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p. Safire ♥
sup he's just wandering around looking for her

He had sparred with Safire before and knew that she had recently become a Page, and now Eugene was looking for a fellow member of his tier to come with him to the pack that focused on knighthood — Casa di Cavalieri. He was fairly sure that they allowed members of other packs to come there for training and that was something he was highly interested in and he was hoping that Safire would be interested in learning from the experts as well. He had no idea where she lived, though, so for now he was wandering around the halls of the hotel attempting to figure out if she lived there.

The chocolate-hued male came to a stop at the end of one hall, looking around and examining the doors that surrounded him before giving a groan and turning around, heading back the way he had come. Hopefully he would be able to find the hybrid, even though it seemed unlikely at this point. She was probably out and about — he was fairly sure that she wasn't the type to sit around in a room all day, or at elast she didn't seem like it.

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Safire lay on her bed and stared at the ceiling for an hour. She did not know who would be up at this hour, so she thought it pointless to get out of bed, yet she got up anyway. She trudged out of her room and forced her way down the old hallway. This place was not the strange new maze it once had been like to her. The territory was very familiar to her, even after only being here for four months. At the end of the hallway, was a figure. She was quite a ways away, but made her way closer. It was a familiar chocolate hued canine she met once before. "Eugene?" Safire called out to make sure it was him.

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