[P] A Familar Face
Nadia - [near the Waste ]
The recently ranked Epsilon dared to step his paws out of New Dawn, yet again. The more he did it, the more he felt like a criminal and yet he couldn’t stop. His last journey had gotten him face to face with an abused and dying she-wolf from a neighboring pack. The brown male couldn’t get the kindness that Nadia had shown him out of his mind, and like her, couldn’t leave a wolf like that without even trying to help. Then he’d saw his old friend Hug on his way home, which had been a complete surprise but the younger male welcomed the encounter. Once home, he and his packmates had made a successful elk kill on their second try. Life was going pretty good for the former loner and yet he didn’t feel content.

So he found himself wondering farther south than he usually ever cares to go. Realizing this, the cocoa pelted wolf paused and started to turn back. That’s when he heard a call ringing out maybe just a few miles further south. It was an invitational call for anyone to accept, but the chocolate colored canine had no interest answering it, at least right now. He was suspicious but mostly curious as he now started to the south again as the sun was starting its evening desent.

Really this was probably no concern for him, since this was going on far from New Dawn, but while he was here is was worth the investigation. The wolf did his best to keep his heavy frame from making a lot of noise in the frozen earth, but even though he was usually pretty light on his feet, the snow was difficult to move on silently. He started to bound a couple of strides and pause to listen and sniff the air before bounded a few more steps. The young wolf circled around the area which he thought he heard it imitate from, but then a familiar scent was inhaled into these sensitive nostrils. “Nadia?” he barked questioningly.
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The encounter with the source of the signs and calls went on longer than the earthy female would have hoped. The information was still fresh in her head as she began to make her way carefully past the rocky slopes into the long grasses. The sun was setting rapidly, which meant soon she'd be traveling under the dark skies. Nothing she wasn't horribly against, but she was certain to make haste to get out of this unfamiliar patch of rough terrain before such happened. Her sight at night was as good as any wolf's, but that didn't mean she wanted to chance moving around up in this part only to stumble and fall. Besides, if others more....vile had heard the call yet, some may be lurking around. She wasn't up for a brawl, obviously.

The sun was much lower in the sky when she was lower down in the grasses, the dark outline of a sparse forest in sight. She slowed herself a bit to a more comfortable traveling pace. There was little point in racing the sun when it already had such a head start on her. Already, some early stars were shining in the darker sky overhead, though the golden orb of light still poked out a bit over the horizon. She had made it along a patch that was flatter and more familiar to her to travel through in the night. Her rushing finished for the time being, she began to think back on her conversation, and the information she'd gotten...

She hadn't thought too heavily on it when a bark broke the silence, her name a question in the coming night. Earthy ears stood alert as her head swiveled to find the source. In the dimming light of dusk, she could make out a darker pelt of earth, with the splashes of dull cream, a unique facial marking on his forehead unique to a wolf. Recognition flashed across her face. Why, wasn't that Vidar, the male she'd found washed ashore? He wasn't far from her, heading in the direction she'd just came. She turned around, curiosity evident in her posture. "Vidar?" Much the same, she couldn't help but question. He was really down here too? Why, what had brought him here? Did he ever find his way back?

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She had questioned him as well, but that would makes sense since after all she wouldn’t have known him by smell but sight alone. Vidar couldn’t be sure of what he smelled like, but he supposed whenever he did stay around New Dawn, that he did share their musky, mossy, and earthy scent that one obtained from the communal den. He really wasn’t sure how to describe her scent but it was just as unique as her dorsal striped body and her dark shaded legs. The earthy coated male wasn’t sure what to make of her appearance and what she was doing here. He honestly hadn’t thought that he’d come across the she wolf so soon. The weeks since their first visit didn’t seem so long ago, but so much had changed still even in that time.

“What’s going on?” Is all that he could think to ask the lighter wolfess in a still questioning tone. Again he really had no business here and if she asked, he really would have no good reason to give her. For a moment the New Dawn maiden of his dreams came to mind – well she was usually in his thoughts more and more often now days. In his encounter with his friend Hug, he had managed to get some advice about she wolves from his older friend. A feminine perspective would be nice, but then again it would be a bit awkward asking someone he’d hardly known.

The landscape was becoming engulfed by the night. Only water held some fear over the male. He could see decently at night, though the only horrific accident that nearly took place in the cover of darkness was the time he fought with a coyote hybrid on a cliff side. Vidar had underestimated the abilities of the other male but never again would he again. Needless to say that meeting almost ended with one of them over the cliff and splattered like an omelet on the rocky floor bellow. He stepped closer so that he could see her better and his thick fluffy tail in greeting. He was about to ask her something but she seemed like she might have some questions for him so he kept his mouth shut for now.
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The approaching night was never a bother to Nadia. Despite her habitual rising with the sun, she enjoyed the darkness of the sky, the stars and moon above. Within the cooler lights that shone silver, she found comfort and peace. She had loved the stars and night as a child, something that had never really gone away. She would love to learn more about them, navigation and study alike, as she really only knew sparse knowledge about following the brightest one to find north, small things like that. She'd yet to find someone with such a skill, though.

What's going on? A strange question to ask. Then again, what else could the other think to ask? He had likely not expected her presence. Nor had she expected his... Had he too heard the howling, or was he simply down here for his own sake of exploration? The former seemed much more likely, especially since it sounded like the exhausted female had released another invitation into the air as she left. She shoved her many questions aside for the moment to answer his one. "Well, uh, I've heard the howls of some canine around this area for a while, so I had gone to see what she was up to..." She explained as she returned a friendly greeting, her tail waving ever so slightly in a relaxed position behind her. She left out the part about how she was on her way home. After all, it'd been a few weeks, and she was wondering if he ever made it back.

"So, uh, how have you been? Did you find your way back to your pack?" The questions quickly flowed from her mouth, her head tilting a bit to the side as golden eyes shone inquisitively. She had to know, partially because she wasn't sure why he was in the area. He came from the north, but maybe his home wasn't as far away as she'd thought? There was also the worry that maybe he didn't find his way back yet, which she would feel bad for, because maybe that meant her directions were bad.

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Her confession about investigating the howls, he noticed, seemed to come a little hesitantly. It made him wonder if perhaps there was something about the call that had her worried but he wasn’t going to pry. “I heard the howl too,” he said at last, continuing with, “I just happened to be in the area…” Nadia’s posture seemed relaxed though, so perhaps there was nothing bothering her after all. Vidar smiled absently for a moment before looking back at her when she asked him about if he had made it home.

“Oh yes – I’ve been more than well,” he answered but couldn’t help but boast proudly, “When I got back I was ranked up from a subordinate to an Epsilon – which surprised me but hey not like I’m complaining…uhhh…oh! I caught my first elk with my packmates!” Perhaps it wasn’t right to share that kind of information, but maybe she would see that rescuing him had given him a chance to excel at home. Not like that could repay her but maybe it was something that she’d be happy to hear. “How 'bout you?” he asked politely actually somewhat curious to what her life was like. Besides being a loner, the brown male knew no other life outside of New Dawn, but he knew that some of the packs were much different than his.

The burning question in his mind came forth to the forefront of his mind again. He had talked to Hug about Veyra since he was like his only really good friend. Nadia seemed friendly enough, maybe he did not know her too well, but she wasn’t a pack mate and she wouldn’t know who he was talking about. “Can I ask you a question?” he asked her finally his voice lowered and tentative. His heart rate increased and his paws felt a little sweaty. Was he really going to ask an outsider about relationship advice?
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She had not meant to come off as hesitant when answering his question, but truth was, she was bothered by the howl and the information she'd gotten from the female. This "gang" business certainly didn't sound like nothing good, and it even more worrisome that the attempts were so close to home. Maybe she was looking too into it, maybe she was too distrustful. Yet, she didn't wish to see another event like the pirate attacks happen again any time soon, especially not to her pack. The information was still weighing on her mind, but it was shoved aside by the distraction of company. For the moment, she would revel in it instead of her discovery.

Her silent questions about why he was there were answered- he too was in the area, having heard the howls. Which brought forth her own concerns once more on whether he had yet to find his way home or not. He didn't seem distressed though, much like how she remained relaxed, if that was anything to judge by. In fact, there was even a small, albeit absent, smile, so things couldn't be too bad for him at the moment, right?

Nadia was quite pleased to hear that Vidar had made it home, which brought a smile to her face. She figured safely too, as she didn't see any healing injuries on his person. The added information that once he returned home, such good things happened to him, including rising in rank and being a part of his first hunt with his pack, only made it grow. Though, she wondered what an Epsilon was. She was ecstatic for him, that these good things came his way after what had to have been a most unpleasant experience being washed ashore. "That's great! Glad to see that good things have come your way," She responded, still smiling.

When the question was returned to her, she didn't hold back. After all, he was open enough to share his good news with her, it wouldn't hurt her to do the same. He hadn't seem like a threat before, and he didn't seem much like one now. Besides, it wasn't like she was giving away anything strategic or worthwhile information. "Things have been going well for me too. I also recently moved up in rank at home, from our subordinate rank to being a full-fledged member," She shared, a bit prideful herself, but not quite a boast. It had been a hard-earned rank, even if she had lost the spar that made the ceremony what it was. She'd done well, she had proven her worth, and only hoped to continue to.

Her smile faded a bit and was replaced with intense curiosity with his next question. Something to ask her, huh? She could only wonder just what. He seemed nervous... Why? "Uh, sure, anything. What is it?" Nadia responded. What could it be that he wanted to know?

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He was pleased to see that she seemed contented with his well being and latest success. Normally he wasn’t the bragging type but even someone modest needed their moment to shine. And it wasn’t like he really cared what Nadia thought of him. He probably wouldn’t travel back this far south for a long time so if she though he was an obnoxious idiot who had a big head – well it wouldn’t affect him any. Although part of him deep down did kind of care, probably because he wanted to make good impressions especially after having a known history of making bad impressions. But even she gave a amiable tail wag.

Vidar was genuinely happy for his non-packmate acquaintance, though he noted that her pack seemed much harsher than his own. One wasn’t a fully fledged member automatically? His eye’s use to always be cold and guarded, but recently his eyes were less clouded now that he had a new direction and that hardness was replaced with constant curiosity, like they were now. His highlighted brows rose as he said, “That’s good to hear. Congratulations. I’m sure you deserved it.” His chocolate haunches lowered into a sit now. It was getting later by the moment but he was no longer concerned about the time or hurrying back.

And regarding asking an outsider about advice – yep, he was really doing it. As one would expect, the other’s face turned more serious and interested in what he could possibly ask her. The young male took a deep breath before starting, “Well….you’re a girl and all” – of course she’s a girl, what a stupid comment! “I- I mean…well, what kind of things do you find attractive in a male?” He injured at last the silence was heavy for a few moments before realizing that he could sound like he was hitting on her so he scampered promptly, “Uh- like I ask because there is a she-wolf that I sort of like back at home…” he finished, feeling a bit awkward and sorry to even bring it up.
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Casa do Cavilieri wasn't necessarily a harsh place, rather one that liked to make sure its members were loyal. Prova were technically considered subordinates not quite a part of the pack, but were never treated as a secondary member. No, for the most part, the pack was very accepting and welcoming towards new members. That had led to their recent betrayals, of course, which only now made members more wary of strangers. As a Prova, Nadia felt pleased to say she was a part of the pack, even if not quite fully one of them until recently.

Golden eyes watched as the darker male shifted to a sitting position. Brown ears listened intently as he stumbled over the words as he tried to find the way to phrase his odd question. A girl? Why, yes, she was most certain she was one of those! He was obviously aware of that, he hurried on. Wait, what? What did she find attractive in a male? Her brows raised, surprised. Um...what? How should she even...? Before she could really ask what he meant by the question, and why he was asking her, he explained that there was another at home he was interested in. Ah....So....He was asking her, someone he barely knew...For advice to pick up another female?...She wasn't really sure how to feel or what to think about that. It was all...odd.

Nadia hadn't really been in any relationships with anyone. Her closest relationship with a male that wasn't related to her was Clodoveo, which had been platonic on her side, and didn't necessarily end on a high note. Did she ever really consider finding a male, an ideal one at that? She mulled over this, slowly moving into her own sitting position. What did she find "attractive" in a male? "Uh...Well... I.... Well, I never put much thought into it before... But, well, I would find an "attractive" male someone who...well, knows what he's doing. Like, he could hunt and fight, maybe some other good and interesting skills, things that help with surviving and getting by. Someone who isn't arrogant nor ignorant, someone who can be diligent when needed, but able to really enjoy himself when there's time to. Oh, and loyal! Definitely loyal... Not too picky on superficial things, the whole appearance thing doesn't matter much. Um...I'm sorry, does that help at all?" Se cut off from her rambling to look sheepishly at Vidar. She hadn't really put much thought into it, but what she said were things she'd want in someone. Se couldn't really say if other females really thought in the same way.

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Vidar really wasn’t aware of homosexual wolves. He’d led a very sheltered life in his birth pack and never thought that perhaps that there were females that didn’t find males attractive at all and that instead would take other females as mates. New Dawn kept to the primitive ways and even there he never met anyone that wasn’t straight. Had he known, he would have been doubling checking to make sure that she was heterosexual, but he didn’t know so he didn’t worry about that. He simply sat there like an unblinking zombie, watching her like a hawk, waiting for anything that she could say.

It was obvious that the question had her stumped because her golden eyes were dull and lost in thought for a moment. He regretted even asking her now. This was completely the worst idea he could even possibly think of doing in the whole world. Yet he still waited absorbedly: the silence nearly causing his ears to ring. Had he not cared about the maiden that was stealing his heart, Vidar wouldn’t even put himself for this torture. The young male’s mind thought about what he liked about Veyra. She was pretty for one thing – maturing to be a beautiful she-wolf. Not only that but she was really tough and excelled in hunting and fighting. She was also and Epsilon, a rank that did not come easy to females and usually reserved for the more elite males. The more he thought about her, the more it felt less horrible- she was worth it.

When she finally formed her answer and put it together, his focus came back to her. So what’s she saying is that confidence is key; alright. Unsurprisingly she mentioned a skilled hunter and warrior both co-ranks Vidar was on the path to becoming. But other interesting skills? What the heck could that mean? What more to life was there besides hunting and fighting? Oh – eating! Vidar was very good at eating if that was a trait that a female found desirable then he was on it dog gone it! The next thing she mentioned was a guy that was level headed but not uninformed. He could work on that….Someone who was serious but could have fun, gosh the list was getting much longer than he thought. Did females really expect males to be super-canines? Loyalty was fair enough, loyalty was everywhere in a wolf’s life between the loyalty of a pack and loyalty to packmates and allies. But what really surprised him what that she said that they didn’t look at looks really. Could that be true? At the moment to him a female at least had to be descent looking but the prettier the better.

The young male was so absorbed in the words she said that he no longer felt awkward about the conversation. “No, that actually helps a lot! Thanks…. I really like her, but I don’t know how to tell her. Do you have any suggestions?” He asked a new question. The thought never crossed his mind that maybe not all females had the same criteria in a future mate. He was too naïve and hopeful to put too much thought into it at the moment. Right now he felt like he was given one of the top secrets of the world.
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(OOC: xD it is. I'm loving this. Nadia's just like: I have no idea what I'm saying! Wall ahead!)

Nadia herself, having lived the majority of her life on her own in a rather traditional and primal setting, was also unaware of canines who were attracted to the same-sex. The idea had never really appeared in her mind that such happened. She certainly didn't feel an attraction to other females, though that also didn't mean all females were like her. To her knowledge, there wasn't much possibility of homosexuality amongst the pack mates. Then again, Nadia only knew a handful of the members.

The focus on her, mainly the unblinking, hawk-like gaze, was a bit unnerving and had managed to further cause the earthy female to trip over her own response. It was definitely awkward and embarrassing, for both of them. Nadia never had such girly conversations about crushes and love over males with another female. Se never had a sister nor a close female friend to gossip with, she'd only grown up around her brothers and her mother.... Talking about guys to her own mother certainly came off as something just as awkward as a conversation with a stranger, if not more so in her eyes. She had absolutely no idea if any of this really applied to any other female. It felt like what worked for her, but she was a female raised under a certain lifestyle, where survival and health were more valuable than looks.

Nadia observed Vidar's reaction to what she told him. He was certainly thinking it over, did he really have faith in her own advice? What was he thinking, about it all? A smaller question echoed in her mind, and she wondered just what males looked for in females. Not that she really had any males to impress back home, though maybe it'd be something nice to know if she ever did come across someone... She wasn't as confident in asking Vidar the same, though, so she kept silent, waiting to see what else he had to say, to ask.

His face seemed hopeful, pleased by her answer, and he didn't look the least bit bothered anymore by this conversation. She, however, wasn't so sure how to feel about it. Was she being used here? Was it odd that she was just giving him advice that he could try to use on another female? She didn't know if this was something to really take offense to or not, it was all just kind of confusing to her. He quickly fired his next question, assuring her that her advice was of use. Which was surprising to her, she didn't think all of this could possibly be this simple. Then again, were either of them sure of anything about this? Her mind quickly went to work on his next issue, telling her how he felt... Oh...Well, how would she like it done?

Well...If a guy really cared about her, shouldn't he be brave enough to make it known? He needed to have confidence in his feelings, as he would have in any other skill he excelled in! Yet, should he be blunt with it, or was it better to skirt around the issue a bit before revealing the truth? After all, it didn't seem as lovely for a male to walk up to a female and announce how he wanted to have sex with her, as opposed to saying he loved her dearly and wanted to raise a family with her. Now, how to explain that to Vidar? She looked back to him, a bit more confident and less uncomfortable by the topic as she crafted her response.

"Well...Honestly, a male shouldn't be afraid to approach a female and tell her how he feels...But he needs to do it respectfully, I think. Like, you need to let her know how much you care, but you can't push too hard about it...If she seems uncomfortable, that might be an indicator to back off a bit on the subject. Don't spend too much time beating around the bushes, though. Is a waste of words, and she might think you're too uncertain about these feelings. Does....That make sense?" She explained, ending with an uncertain question. Was there more he needed to know about this love stuff?

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Vidar’s intentions never were to use Nadia, though he probably was beginning to cross the line. She was getting nothing from this exchange, while he felt that he was getting a wealth of knowledge. He could have probably asked Hartt about this stuff since every conversation they’d ever had was nothing but embarrassment from her heat to her pregnancy. And he couldn’t ask any of the New Dawn girls, they would surely get word out before he had the chance to talk to her. Besides Zalen and his inner circle cronies, Vidar didn’t have anyone there to ask either.

Quite honestly the male wasn’t sure why he was bothering pursuing a female in the first place. The creamy undertone coffee wolf didn’t feel responsible enough to care for his own family and pups, the idea was terrifying. But the thought of Veyra accepting his proposal, and then eventually starting a family, that was a little less scary. However as he gets to know Zalen better, he would see it as their duty to the pack to produce pups as soon as possible. The young male would actually be happy to have her had his side for the rest of their lives, but surely the pups could wait? Oh well, perhaps he should take it one step at a time. He hasn’t even talked to her yet about this stuff and he’s already trying to figure out how to convince Zalen that they should wait to have pups. Vidar was a work and had a lot of learning to do.

Still he had that interbred natural pull to find that special someone, and he was certain that that special someone for him was Veyra. They seemed to get along well and she trusted him enough to vent out her worries. Though he was an exiled prince, he was a prince nonetheless, even if he never claimed the title publicly. And not to mention she was gorgeous and had all the curves in the right places – not that it matter a whole lot, but it was a bonus. There wasn’t much that he could say that he didn’t like about the she-wolf and the more he got to know her over the past couple of months the more fond of her he was becoming. Her strength and dominance for a female was also admirable. If only she could share some of the same feelings. She seemed keen enough to trust him like a close friend, what was wrong with being closer than friends?

He turned back to Nadia again, her face looked a little less tense than before and she was thinking about his last question. His eyes stayed on her a moment too long before he shifted his gaze to the starlit skies. Nadia was pretty and likeable she-wolf herself, but he didn’t think anymore about that. The wolfess before him was from another pack, there was no possibility to be more than friends in his mind. Veyra was the one and only girl he had room for in his life. If loyalty was what girls wanted then that was what Veyra was going to have. Rich, dark ears twitched when she started talking again.

It made sense based on what she said prior. The male needed confidence which meant he wasn’t shy of sharing his feelings. Though the part about not pushing her too hard started to confuse him. Surely once a guy started a pursuit he had to give it his all to show her that she’s worth the effort? Otherwise if he gave up too easily he’d be saying she wasn’t significant enough for even attempting more. But then again he didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable either…. Gosh this romance stuff was hard. He was feeling a mixed feeling between exhaustion and excitement from the topic.

“It does. It does make more sense. You have been very helpful. I feel much more confident now that I have some idea of what I should do,” Vidar responded instantly. Yes he was going to work up the courage to tell the New Dawn princess soon. “Thank you so much you are like a life savior –again” as soon as Vidar said that he realized that now he felt even more indebt to this she wolf yet again. His light blue eyes lit up even in the darkness, “How could I ever repay you for your constant kindness?” he asked quietly with all seriousness. Surely there had to be a way to prove his gratitude.
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(OOC: As am I, especially to see the reactions of the gals. XD I'm gonna have to follow this closely to see.)

The yearning, the ingrained need to find a mate and reproduce, was shoved aside in the earthy female's mind. She was too absorbed in getting into pack life, maintaining a drive to advance herself in rank, become somebody. Yet, she wasn't getting any younger. Her third birthday was slowly creeping up on her, she would soon be in her absolute prime. Eventually, the need to start a family would kick into high gear, and she would put more effort into finding that male. Nature stated it would be best to find a lifelong partner, after all. She had been a product that defied that calling, but she wouldn't do the same to any pups of her. Of course, for now, this was of little concern in her mind.

If she was interested in any males, she wouldn't be hesitant to admit that Vidar was a decent looking option. He seemed strong, though there seemed to be a slight bit of youth hidden in there. He moved up in rank, there was a nice chance that he was a skilled and loyal male. A streak of bad luck perhaps lingered with him, but a decent choice. Unfortunately, there was the fact that they came from two different packs, two that were quite far apart, at that. There was little chance that they could get together, so he wasn't much of an option. There were other capable males in Casa that she could always turn to if she became interested in finding a mate.

Romance, in Nadia's eyes, was bound to be tricky. There was a lot to read into, in terms of a potential partner. One needed to get to know the other, find out likes and dislikes and the best way to approach....Being one who had grown up with limited social interaction, it seemed like a lot of complicated work. Maybe that was why she was also hesitant. She wasn't sure how to react to advances, to figure out the feelings, the connection that could form. Friends were much easier, less complicated, less to worry about. Aqua intended and pack mates were even more so. Such simplicity took care of any loneliness that she used to feel, giving her a nice balance in life. Yet, was there something more that came with the possibility of romance that she was just missing?

As soon as she finished, Vidar was quick to respond that her explanation made sense, and she had been helpful. A bit of a smile came to her face. Well, despite how strange this had been, she was glad to know she'd been of help again. Boy, did he believe it. A life savior, for just giving information? Just like the leading to water, she didn't feel that there wasn't anything to it. So, when he asked for some method of repayment, the earthy female shook her head. "Oh, you don't need to repay me for anything. I'm glad to have been able to help," She replied. A more insidious wolf may have pushed for some information to use for later, but Nadia wasn't quite like that. Oh, she wanted to scout, but she wasn't quite a spy.

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OCC: Me too. Also feel like I'm getting more intouch with his character through this plot. It makes me happy to understand him better.

Light cobalt eyes searched amber eyes, but she seemed whole-heartily serious. It made him think about the Vinatta wolfess, Aspen. He’d helped her and never would expect anything in return from her so perhaps that’s how it was with Nadia. The lighter she-wolf was certainly was an interesting canine, he couldn’t deny that. Her smiled caused him to grin back for a moment and his tail swung for a following second; two things he rarely did but through his growing friendships, found himself doing more and more often now, still it took a lot to get those kind of gestures from him.

“You’re a tough nut to crack,” he commented lightheartedly with amusement in his orbs, in reference to her seemingly stubborn modesty. The female actually seemed straightforward and easy to please but he couldn’t push back the feeling of being in debt. Vidar silently vowed to make it up the she-wolf one day, though he didn’t know how or when. The likeliness of him seeing the she-wolf soon was probably slim, but at least that gave him a chance to think a little more.

“Well, it is getting pretty late…,” the male pointed out as he looked at the high moon. He had a very long walk to embark on and probably wouldn’t get back home till later in the night tomorrow or possibly even the next day. Vidar didn’t really want to end the conversation quite like this but at least they both seemed less anxious about the topic and he couldn’t say that he regretted asking her about it anymore, so perhaps it was a fitting time to end this meeting. For being a wintery night, the weather wasn’t too terrible and was actually a perfect time to be out since the wind was virtually still.
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The night was growing later, and her window to head home tonight was closing. She wasn't quite certain if she would return home right away, herself. No, she could use a bit of time to think, both on the information she'd gathered, and on other things....This interaction included. She could keep herself busy, and maybe return home with things of use to her pack, so it wouldn't be like she was laying about or anything.

His grin and wagging tail brightened her own smile, and even she wagged her own tail. She didn't have this kind of interaction enough, some time where she could feel so relaxed and happy. Especially since the betrayals at home. No, since then, the earthy female had kept herself on alert, constantly busy with training and quick border checks, anything that her pack or herself could benefit from. It didn't hurt to have such brief, enjoyable times with others, though. It may have seemed odd, though, that she enjoyed herself so freely with a male she scarcely knew, only having talked to twice in her life, someone who could have been dangerous. Except, in the two times in which she'd met and talk to Vidar, she felt that he was someone who could be a friend.

Nadia couldn't help but laugh a bit at his comment, amusement evident on her face, shining brightly in her golden gaze. She certainly was, when she put herself to it, though was not told so often. Then again, her stubbornness was the thing that pushed her to constantly work instead of make friends. "I bet, though I'll have you know that you're the first to really see that," She responded in amusement. Why was it easier to joke with a male she wouldn't likely see again anytime soon than it was with a pack mate?

Her mirth faded a bit as the realization on how late it was came into mind again. She lifted her head to gaze up at the moon, the multitude of stars now scattered across the night sky. She nodded her head, with a small hum. "Yea, it sure is..." She agreed. Yet, she didn't quite want to leave yet, but knew she would have to soon. They had places to be, homes to return to, responsibilities that surely needed to be attended to. This had been an enjoyable evening after the events of the day, but she would have to return to the other aspects of her life at some point.

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Prior to his exile, Vidar had actually been a bubbly fun loving young pup. The world had been his playground and he only saw the good in life. So one could imagine what a shock of not only his father’s death but his entire pack’s betrayal, would have been to the Just-us prince. After that, he was thrust into a cruel world where he had teach himself not only how to hunt effectively, but survive alone. Solitude was something that the pup developed a liking to since he was so weary of others after such hurt, but that life wasn’t easy either. For so long he had put on a cold exterior to protect himself, and he was only now seeing it disappear. That worried him some. He didn’t want to open himself to that kind of betrayal or anguish again, but how could one move on in life? That’s what was happening. He’d been too hesitant to live life to the fullest, but now thanks to his acceptance by Zalen and others, he was returning to his old self, even if that pup could never fully return after all the events of his life.

Nonetheless this careless bliss, could only last for so long. Even if Vidar didn’t see it yet, he was in for a life that would be one trial after another, for once though he wasn’t worried about those things though. At least with Nadia and his other Non-New Dawner friends, nothing he did was to needed to impress them like he had to impress his packmates. He didn’t have to frit about ranks and all of that with them, because they were all pretty much equals in neutral territories. And it seemed that linebacked wolfess before him shared some of the similar feelings since she herself seemed amused.

Her comment came to him as a surprise. Perhaps they had more things in common that he could have ever imagined. He often imagined himself being one of the rare and unlucky few that constantly struggle to fit in to his pack and make them see that he is worthy of their ranks, and yet before him seemed to be another that was not as understood by her packmates at she should be. Then again he didn’t know how long she’d been in the Casa ranks, maybe she was newer than he was.

The both seemed hesitant but it was really necessary that he left now. He wasn’t even sure if he still felt like investigating the howling he’d heard earlier. No matter what the brown wolf’s intentions were, life always seemed to have other ideas. “Well it was a pleasure to see you again. Take care,” Vidar spoke at last. He nodded his head politely and started off the way he had came. The young male didn’t see a need to thank her again for the advice since even thanking her at all seemed to be difficult.
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