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So far the youngster hadn't come across a hostile canine, however, she was on the air of caution with each new encounter. Still she felt like she had made a few friends and she couldn't be more happier with that. They were now scattered around, each off doing their own thing, yet to know she had friendly canine acquaintances at the very least was warming and made her feel less cautious of things....maybe she wouldn't have to be so overly cautious. Who knew.... but one thing was for sure she still had her guard on, one may never know what the future has in store for her...two friendly faces couldn't undo the many months of torture from birth until her mother's death...

Her paws carried her more north close to the coast. She soon came across a sight that was familiar, however, much more expansive than the city she was born in. Her eyes looked to a rusted sign, however, she didn't know how to read, but the sign caught her eyes anyway. She moved from the earth to the broken pavement as she wondered through the concrete jungle. She was nervous but her curiosity had the better of her.

Wondering through the streets, her head remained mainly upward. The buildings were so tall it had her in awe. Her legs stumbling over broken pavement and rubble here and there, but it didn't stop the pre-teen from continuing her awestruck walk....

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old and broken. Rotting and falling. Useless but yet so informative. These were the first impressions the Barnet father had the moment his eyes fell on this small town. It felt sickening as he stepped in. Not because he was at all disgusted just has a small stomach cramp. He knew it would pass by since he hated to lower his chances of survival he avoided any buildings standing on their last legs. His eyes went over the land and he soon found that there was another visitor. He decided to follow them. He ducked and weaved through the wooden and metal wreckage. They were young, wandering, idly , and wide awed. She was star struck by this skeleton of a town. Could it be she was lacking experience with human creations?

Of course many with experience would be disgusted by this place but then again why was Max in love with this wreckage. Could it be the peace he found here? Maybe he wasn't sure if it was the escaping cramp or true peace yet. But as he followed he realized his clothing could cause the star struck look. Oh well he had no care. He had dealt with young children before who were wide eyed by the world the moment they walked into his class. Max soon walked silently behind her moving to her side shooting his hand out for her to shake.

" I am Max, nice to meet you." His eyes seemed dead and face seemed empty of emotion. His voice while baritone was equally monotone. He appeared to not have slept for two weeks but no one could guess the number as the man seemed to never sleep. Perhaps it was his slight motions that gave off a sort of friendliness but if you tried to find it in his appearance all you would see is just a blank unreadable slate.
Once again her senses were over ridden by her youthful wonderment and amazement of the environment around her and Bear was caught off guard by the sudden figure next to her. She jumped away, fur bristled and teeth bared for a split second before her eyes took in the fact he was offering a hand to her. She stood steadily on her paws as she examined him, fur still on end. He was wearing clothing, this reminded her of the gypsies, but his clothing was a little different. He had a weird vibe, his eyes seemed glazed and the words he spoke were flat to the ears. Slowly she relaxed as the silence stayed among them. Still she stood defensively.

"What do you want?" She asked with an unsure tone. Her voice was nothing like his. It was soft but obviously from her still growing body leaving her voice still yet to mature. Her distrusting eyes looked up to meet his steel gray eyes that actually disarmed her. They fascinated her. Her fur went down, and her head tilted in a puppy-like manner.

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Elevated levels of adrenaline were about as obvious from the others reaction. She was young, startled, reckless. But he knew by how she restrained she wasn't stupid. An arrogant child strikes. In fact she was looking for a sign but like many before her all it took was a glimpse into his soulless grey eyes and they were disarmed. Entranced even but he still was cautious making mental notes of an escape plan and even how to defend himself. He knew his training could break her jaw but violence was a tool reserved for the idiotic not ignorant. She would learn easily about the world as did his own daughter but how could one expand their mind if they don't have a path to guide them to their own journey

Oh how the teacher life made him give generous smiles and friendly gestures even now he feigned a hollow empty smile as his attempt to plant a seed of trust as to avoid conflict that he knew could end in a most gruesome conclusion. And as a father he couldn't stand harming the young. But he genuinely chuckled with a flat tone that seemed to show a bit of his soul. " Nothing from you, I was curious when I heard movement and to avoid conflict I decided to make my presence known....have you ever read the texts about how these buildings used to be crafted.. we can still build these things it will just take a awhile." His eyes turned to the rubble as he kept himself monotone in ever sense but yet there was still life.

"It just takes patience like planting a tree, you can't rush it you just have to work it out and plan for the worst..so then why are you here?" His eyes snapped to her as he stepped closer keeping his hands in his jeans. He was not aggressive but yet lacked any sign of where he stood. It was his natural stance a slouched but looming appearance that had the honor of a scholar but the calmness of a traveler.
Bear watched, staying cautious as she stood in a stance that said she was ready to run or fight. His words caught her once more off guard. This male was completely different from all she had met. Not even the interesting gypsy males could top him. His words made her think in a way she had never thought before, her docked tail fell and her ears perked as far as they could forward leaving her brows to lift giving that puppy forehead wrinkles.

The more he spoke the more she began to fill with questions, her eyes widened in wonderment. Texts? Read? Planting? She was amazed but then his he asked making all her curiosity go away as she looked down, ears back. Why was she here? Her mind quickly tried to conjure anything but the truth, but she couldn't just make some story up so she went with the safest answer....

"Umm....no reason..."

Really, she couldn't say the truth. Hell, she herself didn't really understand what made her travel all this way. Let alone the reason she was alone...that...that was two reasons really...

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Good her attention is on him and she seems to be but a curious child. Another student stood before him and if he could do it right he may be able to teach the pup something useful. As Max cautiously took a few steps forward it was obvious by his fluid movements if he wanted to he could quickly change direction and sprint off. But for now he enjoyed the prospect of a student. Although her Answer caused him to lean his head forward examining her. His eyes were lie detectors and sought out any evidence. But then again the hesitation and look was all he needed. Her words just added another nail to the coffin.

She was here with a purpose. Runaway? Possibly, yes that could account for the youth. Although the reason behind the action was something he couldn't yet figure out so he simply sighed rubbing his feet together looking towards the sky. She would be a tough nut to crack. But he would figure it out soon. All he had to do was prove to her she was stuck in a mental corner and the truth was her only option. A father always hated to do such a thing but Max saw it as a nice way of teaching honesty.

And so he took a deep breath with a puff of sugar that left his maw. [b]" Everyone has a reason for their actions, boredom, anger, vengeance, fear, escape, curiosity all things such as that are reasons but the events that led to that motive and eventually the full thought process are unique to each person so please if you don't mind give me your reason no events just motive."[/b] He would let her keep the secret for now but he swore he would figure it out later when she was confident enough.
Her rounded ears went forward once more and she watched him, body tensed ready to go. He too seemed ready to bolt,why? What would make him want to run...with her, she was nervous but why would an adult think of running...let alone from a 7 month old pup, granted he didn't know she was 7 months old...

He then spoke, his voice so unique it mesmerized her. Head tilted to one side as she processed his words. He wanted to know what her motive was to come here. Well maybe it was motive to come to the town. She looked around and she smiled. Yes, that had to be it. He wouldn't be asking for anything deeper than that surely! She looked at him body relaxed for a mere second and her stump of a tail wagged, "The buildings had me curious...they're look like they have stories to tell..."

Her mismatched eyes looked to the buildings around her then back to him both sparkled in that puppy way as she watched his reaction. She had to forget about her past and move on. It was too dark, so she had to push it down into the deep dark part of her mind. It would fester, surely, but if that allowed her to be the puppy she never really was able to be then..so be it. There seemed to be too many kind souls around her to let her past ruin the opportunities to be who she desired to be. A free-spirited canine!

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To think so many souls once wandered and survived in these buildings that now lay at nature's mercy. Nature was innovations greatest foe and yet also his greatest friend. A love hate relationship was the best way to describe being a teacher and innovator. You would find yourself wishing to fall into nature but then you look back on the primates and realize that you wish to out do the men that kept your kind on all fours unable to develop. Nothing on all fours can craft or invent. It was impossible and so he felt it necessary to hold the ideals of this newest set of forms for his people close. It was a gift from the last owners of the crown to pass the torch and succeed where they failed.

The young one was curious and seemed happy at his letting go of her past. He would find out later but for now he was just building a friendship with the young one. As she spoke of the buildings he knelt down and picked up a piece of an old sign rubbing it gently and soon he held it out to the pup. " Every item on this earth has a story to tell, everything has a story and these relics are the gifts from the creatures that ruled before the lupus took the power..so in essence we must owe thanks to those primates."

With that he stood up coughing gently looking around. His whole body and tone was unreadable but he still had this soul that very few could see. It made him happy to see youths be interested in buildings. " If you would like I have some old human texts that I could show you someday, since you admire their work so much." It was a legit offer as the man was itching to teach and see a mind develop once again.

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