[RO] Put a hole in your heart, And then you can start
ooc: totally backdated to like the afternoon of April 29th. Fundy bay, 5mi. outside the Outpost. NPC is: Hephaestion Devetzi [1437]

He was so relieved to be off the boat, and why he had thought that it was a good idea to bring his happy butt on a boat was beyond him. Maybe it was him trying to be spontaneous, or perhaps he was just wanting to be away from the pack-lands for a little bit. He always did take the first way out of the Casa lands, because he felt as if the longer he stayed in there, the more pressure that his father, brothers, and sisters would put on him to do the things that were of the norm in Casa, such as training with swords and fists, or trying to climb in rank. He was desperate to please his father, to be glorified by others, but he was much too shy to be the center of attention. He was too much of a coward to take the chance of letting everyone and himself down by becoming something that he was not.

So after hours of puking his brains out, and finally starting to get better, he decided that he was going to separate himself from the group, as had some of the others who already were heading out to Inferni, or to the Thistle pack of Salsola. He didn't know either of the packs personally, and had only heard rumors of the Salsola pack, which made him think that it did not even exist. He did not wish to visit his sister on this day, but he did want to get rid of some of his wares so he headed towards where he was pointed to go to the Outpost. It took him about a day to get there, and he pushed on, trying to get there as fast as possible. He wanted to get there quickly and he did do a good job of it. He could smell the horses and the scents of the traders along with smoke rising from their campfires from his distance away. He was almost there and he could almost taste the exotic meats that the outpost was rumored to have. He started to drool lightly at the thought as he decided that maybe he should try to hunt something so he did not trade his things for food rather than for goods like he needed to do. Alex took his knife to a tree and used it to help him climb up where he would then perch his backpack somewhere where it wouldn't fall and then he simply waited. His bow and arrow were poised and his bright green eyes were looking to the ground for any sign of life.

He wasn't expecting to have witness something horrible.

Within the hour, a non-local trader came through the area along with his wares, a small wagon that was pulled by a male that couldn't be any older than Alexander himself. He was skinny, and he did not wear his tail with any confidence or rank. Alex, as a Casa wolf, had been drilled that slaves were not good. Jazper and Sebastian had taught him that wolves enslaving other wolves was almost as bad as ending an innocent life. Alex felt a miniscule flame start up in his chest, one that held the anger, while his cowardice tried to smother it with sand, the anger still was there. He looked to the young male, and he felt so sorry for him and then he looked at the trader who came back and yelled at the dog, seemingly a mixture of a few domestic breeds along with a wolf. He was no coyote, for he was much too big for that, even in his secui form. Alex noticed the muscle that covered the body of the male, how they quivered beneath the skin that was tightly pulled over the taut muscles. He hadn't been fed in some time, or he had only eaten a small amount of food, and the ribs that poked out their his thick fur and it was obvious. When the trader came and yelled at the male, he also took out the whip that was attached to his belt and started to mercilessly whip the male into moving faster. Alex pulled his ears back at the horrific sound that came from the brute and he whined himself when he saw the boy fall to the ground.

Just as the whip snapped back in the air to be thrust forward again, Alex couldn't take it. He pulled back his bowstring along with his arrow and he aimed for the shoulder and then let the arrow fly from the treetops. It hit the trader square in the shoulder and he fell back to the ground. The young male that was being beaten found this to be his chance and the moment that the trader's rump hit the ground, he bit himself from the harness and then launched himself at the trader's throat. Alex wasn't expecting that, and he had been halfway down his tree when he suddenly heard the scream of the trader. Help! the male lifted his paw to search for help, but it was not in Alex's nature to help disgusting creatures like that. No. He would not help this male, who ravaged the body of his once captor once it was obvious that Alex was not going to help either of them. Alex didn't know if he should have felt bad for the male or not anymore because of the quick death that was placed on the slave-trader. Alex thought about what he would have done in the same situation, and he did not think he would do anything. He was not as courageous as the slave male that was now free by his own will. When the bloodied male turned back towards Alexander, the mismatched eyes greeting him were kinder than he would have expected.

He hurt me for a long time. I thank you for giving me an opportunity to end this. I am in your debt. the male spoke to him, the tone softer than Alex would have expected. Alex just kinda stood there with his mouth agape and when the other male started to approach, Alex took a defensive step back, and his hand automatically reloaded itself with an arrow and he pointed a readied bow towards the slave male. I will not harm you, I promise. I owe you my life. the other male seemed unafraid of Alex, but he did bow his head and lower himself to the ground, and he even rolled on his side to show his belly. The male was not going to attack Alexander. This much was obvious. I didn't...I wasn't....going..to k-kill him... I-I just w-wanted to...I just wanted him to stop beating you... Alexander stumbled to find the right words for to rely on, but the cream, gray, and brown male understood that it was not his intention to help him in a way that would end another's life. I am sorry that I ended his life then. He would have continued to hurt me, and possibly you if I hadn't of killed him. the male was a rational one, and while he knew that it was wrong to harm another, he threw those thoughts from his mind the moment he saw his chance to attack his tormentor. Please, let me serve you, and show you that I am not a bad servant.- NO! No, no, no, no, no. I will not accept you as a slave, or a servant. My home, my pack is against that sort of thing. My father would hate me if I did that Alexander was quick to deny his offers of servitude. Then let me serve your pack. the male suggested, lifting himself from his submissive posture to sit upon the ground. His mismatched eyes that were so haunting and beautiful searched Alexander's expression. I am not the one you should ask that, but I can be your friend, and I can try to help you...As long as you don't do what you did to him...to me.. Alex spoke and the other male nodded his head. My name is Hephaestion Devetzi. the male finally told Alexander his name. My name is Alexander Knight. he replied. And what a fitting name for my knight in shining armor. the man spoke to his new companion, and this made the cheeks of the Knight boy flush and he looked away. Y-yeah...Sure...

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