[INFO] Making Your First Character Wiki Page
The 'Souls Wiki is a terrifying but magical place where many go to procrastinate and update. To some of us, editing it has become second nature -- but if you're new to 'Souls, or just new to the wiki, it can be extremely overwhelming.

I'm here to try to make that easier with a screenshot guide to making your first character page on the wiki! :D (The images are resized -- click to go to the full-sized ones.)

STEP #1 - Make Dat Page!

How do you even CREATE a wiki page, you ask? There isn't a magical "make new page" button -- but there are a couple of ways that you can start your page. :3

This is the Characters page. It has a huge list of characters on it. Why don't we add your character to it?

Let's go back to the top of the character page. See those tabs? Let's click "edit".

[Image: 8Hfhb4m.jpg]

Wait, what?! A password?! Relax -- you just put in the name and password of one of your accounts! I log in as Vesper. :D

And here we go -- intimidating coding! Don't forget to add your player name in the author field. ;D

You can learn more about how formatting works on the wiki, later -- like what all the exclamation points and apostrophes and brackets mean. Right now, you just have to follow the example -- which goes for 99% of how to figure out the wiki. :3

See how the other characters are listed? They're listed alphabetically by last name (or first, if they have no last name). I'm gonna add a guy named Nakkura (who was my first ever werewolf character I made when I was 13, but that's another story). The coding is scary, but I'm just gonna copy what other people have done -- again, 99% of figuring out how to wiki.

Then click "Save!"

As you can see, Nakkura was added to the Characters List -- but why is his name red when the ones around it are blue? Red = a nonexistent link!

If you click on it, you see this:

Edit some stuff in and save it -- and you've got a page! :D Congrats!

STEP #2 - Using Templates

But... our new character Nakkura's page is so empty. :( There's no useful information on there at all! Before you go trying to format a wiki page all by yourself, though -- check out the Templates page!

You can use any template you want -- from the oldest and simplest to the newest and most complex! I'm gonna choose a middle ground and pick a simple but recent one. Here's our template:

How do you use a template? First -- you click the "edit" tab like we did on the Characters page. Instead of editing, though -- copy all of it!

Then CLOSE THAT TAB! Otherwise, you might accidentally edit all your info into the template page -- it's happened before. Luckily, it's very easy to fix mistakes on the wiki, so don't worry if you do -- but you don't wanna accidentally make that mistake in the first place. :3

Instead, let's go to our character Nakkura's naked page. See the edit tab? We're gonna edit this for real. :D

Let's paste the template and see!

Cool! :D We now have a template we can edit! Now for the fun and complicated part -- actually filling in the page!

STEP #3 - Filling in the Page

This is where learning by practicing comes in handy. Practice includes messing up 500 times and asking others for help -- but that's how I learned! There are also several resources on the wiki and on 'Souls as far as learning how to code specific things. Check out these links: Basic Editing, Wiki Guidelines, Text Formatting Rules, and Wiki FAQ!

I'll try my best to explain a few concepts as we make this first character page, but visiting the links above really tells you what different things do. A lot of it is as easy as filling things in -- like when it says "Character Name" (like the title at the first line), I'll put "Nakkura" instead.

The next part is for an image -- really intimidating coding! :o At its most basic, you can just put an image link (like <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://soulsrpg.com/images/trollface.png">http://soulsrpg.com/images/trollface.png</a><!-- m -->) and an image will appear -- the extra coding besides that is for formatting, which can be learned by visiting those links. I want to put an avatar of Nakkura instead of the trollface image, though. And the image isn't by Trollface, it's by Raze!

Let's see how that looks so far.

Awesome! As you can see, a lot of wiki-coding is just copying and editing templates. Let's continue to fill out parts of his page!

The next kinda-hard part is the Species bit. You'll notice that the list goes like this:
Quote:50% [[Resources/Northeastern Coyote]] [[<<]]
25% [[Resources/Dog]] [[<<]]
25% [[Resources/Red Wolf]]

Just adjust the percentages and the species names as you will! Clicking on one of these links will lead to that subspecies page -- click on "Northeastern Coyote" and it brings you to this page. A handy list of subspecies can be found here so you know how to link them! (Writing [[Resources/Timberwolf]] links to nothing -- but [[Resources/Eastern Timber Wolf]] does!)

By the way -- [[<<]] is a line-break (like <br> in HTML), so add a new one after each new species you put down. Nakkura is half Red Wolf and half Dog, so I will change it to this.
Quote:50% [[Resources/Red Wolf]] [[<<]]
50% [[Resources/Dog]] [[<<]]

Keep on going -- for the Current Pack part, just put in the pack name! [[Packs/Inferni]], [[Packs/Cour des Miracles]], even [[Packs/Loners]]!

I finished and removed extra information, and... A nice little side bar!

[Image: 8d3D4zA.jpg]

After the sidebar, which uses tables and cells, the rest should be easy. Just keep editing in things! Fill out your character's appearance, personality, etc. just like you would on the site. It's pretty easy! All I did was write stuff like I would normally. :O

The next complicated part is at the very bottom -- the list of Categories. If you wanna know what a category is, check out this page! It has a list of categories that might suit your character.

I'm putting the following categories (formatted like [[!Template]], the example one), because they fit Nakkura.
Quote:[[!Alive Characters]] [[!2011 Births]] [[!Loners]] [[!Wolfdog]]

There might be more in the future -- like 2014 Deaths if he dies this year, or Krokar if he joins Krokar -- but those are good for now!

Now you're finished! :D Hit save -- and you've made your first basic character page, which you can fancy up as you get more used to the wiki! :) Go forth and create pages!

Disclaimer: This is not an official 'Souls guide. Raze also sucks at explaining things, so sorry! You can always PM me with specific questions. One Nakkura was insulted in the making of this guide.
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