[RO] Like the tugging of my veins to feed

A small, ginger-furred shape lay curled in the gravel between two tracks, shifting lightly as the metal of one rail dug into his shoulder. Half-closed, fiery eyes lingered on the empty husks of train cars as he wriggled again, bits of small stone falling from where they'd embedded in his skin. He would be better in the grass at the fringe of the railyard, or one of the cars -- but the shaft of sunlight decided to land here, and he would get what he could after the past rainy days.

Mud still flecked his legs from their constant travel -- mud and other hints of darker brown, caked and flecked here and there. The brothers had not been long gone from their family, but it seemed like a journey of a thousand miles rather than a hundred, helped by several stops. It was still a long way to go, but Messiah was hopeful. At the end of their journey was Inferni.

Inferni, land of warriors, of coyotes who mounted the skulls of the enemy on their borders. Messiah would become a warrior there like his ancestors before him, lines of Lykoi and de le Poer and the Massacre from whom he drew much of his appearance and conviction. He would arrive with a skull of his own and words of his great skills, and show that he belonged from the point of his snout, the red-gold of his eyes, the star of Chaos tattooed on his cross. Then everything would be all right!

A smile chased across his pointed face, though it twisted when he tilted his ears back toward the empty boxcar where Nephilim slept. As long as the leaders accepted him, it would be okay -- if they ignored the fact the fucker literally kept eating himself. He'd have to wrap him up good so there were no fresh wounds, and make it clear that where Messiah went, Nephilim went. The caretaker wouldn't abandon his little brother.

The de le Poer stretched willowy limbs and licked his chops again, eyes shutting as the pinprick of desire for his rightful home faded into the background of itchy thoughts. He rested until the scent of wolf tickled his nostrils, and then the small canine drew himself up and trotted dutifully off after the smell with the same daydreamy smile.

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