[P] Red - a world about to dawn
Brother dear!
Form: Optime
Setting: Riparian Moors, Afternoon
Thread Promt: Fall makes for some beautiful colors in the deciduous trees -- take a moment to admire them with a fellow Infernian, and relax in the wonder of fall together! Play in some fallen leaves or just enjoy the scenery -- your thread should center around autumn's full swing.

It was a strange feeling, to be warm in one place and cold in another. The clear sky afforded the sun a direct line to the top of her head but the wind that blew through the meadow carried the chill of fall. Winter was coming - and fast. Versace felt the haste of preparation that had come over the clan as soon as the leaves had begun to change but she herself was unconcerned. They, and the livestock, had made it through the previous winter without difficulty and she had no doubt they would make it through this one too. Inferni was strong and had been around for a long time, longer than any of the wolf packs. It was a satisfying thought, that the coyotes - who had been pushed around since the time of the Bible - were the ones to outlast the wolves in this land. With a smile she plucked the next flower she saw from the ground and placed it with the rest in the pouch slung over her body.

It was without much care that she combed the Riparian Moors, plucking anything that didn't quite look like grass to take back to Haroseth and Maddox. She did not have the knowledge of which ones were useful and so left it up to them to sort through what she gathered. They had both tried teaching her the differences in the plants but she did not have the eyes, or the nose, to tell them apart. If she did, she would have sorted them herself but a part of her, the part she tried and failed to suppress, was glad that she did not have to do the extra work.

She stopped at the thought and straightened. Her hands went to the cinch around her thigh, as they had a hundred times before, and tightened it so that the prickly material that lined it rubbed against her leg - atonement for the selfish thought. Once it was done she took a moment to look around. Her gaze was drawn to the few trees that dotted the meadow, their bright colors striking against the rest of the land. It was almost like the tops of the trees had caught fire and then the fire had been frozen in time, losing all of its warmth but none of the color. A true display of God's glory, she thought, and how fitting that it was in Inferni's own colors.

Thanks for starting. Tell me if you want any changes.; 500 Words

Cartier had been out hunting. He had used it as an excuse to get out of devotions. Of course to make it up to his sister he had snagged a grouse just for her, hoping to tempt her into forgiving him with a rare treat. The bird hadn't been easy for him to catch and so that it why he didn't bring it about more often. Perhaps he was hindering his sister by doing much of the hunting but he worried that without him then she would starve to death. She always spent so much time with the Bible open, or at least whenever he would leave in the morning that is what she would be doing, and so he fretted that the other wasn't properly caring for herself.

He was heading back to the Caverns and couldn't help grinning when he actually spotted Versace out and about. He was glad to see his sister outside of the cave that they shared. He was worried that she had become a hermit and refused to socialize with anyone, aside from bickering with him whenever he would return. He hated how much they seemed to fight but he couldn't fit into the neat little box that she wished to place him. He was a sinner and he knew it. He probably shouldn't be compounding upon his sins but it was hard to be devout when he knew he was always being judged for one thing over and over again. He was a sinner, as he was so reminded often, so it made it hard for him to even want to try and be good any longer. If he was already doomed then what a few good things do to make up for it?

These negative thoughts were pushed from his mind. A grin slipped over his lips as he slowed down. He made to crept up behind his sister, having learned early on that his sister didn't have as strong a sense of smell as everyone else seemed to have. He had often exploited this when they were pups he he couldn't help doing it now. It was with slow, light steps that he eased his way up behind his sister. He had even reached a hand back to hold all of the arrows in his quiver together so that they wouldn't rattle around and give him away.

Of course once he got close enough he launched himself at his sister's back in order to try and cling to her by wrapping his arms tightly around her. "Got you!" He called out with a grin and sought to nuzzle his sister. "It's good to see you out. I brought you a present." He held up the grouse that was still dangling by its neck in one of his hands. "What are you working on?" He asked as he tried to peek at the pouch that his sister was carrying around. "Anything special in there?"

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