[RO] [M] By Your Hand Only
Lillith receives the Hand of Eris
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And I don't wanna be alone forever

But I can be tonight

One thing that Lillith both revered and despised about Salsola was its secrets. Every single member held their own secrets, she included, and there was nearly a camaraderie in knowing that one could never really know another, just as other could never really know her, unless she wanted them to. But Lil had done just that, and let Isabella know whatever she wanted about her, revealing all her secrets and faults, and in turn giving up all power. This was something she had to rectify. Even with her love for the Ambassador, she made herself vulnerable, too vulnerable. She had to find power somehow, something easily attainable, that would make her place in Salsola concrete.

If there was something besides secrets that made Salsola unique, it was the ceremonies and rituals. Lillith enjoyed these, though she did not always understand them; the Last Supper recently passed had been quite entertaining. But there were other things, quieter things, things that she had only recently begun to notice. She had seen a certain symbol marked on her pack-mates flesh but had thought little of it until recently, and rather than confront one of them outright, and force them to expose something they did not wish to, she had invited her favorite slave, Khirot, to her home to learn more about it.

The two had sat outside her home, sipping wine and chatting softly in Italian (another thing that made her somewhat fond of him). Though he was a slave, he was loyal, and had helped raise Pythius and Viper, so she often called upon him before any other, and he was more than happy to join her if there was wine involved. He told her that the mark she had been seeing was called the Hand of Eris, a scar that many took on as physical proof that they were nothing but loyal to Salsola. He also told her of the mark’s namesake, Salvia’s mother and once leader and founder of the Thistle Kingdom. Lillith had seen the black wolfess around, but she was like a ghost, and so Lillith had kept at bay. The same power that flowed through Siv also was controlled by this Eris, probably more so.

This mark was just what she was looking for; what else could be better than a physical badge that announce to everyone who she served; power through truth, not secrets. Khirot told her that Eris was somewhat mad, prone to violence at times, but that since falling from the throne had kept to herself. But it was from her that Lillith wished to receive the mark; it was by Eris’ hand that she would receive the Hand of Eris, and nothing less.

Khirot was able to tell Lillith several things about the midnight bitch that would lend Lillith in gaining her favor. She had prepared several gifts; some of her finest found jewelry, as well as as many cat trinkets and figurines she could scavenge, and of course, clothing; a shawl made of red fox fur.

Having adopted Salsola's ways of pea-cocking, she dressed herself in some fine clothes; long fringed leather pants and a matching leather bodice that left most of her breasts and chest exposed. This this, she also wore several necklaces that sat close to her throat, and she tied her dreadlocks in elegant knots on her head. She had bathed and anointed herself to smell of lavender and human perfumes, and once she was satisfied that she was presentable, she wrapped her gifts in rabbit furs and set out to find the Eternity woman. She headed to Eris’ home in the latter half the day, being obvious about her approach. She didn’t not know if Eris was at home or not, but she would seek her out regardless. Luckily, she caught the black ghost on her way back to her hut in the Ruins.

The two caught the others eye, and Eris paused to turn to her, "You want something?" She asked sharply.

Having only seen Eris around the pack lands briefly, she had never had a chance to admire her. She was a petite thing, a good two feet shorter than the Trombetta girl, but power seemed to ebb from her. She was bedecked in jewelry, and the scars on her body were both beautiful and intriguing, she wondered what they meant, and if they had been self inflicted. These thoughts were pushed to the side for now, and Lillith quickly approached the woman and bowed slightly, revealing unto Eris her gifts; the once leader looked them over, her eyes visibly alighting at sight of the cat things; she looked back at Lillith quickly, "What are these for?" She asked, her voice a little softer, perhaps a bit curious.

Lillith looked down at her, The Hand of Eris, I wish to receive it. She said simply. A sly, nearly grotesque smile spread on Eris’ lips, "I see." She said, and then with a flamboyant turn disappeared into her home, leaving Lillith behind.

The Trombetta woman waited as the light of day began to fade; it took much longer than she had anticipated for the witch to reappear, but she appeared all the same. In one hand was a small box, and in the other, a knife. She walked up to Lillith and looked her up and down, "You’re tall bitch." She said, and then reached out to touch Lillith’s arm with the blunt side of the knife, "Strong though." She gestured to a place to sit, and Lillith was quick to take it. Eris sat across from her, "Where do you want the mark?" She asked, and Lillith leaned in, Here. She said, putting a hand over her left breast. Eris raised a brow but said nothing and prepared her tools, "It’s been a while since someone has asked me to perform the Cotona, why did you?" She asked, not looking up from what she was doing. Lil got into a more comfortable position, one that would make it easier for Eris to work, I understand the significance of the Hand of Eris and wanted you to perform it. There could be no one else.

The black female did not respond, and without warning made the first cut into Lillith’s flesh; the Trombetta woman flinched, and Eris’ eyes lit up and her maw twisted into a grin. They remained silent for a time more as Eris worked, adept hands cutting and then wiping away the blood. Then, after a time, Lillith turned to look at her, It would be an honor to learn how to perform the Cotona from you, if you’ll allow it. She said. Eris hand paused for but a moment, before she continued, "In a couple days you’ll have to return to me for another session, then I'll teach you. Bring more gifts." She said simply. Lillith could help but smile; oh how fickle some wolves could be when it came to physical objects; perhaps she was no different. The two remained silent then, as the woman worked. Sometimes, Lillith would look at her eyes; they glinted in the fading light and the red femme wondered if she was drawing power from the Shadow Realm. Her fur told of her power, and her apparent madness might suggest that she had passed slightly into the Shadows. Perhaps they claimed her mind now, as she caused Lillith pain, cutting in her skin; it was invigorating.

When the Trombetta lady returned to her abode, she stoked the fire back to life to bring light into the room. She then sat for a while and reflected on her experience; the pain was invigorating, and the thought that she could learn to share this with others, and solidify their loyalty the Kingdom, was just the power she had sought. She stood, and went to go to remove the gauze that had been placed on her new wound. She took to looking at herself in her mirror, and in the light of the fire it was if the raw and bloody mark glowed with an eerie power. Lillith could feel her heart beating just underneath the scarred flesh, and she felt alive. Now her loyalty to Salsola would be for all to see, and she felt no shame in it. She had finally found her place in this world and she would celebrate it in any way she could.

By the end of the night she had started and finished a bottle of wine, and in the lust for pain, given herself a new piercing on her navel. Now she was laughing and parading in front of the mirror, her fur stained with her own blood and sweat. She felt powerful, she felt complete, and her drunken dancing took her out into the night. The ocean beckoned her, and she stumbled into the sand and then into the water. The salt stung her wounds, which caused her to laugh anew, before she righted herself. She stood in the midnight surf and howled her pleasure to the last moon of winter.

Cotona Ceremony. PP of Eris approved by Sie. (+1510)

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