[AW] Planting May Flowers
While Elsie was away, Esther had been thinking of things she could do around her house. It was getting warmer, so Esther decided that she could probably replace the flowers that had grown in the pots on her porch. The plants were long dead, but at least this year, she would not have to deal with digging the pots out of the pile of stuff behind her house.

However, before she could get started, she needed to find the seeds she had gathered during the fall. She had taken them off plants and kept them in a box labeled seeds, which was a word she recognized with her limited reading skills. She hoped they would still be good if she planted them now. After rummaging around her cupboards for a while, she finally found the box under a basket of yarn.

“Alright then, come on,” the Elder said to Whitey who meowed in response and trotted across the room, following Esther to the door. Leaning on her walking stick Esther stepped outside, followed by several more cats cats. She stood on the porch, looking down at the dead plants that remained in the pots.

“Hopefully we get the same colors this year,” she commenting, bending down to set the box on her rocking chair, glad that she would not have to put it on the ground. “Well, I guess we should get started, hm?” The Elder shuffled back over to the closest pot and reached for the dead flower to start tugging on it.
He had really been itching for something to do, or at the very least something different to do rather than the constant practicing and such he often did with his bow and strange as such a thing sounded even the very thought of playing the banjo he kept didn't quite appeal to him. So what to do that could keep the young grey pelted male busy rather than moping around like some lost little puppy? Now that was certainly a difficult thing in which to attempt to find some other task to 'amuse' him for either a few hours or most of the day. And Ares had to admit, he were certainly on the verge of simply giving up any attempts to find some new task to do and revert to his all too familliar past time did a thought strike. Esther.

Maybe there was that chance in which there was something in which he could help the older Hennamin female with either for a short time or the day should it turn out that way? Sure he knew full well that Elsie lived with her ageing great-aunt but with her being away for a while and with the rest of the pack mostly doing other things what harm could it do for him to check in on her? Besides, he hadn't seen her for some time so it would certainly be a pleasant change for him too, so naturally it was with that in mind did the young knight casually pad towards where - provided his memory served him well - the aged cowolf resided in her house with something of a spring in his step.

Thankfully it took less time than he had previously thought to traverse the distance from his previous location to his destination, the house in which Esther called her own along with the felines she kept coming into veiw and the owner of such with it. It were only then did Ares take note of what she were up to, the older canine shuffling towards one of the many pots in which resided upon her porch and make attempts to tug the dead flower from within it free. With that did Ares move that little faster until he were at the bottom of the steps and paused for a few moments before daring to take a step up. "Hi Esther; you need some help with those?"" he queried cheerfully though somewhat curiously.

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The dirt was hard, making the flowers difficult to pull out. Esther wished she had brought the water out, but the bucket in her kitchen was heavy so she was procrastinating on bringing it outside. The cats sat by her feet, entirely unhelpful as they watched her. Whitey pounced on a clump of dirt that flew out of the pot and landed on the porch.

"Oh yes, very helpful," Esther commented to him before tugging on the plant again. Finally it gave way and she was relieved until she noticed that in reality, the plant had broken off and the roots were still in the pot. With a sigh, Esther turned to toss the plant off the porch when a voice startled her. The looked up at the male and point took her a moment to put a name to this face. That seemed to be getting more common lately, to Esther's frustration, especially with packmates that she did not see as often as she would like to. The Elder understood that they were busy, though.

"Oh, hello, Ares," the Elder said with a smile, bringing her empty hand up to her chest for a moment. She looked down at the plant in her hand and then glanced at the pot before returning her gaze to Ares. Whitey forgot his clump of dirt to trot over to the male canine and meow at him, his usual demand for attention.

"Yes, some help would be lovely. I'm trying to clear these pots out so that I can plant some seeds," she explained, tossing the dead, broken plant aside. Whitey pounced on that next and she shook her head at his antics. "I should have brought my bucket of water out to loosen the dirt. These plants are more stubborn than a mule."
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It really looked as if Esther was struggling with the potted plant in which she had her attention focused upon, but then that was no surprise - from what Ares could see the bone dry dirt certianly wasn't about to make things any easier for the senior coywolf. But althoguh his gaze did remain upon the elder Ares' eyes did drop to watch the cats in which lingered around their friend, a soft chuckle escaping him as he watched as Whitey played around the older female much to her feigned annoyance.

Only once the plant - or at the very least the upper part of it - were tugged free did Ares lift his gaze to Esther once more, a momentary flicker of guilt passing over his features for having startled her so. Though all he found himself doing was remaining silent for a time to give her the time to see who he was - whether the coywold female would be able to considering he had not visited her for some time - ready to offer up his name should he need to. Though upon hearing his name escape her did Ares allow himself to wag his tail a little before did the grey pelted young male turn his attention to Whitey and offer up the attention in which the small feline sought. Only when Esther spoke once more and the small feline focused on the dead plant in which had been thrown aside did his ears twitch towards the older female to listen.

"Then hopefully won't be so hard for you now - but i'll go get your bucket? So can make things easier?" Ares offered, now eager to help the older Hennamin in whatever what evn if just by doing the heavy lifting where she were unable to do such a thing by herself. It were only after daring to offer to fetch what she required did the young knight pause for several moments before dashing off like a pup in search of aforementioned bucket of water, only upon locating it did he - albeit carefully to avoid spillages - bring it out to the porch.
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Whitey purred as Ares gave him attention and seemed completely content. He then meowed in protest when Ares turned his attention back to Esther, who chuckled at his antics and shook her head at him.

“That would be wonderful,” Esther said, shuffling over towards the door to her house to push the door open further so that she could point into her house with a shaky hand. “It is in the kitchen on the counter,” the Elder told him. The kitchen had an old sink that was rusty and the pipes were broken under it, although she guessed water could probably have gone down the drain at one point. However, the counters had been replaced at one point, so those were still useable. Most of the cupboards were in decent enough condition, so she kept a mismatched set of chipped bowls and dishes in them, which she usually used for feeding the cats.

While Ares went to get the water, Esther went back to the pot and Whitey followed to sit at her feet while she used the claw on her pointer finger to dig around in the dirt, trying to loosen it a bit so that it would be easier to get the roots of the dead plant free. Esther simply ended up poking some holes in the soil that the water would penetrate it more easily, and she decided that would have to do.

“Oh, thank you,” Esther said when Ares returned with the water. It seemed that very little, if any, had spilled, for which she was glad because that meant she would not have a bunch of drips to clean up in her house. “If you could pour some of it in each pot, that would be lovely,” Esther said. “This way we can pull the plants out more easily.”
He was glad he had lingered long enough to take note of just where the bucket of water was, after all the last thing he had wanted to do was have to search for it too long. Though he had to admit, Ares could not help but allow his gaze to wander over the interior as he stepped inside - even if the majority of this stuff either no longer worked or was starting {if not already} starting to fall apart considering they had little knowledge in way of fixing such things. But regardless of these things it certainly didn't make things any less interesting when could gain a quick look for a short time. Though he had to admit, he could not help but feel a little guilt for ditching Whitey, even if he knew that the small feline would no doubt find some other way to gain his attention while he were here.

But despite everything, it no doub t served all Esther's purposes well enough especially when it came to both storing her sewing supplies and the things in which she would need for her numerous cats. Only when he returned with her requested bucket of water did ears flick forward and take note of her next set of instructions in regards to what she expected of him, after all - although he knew that plants needed water to survive that was where his knowledge ended. "Sure Esther, whatever you need." Ares responded cheerfully, a grin tugging at his maw before he nodded several times. It was only then did the young male carefully move off and begin to pour some water into the pots in which he could find, at least up until he found there were no others that required such attention.

Only then did he return to where Esther had placed herself at the original pot in which he had first come across her did he set the bucket down and tilt his head to one side in a curious manner. "So just tug these plants out of the pots then Esther?" he queried, well it was more of ensuring he had heard the elder correctly before he went ripping up everything in sight but then again it didn't stop him from moving nearer in preparation.
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“Thank you, dear,” Esther said with a smile, and her head wobbled as she watched as he poured the water. There seemed to be plenty left in the bucket in case they needed more to water the seeds after they were planted, although the Elder thought maybe the soil would be moist enough now. She was not exactly an expert at caring for plants; it was simply a hobby she dabbled with every now and then, mainly for flowers to brighten up her porch.

The cats shied away from the bucket of water; it wasn’t in their bowls, so they did not seem to like the liquid. Only one cat, Ashes, liked to swim as far as Esther knew; the rest definitely did not seem to. On rainy days, they were all almost always inside her house lazing about until the weather changed. However, even Ashes seemed to dislike the rain, so maybe that was all cats.

Once Ares was finished pouring the water into the pots, Esther stepped forward to the pot further away from Ares to see if the soil would be softer now. She did not see why it would not be, however it was possible that he might need to pour more water on them to loosen the plants roots some more. A quick tug on one of the plants told her that no more water was necessary.

“Indeed, they’re all dead so we will plant some more,” Esther nodded and tugged on the dead plant. Unlike the last one, this one came out much more easily and did not break off, despite being dry and a bit brittle.

“Ah, much better,” Esther nodded, tossing the plant off the porch. Whitey pounced on it and then looked expectantly to Ares as Esther started pulling the rest of the plants out of this pot.
Simply offering up and managing a smile and wagging his tail for a few short moments upon hearing Esther's thanks for such a simple task - for him at the very least - was all that Ares managed though stayed relatively quiet as he set it out of the way. Though at taking note of the cats moving out of his path as he did such a thing ensured that the grey pelted young male to take extra measures in which to avoid spilling the remaining watyer upon any of them - he knew that as a general rule that felines disliked water unless it were drinking purposes so this alone was more than enough for him to avoid such an accident that could easily result in injury being inflicted upon him.

It were only when Ares were at least satisfied to see and know that he had [hopefully] done his little job well enough for the older canine did he continue to linger - after all if it had not been enough to loosen the dead plants within the pots then he certainly wasn't about to leave knowing this particular detail even if the bucket he had been using was somewhat lighter compared to when he first started. And of course the whole idea of planting new plants certainly was enough to interest him, especially with it being something completely new to him - well, at the very least new enough for him to want to be a part of such. Though the very sight of Esther so easily tugging the dead plants from their containers was enough to relieve him to know there was little to no reason to worry himself with whether more liquid was needed to loosen the soil further.

So it was with that in mind did Ares step towards the nearest pot to where he had come to a stop - avoiding the thrown plant as he did so - to help with tugging the plants from their containers. At least up until his attention was drawn to Whitey as the small feline pounced upon the deceased plant thrown by Esther, this being enough to cause a soft chuckle to escape the young male for a short time. "Still looking for some attention huh?" Ares chuckled, of course he wasn't about to deny the small feline such a thing so naturally he was willing to oblige. Extending a forepaw to stroke the cat - well, unless Whitey had other intentions any way.
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With all the plants pulled from her pot, Esther looked over to check on Ares. Whitey, was, of course being his usual self looking for attention and Esther chuckled at him while shaking her head.

"Oh yes, that is how he always is. You would think he never got any attention." Of course, the exact opposite was the truth. Whitey was probably the cat that got the most attention, other than the kittens when they were less independent. Now they were off playing where they pleased, which seemed to make him think he needed to make up for lost time.

"Alright dear it looks like we are ready to start planting, hm?" She glanced down at her own pot again. The Elder didn't have a small spade or anything to use, but she guessed it would be okay since they were starting with seeds. "I have seeds over here from these plants so I thought I would just plant the same things. They looked quite lovely, after all." Esther began smoothing out the dirt in her pot using her hand, figuring she could simply brush the dirt off later.

Esther was certainly no expert in plants, so she was just guessing about what needed to be done. "I think I'm just going to put some holes in the dirt like this," she said. Pushing her finger into the dirt like she had done before. "That should be good enough for the seeds, I should think." Holding her walking stick in the crook of her arm, Esther brushed her hands together to remove the dirt from them as best she could before shuffling over to the box of seeds, which she opened. It had wooden hinges that allowed the lid to come up. With a shaky hand, Esther reached in and attempted to pick up a couple of seeds, however the shaking of her hand prevented her from doing so.

"Would you mind dropping a couple of the seeds in each hole, turnip?" Esther asked, turning to Ares.
Esther's statement in referance to Whitey did not surprise Ares in any way, if anything it just resulted in a soft chuckle in escaping the young grey male. But regardless of Whitey constant desire to have attention it certainly was not about to stop Ares from giving the small feline what he was after for some time at the very least. "Well i sure don't mind giving him some attention for a while."he responded cheerfully, besides - it would certainly make up for any times in which he didn't give the small feline what he were after.

It were only when Esther made referance to her readiness in which to begin the planting of the new plants - or more accurately the seeds of the plants that she had kept - into the now empty pots that were ready for such things. "That sure makes sense, especially if they look just as good as your last plants." Of course he would tend to agree, from what he could remember [even if it were only vague] of the plants that Esther kept then what point was there changing them when they looked that good? It were only then did Ares give Whitey a last stroke and move over to the elder and curiously observe as she pushed her finger into the dirt within the pots in order to make a spot for the new seeds to rest and grow.

Though it were only when Esther made attempts to pick out the seeds from the little box did Ares remember just how difficult such a thing as this would be for the older female, so he were certainly more than willing to move nearer to help. It was only then did he move to first grasp the box of seeds and move to put seeds into each of the pots as he had been instructed.
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Chuckling, Esther thought to perhaps jokingly warn Ares that if he petted Whitey all the time, the cat would never leave him alone. The feline certainly seemed to be enjoying all the attention he was getting now with the way he pushed his head against Ares’s hand. Then he looked up wide-eyed and almost pouting as Ares moved away. Esther had learned it was best not to give in to that look, or at least not often, so he did not expect to boss her around.

As Ares did as she asked, Esther supervised, wanting to make sure that he did not put too many or too few in the dirt. She knew enough about plants to know that not all of the seeds would sprout, so several were necessary. If too many grew, she could always pull some of the plants out later.

“Very good, thank you, turnip,” Esther said, reaching out to cover the holes over with dirt. She patted it down as Whitey stood on his hind paws with his front ones on the pot to see what all the fuss was about. Esther patted his head and he sat back with a meow, immediately bringing a paw up to brush the dirt off his head. Esther chuckled at him as he switched to using his other paw, then she turned towards the bucket of water. The Elder grabbed the handle and pulled it closer to the pots.

“Now we just need to water them,” Esther said, looking back to Ares expectantly. “Not too much, but enough to soak the dirt nicely.” She did not want to drown the seeds, but they needed a nice, moist environment. It was about the extent of her knowledge of growing plants. She did not know if some needed specific water, or more sunlight, although she guessed that might be the case for some of them.
Well Ares had certainly meant what he had said, if there was one thing in which he didn't mind and that was to give Whitey the attention in which the feline obviously so desired. And judging by the small felines reaction when the young knight male had to move away in order to do what Esther had difficulty in doing the small feline certainly didn't want him to stop either, as that were the case Ares made a mental note in which to give the small feline any added attention should he find himself able to do such a thing. But then again maybe he should at least be grateful to Esther for at the very least making the comment in which she had made, who knows how much of his time would be consumed by Whitey.

Though rather than dwell upon this Ares just focused upon placing a few seeds into each of the holes in which were prepared for them, only stepping away in something of a satisfied manner upon completing this - albiet small - task. Watching as the elder shuffled along, filled and covered the holes and seeds with the dirt; an amused chuckle escaping the grey knight as he watched the small feline brush the dirt from his head after Esther having petted her 'pet'. Though it were even before the older Hennamin female made referance to giving the seeds further water did Ares first set the little box of seeds back where he had previously retrieved them and clapsing a forepaw around the bucket handle, ears twitching forward to fully listen.

"Yes ma'am, whatever you say." he chirped before stepping off to repeat the process of adding water to the pots and the seeds within - probably with an almost puppy like enthusiasm as the grey male staggered to each pot in turn. Only halting when the last pot was reached and water had been added to it, turning with head slightly tilted towards Esther in the assumption that there was more to do even if there was not.
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The cats seemed less than pleased as the water bucket was moved between the potted plants. They scattered out of the way, afraid the liquid might splash on them, and Esther could only shake her head at them, as she often found herself doing. They were just so silly sometimes; she had never understood their aversion to water.

The Elder watched as Ares added water to each pot, in case she thought he was adding too much and wanted to ask him to stop. This was not the case, however, and so she was simply left nodding her approval.

“That looks good, thank you for your help, dear,” she said with a smile. Esther walked over to pick up the handle of the bucket, which was now light enough even for her to carry back inside. “I think we’re all done here,” she said to Ares. Esther also guessed that she might need some help watering them as they grew, unless it rained and blew at the front of her house.

“You should come back sometime, though, and see how they’re growing,” she told him with a nod. She would also simply enjoy his company since Esther liked it when any of her packmates visited her for any reason they had, whether it was to have their clothes mended, check on her, or simply for some company.
The sudden movement from the cats in their attempts in which to avoid both Ares and the bucket he had graspe within his forepaws, of course he naturally wanted to be careful to avoid causing harm to any of them or simply give them a bath in which they were unprepared for. He didn't really want an injury from such a minor thing as spilling any of the liquid intended for the newly potted seeds on any of the small felines.

The fact that Esther made no efforts in which to stop or correct Ares as he tipped some extra water into the pots then the thanks in which he received resulted in a smile forming and a simple wagging of his tail as he turned to observe the older canine as she moved to take hold of the now light bucket. "Glad to have helped, especially if makes things easier for you. I'll certainly make sure to come back visit too." he spoke cheerfully, tail wagging eagerly as the young male nodded in order to confirm his words. Of course even if it was not just simply to help her with the plants he could certainly find some other excuse in which to visit her, until then Ares made his goodbyes to the older Hennamin female and heading off the way in which he had come.

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