[P] The guilt won't leave my circulation
P - Colibri
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It had been only a day since alcohol had fanned the flames between Ascher and Fiora, resulting in something he'd wager neither timid Eljun had expected. Confusion and guilt had caused him to flee – to run, like he always did. Ascher had been cowardly and after a night of pacing, ignoring even Thof's concerned queries, it was time to stand tall and do something brave. He would be no warrior joining a battle to save lives, but perhaps he could salvage some peace of mind at the very least. The youngest Stormbringer brother had experienced terrible luck in love so far, and he was deathly afraid that he might have pushed the potential for it away when it had finally come to him, but he was resolved to do things properly – like the gentleman he hadn't been, and should have, the night before. Leaving Bel and Orvar in safe hands, Ascher swung open the door to his home.

The chill of the air barely hit the lean man as he stepped into the outside world, blinking and bleary-eyed. It took the Eljun Rikr a moment to work out why he could feel cold and moisture seeping through his coppery fur and down to his skin, but when his eyes focused he could make out the delicate flakes drifting down from purplish skies above. They were so perfectly formed and fragile that for a few seconds the male didn't want to move from the spot outside his door. Once his feet were moving, though, he slipped into a brisk gait, his tired eyes alert and his inky nose sniffing, his tail held between his knees – and in his hand, a bundle of fennel to aid the new mother's milk supply, should she need it.

Ascher headed the same way he had dozens of times since the birth of his children – along and around to where Niernan and Colibri resided. His heart thumped so loudly he thought it might betray his presence as he lingered before the door, fist raised. It was a sudden gust of wind which thrust the Eljun forward with his heart almost soaring out of the spot it had been residing – in his mouth. His ears lay flat, his eyes downcast as he tried to right himself before he fell into the house altogether. “C-Colibri?” he called softly, as he had once before. Only this time Ascher wasn't numb with shock – he was feeling all too much, and he needed to let Colibri know.

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The icy wind rattled the outside of their home, though thankfully the earthen dwelling was insulated against most drafts. It was much warmer than her former hill-house, and during her waking hours Colibri spared concern for her eldest daughter who lived there now. At that exact moment, however, Colibri dozed lightly with her nose tucked into the fluff of her bobtail, and her concerns far away. Her Lupus form was the most comfortable way for her to handle her litter of three, as it had been with her previous brood.

Russano and Ninian were pressed against her stomach, their warm bodies rising and falling with their snores. Fionna had wandered off in pursuit of a cat, which in their household was the easiest way to tire out the Stormbringer pups so they would return to napping. It was too cold to send them outside (in her opinion, anyway). Their little toes would get frostbitten, or they would fall ill from the howling wind. Somewhere in the recesses of her mind she knew that arctic wolves were made of hardier stock than that, but it did not ease her protectiveness. Her wolfdogs had been several months old before their first winter. Her wolves were not yet ready. The infants were outgrowing the need for constant rest, though Coli herself still needed it, and slept more than they did.

The deep exhaustion had never left her. She recovered slowly from anemia, though she still woke at the sound of her name. The small wolf raised her head, ears perking in the direction of the front door. "Come on in, Ascher," she called drowsily. The timbre of his voice suggested something more serious than wanting a babysitter for Orvar and Bel, and it worried her. She worried about everything, of course, but her anxious mind immediately jumped to terrible conclusions about puppy diseases, kidnappings, and Nomads demanding the return of their kin. Coli drew a deep breath to steady her nerves, and exhaled slowly as she rose to her paws. She would know what the trouble was momentarily, so she should not work herself up into a panic. Her legs wobbled unsteadily, but held firm enough, and she stretched to try and ease the tension out of her neck and back. Ninian and Russano remained asleep, and out of habit, she nosed them to make sure they were still responsive. They grunted at the intrusion, rolled over, and sank back into sleep.

Coli yawned as she padded toward the warmth of the fireplace, knowing Ascher would likely sit at the nearby table. On the way she spotted Fionna, the pudgy ball of fur having passed out on the floor. Dutifully she scooped her daughter up in her jaws and carried her back to her siblings before returning. She was glad to have Ascher around, all worries aside. He was good company, and she felt much closer to him since aiding him in his new fatherhood. She had been shocked to see poor Bel with her crooked tail, but other than that accident with the horse, Coli thought Asch had really stepped up to the role and kept his little ones safe. (She disliked that horse even more now – it was the same stallion who frightened Fiora into her first shift much too early. Stupid brute.) Honestly, Asch was a better parent than she had been the first time around. Perhaps all those books he read really did teach him what to do. The weary wolf settled on her belly and yawned again, waiting patiently for her Eljun friend.

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