Mino, her own head bobbing as the girl bounced. Knight gave a nicker of contentment and Everly, for a brief moment, regretted not being more affectionate to the horse.

“You wanna come see it?” Everly asked lightly, stretching her arms up and out as if in preparation to rise. She stayed seated, though, and simply cocked her head to the side. She didn't think she'd mind Mino's company and she was certain that Knight would appreciate it. “Help me get Knight settled there, maybe?” It wasn't an offer which would have tempted Everly as a juvenile – far too ordinary for the wannabe warrior in her – but Mino seemed like a different type, and arguably a better one.


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